Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 2 – Present: Day 1 (Part 1)

You are logged out the Animus. Your facilitator, Melanie Lemay, will have you look up at a light that is on the ceiling and a light on the floor. This is to make sure your brain survived as well as your body.

Welcome to Abstergo Entertainment! You want follow this red-haired lady. She will show you around the Sample 17 Project area. It is explained that you have done some Memory Research, but not to the extent that they are exploring. She explains that you are testing out the first full feature length experience: Caribbean Pirates! Follow her to learn more about Abstergo Entertainment and see some of the facilities. She will take you over to the reception desk. There she will give you the Communicator. This device is the primary tool you will want to use in Abstergo Entertainment. This will let you learn more about Abstergo's Entertainment branch. Follow the controls on screen to use it. Be sure to take a little time to explore the Communicator and read your messages.

Head into the elevator with your guide, Melanie. She will point out the green wireless signal. This means that the communicator has connected to it. Hit the prompted button with the same signal to see your options. Choose the one option you have and head on up to the second floor.

Head on out of the elevator when you make it up to the top. Follow her to the next desk. There you will meet the CCO of this division. He is very excited to hear that you are working on the Kenway line, especially as Edward the Pirate. Follow Melanie around the corner.

Melanie will take you to what will be your work station. There you can see the legs of John, one of the IT people. He is calibrating the Animus Workstation for you. You will be settled into the station after that.

Now you have a choice. You can resume your work or start exploring the floor to see what can be found (and hacked).