Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 7 - “A Man They Call The Sage”

Full Synchronization:
Use the pistol in combat
Tackle the Sage from above

Head on over to the docks where you will meet Rogers. Talk with him to start the mission. You will find Torres who has taken the man Roberts: The Sage. He orders him transferred to the Governor's Mansion. Start following Governor Laureano Torres through the streets of Havana. The Assassins will be ready to attack at a point so be ready. When you make it into the plaza the attack will begin. Take the Assassins on the ground. After that quickly climb the building on the left. There are 3 Assassin Gunners on the rooftops that you want to deal with quickly. Approach each and use the pistol to take them out. After that, stay on the rooftops for now to get some good speed. Throughout this encounter, be sure that you stay close to your allies. This part lasts until your group makes it to the front of the nearby cathedral. Another cutscene will run there.

The Sage has broken loose and you need to catch him. If you are after Full Synch, then you have something have a challenge since you need to tackle him from above. Start by running after the Sage, but do not follow him onto the rooftops. Instead keep to street level. You can move a lot faster there and it is easier to make it to a good place to tackle him. Follow him on the streets and keep running until you head up some stairs. Just after that you will find a position to easily tackle the Sage. Just get in an elevated position that is ahead of him and you can tackle him without much trouble. A cinematic will run after that and things are brought to a close.

Start saving your money, there is a good investment coming up and you want plenty of funds to back it.