Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 44 – Reach For the Sky (Frozen Encampment)

Start going over to the left from the top of the third cliff face. Keep to the left at the first junction to reach a Scavenger Bot Location. Now head down the right-hand passage. Keep alert as there are Exploder Necromorphs and Slashers waiting in the surrounding area. They will appear from nearby and come at Issac from in front and behind.

After that you will find the path split to the left and to the right. Head to the left first. Here Issac will find a S.C.A.F. Artifact and to the right Issac will find a third Scavenger Bot. After that head down the right-hand passage and out to the cliff face. Head out and over to the right of the elevator. Here Issac will find a Work Bench. Continue over to the right to find a Rip Core Weapon Part. After that, head over to the left and continue along the cliff edge. Time to scale on up the next cliff.

This one again has something that you need to deal with. It is better to use the launcher on the left for this scaling. You have to use Stasis and dodge the various falling items. First a large boulder on the right will be coming down at Issac. Move over to the left and wait for the boulder to fall past him but keep going up. A short while later a second large boulder will be falling on the left. Hit it will Stasis and do the same on the cargo elevator that is swinging while it is on the left-hand side. If you can get the shot so it hits both the left-hand boulder and the cargo elevator it is very simple to make it all the way up.

Once at the top head over to the right-hand side of this cliff and find the Scavenger Bot release point. After that just continue forward. Issac must fight through Pukers and Snow Slashers to advance. Just continue forward to the second emergency ladder. Open it up with Kinesis and head on in. Here Issac will find the Winch that will raise the Cargo Lift up to the top. Power up the generator to get the winch moving. A little ways in a fuse will get blown. Santos panics some but Issac does get her to calm down by getting her to talk about how to make a new codex. Head on around the arm and up the slope behind it. Issac now needs to re-balance the power to get the lift operational again:
Bottom 50: Move to the left.
Lower 70: Flip to the right

Now head down to the winch and interact with it. This will start the next cutscene. Santos is lost and Issac looks to be fall. When the cutscene is over head forward and get to the next climbing point. This lift is not working. Before Issac can do too much about it the Snow Beast will appear again. This time it brought friends.

Snow Beast
Start by hitting the Snow Beast with Stasis to get a little time to deal with whatever Snow Slashers are rushing at Issac. After that, there are some things you need to do for this fight. The Slashers will keep coming, giving you a slow supply of health and ammo. Still, you need to get to the generator and fire it up. Run over to the second harpoon gun, on the right, to find the generator. Hit the Snow Beast with Stasis and hit up the Generator with Kinesis. Now move to the left of the harpoon guns themselves so Issac is in the alcove. This will lure the Snow Beast into the tracking lasers. Once it is harpoon run over to the right of and to the far harpoon. AT the base of it Issac will find the crank he needs. Go to the handle of it, hit it with Kinesis and then mash the prompted button to tear the Snow Beast apart.

 Use the Scavenger bot to get some supplies from here. Head back to the grappling station and use it to return to the top of the cliff. It is a lot easier than before, enjoy it.