Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 72 – Sequence 12 “A Governor No More”

Optional Objectives:
Kill the Diplomat from a haystack
Kill Rogers from a bench

Head into the Assassin's Bureau inside Kingston. You will find Anto, the leader of the Bureau, waiting for you there. He will tell you that Rogers will be attending s small political function. To this end he suggest that you kill and take the guise of the visiting Italian Diplomat. Head to the Search Zone that is Southeast of the Bureau. Once inside the Search Zone move toward the General Store but position yourself between it and the nearby Viewpoint.  The Italian Diplomat is nearby. The best place between the locations is to be at the top of the stairs just above the sheltered market. Now use Eagle Vision to identify your target. From here you just need to climb up onto the top of the roof and you will have little trouble tracking your target. Just keep going to the North, toward the Viewpoint, on rooftops.

When the target gets within 30 meters, head to the North of the Viewpoint and duck into the Haystack. This haystack is a row of buildings North of the Viewpoint. Perform a Leap of Faith into the Haystack from the nearby rooftop and wait. The Diplomat will move in and then briefly dismiss his bodyguards. Wait for his guards to have their backs to you then kill him. It is a very brief window so be quick about it. If you miss here, he will go around the city to similar locations with similar setups.

Head to the next waypoint to continue the mission. Once inside the party immediately go to the left. Stay in the covered walkway as Rogers will quickly recognize Kenway. Go to the first bench there and take a seat. Now all you need to do is wait. Rogers will come to you. When he does, and is in range, assassinate him. After the cinematic it is time to escape in a hurry.

Head around the same corner that Rogers just came around. Either perform a running assassination on the Guard there or hit him with a Berserk Dart before he can recognize Kenway. Make for the street after that. Cut right across it and go between the houses in front of you. This will get you out of the Restricted Zone and into the Search Zone. Just head for the waypoint to finish this memory.