Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 43 – Templar Hunt: Vance Travers “Upton's Sorrow” & “Queen of Pirates, King of Fools”

Upton's Sorrow
This mission starts only a short distance away from the end of the last one. This makes it very easy to do without any difficulty at all. The problem here is Upton is very drunk and not a pleasant drunk. As Edward tries to get him to leave, he starts a fight. Time to just deal with things.

Edward can only uses his fists for this fight. Still, a good mix of counter and chain kills will see it through before Upton takes too much damage. Get as many as you can with each chain.

When the fight is over a marker appears to the South. You need to get Upton over there. Thankfully he is at least that cooperative. As you near the road at the marker, you will find a group of Dancers. Hire them to make things a lot simpler. Edward will Blend with them, leaving him hidden. They will leave as you enter the street for some reason.

Upton will stop to relieve himself. As he is doing so, some guards will be coming from the West. You have your weapons now so you can get some very quick and easy kills. Approach them and drop a Smoke Bomb. Use that time to quickly dispatch them all. Just wait for Upton to finish his drunken rambling and then he will hide.

Queen of Pirates, King of Fools
The final mission here starts on the far Eastern side of the island. There is also a massive restricted area as well just to make things more interesting. Start it by talking with Upton who is handling things very well. Now head for the massive search area that sits over the Eastern part of Nassau. Be sure your pistols are loaded and have some ranged ability.

Take to the trees and using the Free-running course to quickly get over to the Western edge of it. You are headed for the small camp on the Western edge of the swamp. Sometimes there will be some Pirate crew held hostage here. If that is the case, then things are more complicated.

Get over to the encampment using the trees to approach. This will put you in a fine position to quickly Berserk Dart most of the guards. This will thin the numbers and make it a lot easier to just find Vance and kill him.

When Vance is dead, you need to kill Jing Lang. Hit her first with whatever  ranged option you have. If you do not have a gun equipped, either of the darts will make her pause more than long enough for you to just shoot her or charge and assassinate her. Do that then escape the area (freeing the pirates if they survived) to complete this Templar Hunt.