Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 45– Templar Hunt: Rhona Dinsmore “Arms Race” & “Flint's End”

Arms Race
Head back to the Assassin's Bureau. There is more to do yet as you at half way through this set of side missions. You need to destroy 3 weapon stores to put the Assassins back in the arms race that has been going on in this city.

The first store is a short distance North of the bureau While stealth is not mandatory, it does generally make things a little easier. Approach this Restricted Area from the West. Climb on up the building nearby the marker. There is a guard patrolling the rooftop there. While his back is turned, hop into the pile of leaves to the South of where you climbed. When he is close, whistle at him. This will draw him in. Take him out. Now use Darts to quickly deal with the other 2 Gunners you can see up there. Knock them out quickly to keep things in your favor. Drop down into the courtyard after that and head over to the marker to ignite the powder reserve and do in the first of the 3 reserves.

The second store is Northwest of the first one. As you approach, veer to the South to find a troupe of Dancers. Hire them and head West then go to the North through the nearby doorway. You can just walk into the restricted area. From there head over to the Powder Kegs and ignite them. Use a fast walk to get around around the corner and stay in the blend. Leave the Restricted Area before you dismiss the dancers or send them to distract some Guard.

The final Powder Reserve is found to the North of the second. Take to the rooftops quickly when you approach. There are 3 gunners up there you need to worry about. The first is very close by. Use a Sleep Dart on him to make him out of the picture. If the other 2 Gunners make you nervous, it is very easy to hit them with Sleep Darts as well. There is also a patrolling captain down in the restricted area. You can wait for him to have his back to the target or just use him as a cushion and perform an aerial assassination on him. It is still worth noting that if the Captain is nowhere nearby the Powder Reserves you should have more than enough time to drop down, ignite and climb back up before they blow. When these Reserves blow then the mission is over.

Flint's End
Time for the final mission in the Templar Hunt set. Head over to the center of Havana. There you will find Rhona. She will direct you toward your next target.

This mission has a few approaches. If you want a good chance to make it through in a go though there is a less obvious solution available. Follow Rhona until you make it to the Restricted Zone. At this point all you need to do is head to the North and toward the boats. There are a few Gunners to contend with, but nothing too major. Flint will run right to you if you go to the pier dead North of where Rhona enters. Just shoot Hillary Flint to finish out this set of missions. Leave the restricted area to complete the mission.