Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 73 – Sequence 12 “Royal Misfortune”

Optional Objectives:
Kill 8 guards by destroying powder barrels
Use a Rope Dart to kill Roberts

Be sure that the Jackdaw is well upgraded for this mission. The minimum is to have Reinforced to Advanced. If you have the Ultimate or the highest possible, the engagement that is coming will be much easier. You cannot directly fast travel to Principe to begin this memory. You need to get close then head out from there. Tortuga is suggested because of its proximity. Just head to the start point from there.

The mission starts with you off the coast. It is time to start dealing with Roberts' men. Head to the left-hand edge of the Southern beach. Slip into the nearest Stalking Zone from there. Look up the slope and locate the 2 small powder barrels sitting there. Use Free aim to target them then wait for the group of men to show. When they are close by then fire off a shot at them. If the patrol does not show then you need to cause something of a scene. Head inland and grab one of the barrels of gunpowder after you kill off the 3 people in the vicinity. Roll it to the East, toward the middle of the road nearby. Wait for the patrol of 2 men to approach it then shoot it. Now run back toward the beach you started on. You should have a lot of men coming after you. Wait for them to close in then fire on the big gunpowder cache that sits nearby. Between those 2 blasts you should be able to get all 8. If not, head into town via the Road going North. There you will find another cache of gunpowder. Just wait for some soldiers to get close to it and detonate it as well. This should take care of the first optional objective.

Now it is time to find Roberts. Head up the slope to the village on the cliff and into the search zone. Roberts is not hard to find. Just enter it and he will make himself known. Now you just need to wait approximately 10-15 seconds for the Jackdaw to be up near the cliff. Immediately run over to it and jump from the tree branch there. Time is of the essence so quickly get down to the wheel and sail off after Roberts.

You cannot directly follow the “Royal Fortune” right now because the cliff-side will fall in after it passes through the rocks. When that happens go to the right and cut around the rocks. Reduce to half sail if you are encountering Rogue Winds. Brace when you hear Anne Bonny calling out about the mortar fire as well. Now catch up to the “Royal Fortune”.

When you are on its tail you will find it is leaving a very steady trail of Fire Barrels. You want to follow at some distance because of this. It will only last until you make it out into the open water. At that point, things take a turn. There are British and Spanish ships closing in on the area. You still need to board the “Royal Fortune” the problem is you have competition. Still ignore them and focus on the Fortune.

When you have weakened the Fortune to the point you can board it, head for the lift immediately. Go up it and then wait for the yardarms to align between the 2 vessels. Cross over and use Eagle Vision to locate and mark Roberts. When you have then make sure he is targeted and hit him with a Rope Dart. When you have him snared, drop down to the ground to hang him and end the mission. This can take a few tries so always check before you drop and hang the target.