Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 71 Shipwrecks & Caves: “Kabah Ruins”

From the Diving Bell you will want to start to the South. There is a chest just there but keep away from hugging the sea bed as there is a Moray waiting there for you. Grab the loot in the first chest then return to the Diving Bell. Now look to the nearby Temple, that is where you are going next. Dive down to the seaweed patch and then go over to the entrance of the temple. Be careful as a shark patrols the area and using the seaweed is the best way to ensure you have the time to make inside the temple. Once inside, keep about the middle of the place as another Moray is waiting along the floor. Go up to the statue ahead of you to collect the second Chest. Here you will find the Elite Round Shot Strength Upgrade. Now head on out of the temple. Go on up the face of it and duck into the upper portion of it. Inside this smaller chamber you will find an Animus Fragment. Now leave the temple being mindful of the patrolling shark.

Head from the temple the nearby air barrel. Go to the North of that to find the third Treasure chest. Be careful approaching it as there is another Moray Eel in front of it. Open the chest then go deeper inside. Pause at the first air pocket to replenish your breath. Dive after that and take a right when you come to the crossing ahead. Move into this crossing carefully as period burst of current will come through here and push Kenway backwards. If you hear or see a rumbling then the current is coming. Duck over to the right-hand side of the running and find an opening to keep out of the way.

Head down this passage until you reach the first widening of it. On the right-hand side of that you will find the Fourth chest. This is just after the first burst beam. Now press forward and use the second burst beam. Keep going forward until you see the second passage going off to the right. Head down this passage to find an Animus Fragment and an Air Pocket. Replenish your breath as you collect the Animus Fragment. Now you need to head back to the entrance of this tunnel. Once again, you can stop and refresh your breath as you leave the cave.

Once back in the open head for the seaweed near the wreckage. Wait for the shark near you to turn around. At that point, swim for the wreck in front of you on the sea bed. Just to the left you will find the chest. Go on through the wreckage to the far side and use the Air Barrel there. Head over to the Southwest and swim through the narrow corridor there. Keep along the bottom there (or just swim over the rocks) to make it to the vicinity of the sixth chest. Head into the piece of hull sitting to your left to find it. Just be careful of the Moray Eel and the Urchins. Now head out of the wreckage and refill your breath at the air barrel. Now go West and slip past the sharks to the next air barrel. Do not use it yet. Turn around and head into the wreckage by it. Inside there is the Animus Fragment. Grab the Fragment then hit the Air Barrel.

Head forward and go in the wreckage there. Dodge the urchins and keep to the left to find the seventh chest. Proceed through the rest of the wreck next area. Be sure that the shark has moved on, Just head straight for the next air barrel. Use it to refill your breath. Now just go forward through the passage on your left and go behind the temple. You will find the final chest there. After that just make for the Diving Bell to finish this expedition.