Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Walkthrough Part 35 – Present Day: Part 3

You log out of the Animus and then it is time to head on over to the elevator. It is a short way to the North to get there. Melanie will meet you there. Head on into it with her. Use the tablet to send the elevator on up. Melanie will give a good breakdown of the Blackbeard trailer for Assassin's Creed 4 on your way up. When you get to the top floor, you will have some new messages on your tablet. You can read them now or later (one concerns window cleaners while the other concerns a data leak). Head on out of the elevator and over to the CCO's secretary. She will tell Melanie that Olivier wants to talk to her alone for a few minutes before bringing you in.

John from IT will contact you and ask you to help him again. He wants your help to link the cameras in the building to the central monitoring system. Apparently a lot of them are not calibrated correctly. Head into the hallway to the right of the secretary’s and go down it. At the end you will find a security area.

When you enter the hallway, look to the right of the doorway you came through. On the wall, none too far from you is a Sticky Note : #9. It is right across from the security room John is asking you to enter. Now go into the Security Room and approach the console in front of you. Time for you to deal with your first Prime Number Hack.

The Prime number hack uses both the thumbsticks. The goal is to use the numbers provided to get the total. In this case, it is 70. If you just want the solution: 2*5*7.

Now head on out of the door and go over to the left. Keep going forward until you find a massive window. John shows a surprising twist in personality and demands you break into Olivier's office to learn about the upcoming shareholder's meeting. Go to the window now and out onto the moving platform. Ride it on up to the 15th floor. Time for you to do another hack.

Access Olivier's computer. It is another Data Stream. Take your time to watch things things and then start across carefully. This will get you an e-mail about the potential timelines for future Abstergo Entertainment products. Read it if you want then head on over to the door out of Olivier's office. Wait for John to clear the Secretary out. You can hack the Secretary’s Computer at this point if you are interested. Her's is a Data Stream. With some time watching, it is not too hard to navigate. This will get you a sample of the Book: From the Journals of Edward James Kenway Chapter 3. head to the lobby after that

Go to the Coffee Stand again. There you will find Shaun and Rebecca. Approach them to trigger a cutscene and bring this episode with John to an end. There is a bit more to do in the present day though.