Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 59 – Sequence 9 “Trust Is Earned” Part 3

Optional Objectives:
Free 2 groups of pirates
Double assassinate Cockram and Burgess

Once in the Hay Cart from the Leap of Faith from the Tower with the second View Point, take out the nearby Scout. Now climb the nearby building to the North along its Western face to avoid being seen. Once up there you can use Eagle Vision to spy your targets at the far end of the walkway running East. If you actiavte it, they will start moving toward you. Get on the far side of the roof and wait for them. They will talk to the Soldiers just below you. As they, with the Soldiers, head past that is your mark to start moving. The two of them will be side by side. Move in quickly behind them once they are and perform a double running assassination. There are a few other opportunities along the way.

IF you cannot get the first option then slip into the Stalking Zone quickly and climb up the buildings to the South. As they pass, move out on the wire tying the buildings together to get either a double aerial or set up for another form of Double Assassination. Do not take too long. After they get through this stretch of building then they will part ways and the moment will have passed. This forces you to reset to the last checkpoint if you are after Full Synchronization.

Wait through the speech Roberts has and you are done with the memory.

With the men dead, there are still a few things to find on the island. Where you found the Pirates are 2 Animus Fragments. This can be gotten easily when replaying the memory.