Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 31 – Onward (The Wall to The Conference Room)

Start on up the collapsed Catwalk to reach the ladder which can take Issac to the top of this section of the Wall. Grab the Spare Parts Box by the containers and loot them as well. From there just head along the wall to the door leading into the structure itself. Go over to the right and through the door there.

Once inside go forward and over to the bench on your right. There Issac will find a Heavy Standard Frame to grab. Next go up the ladder to the right of the next doorway. Head over to the first desk on the left to get the blueprints for the Pulse Rifle. Continue over to the left to find find a Text Log. Now go past the curtain in front of you and look to the left. Below the toilet is a S.C.A.F. Artifact to collect. Now head down the ladder and through the doorway next to it. Go to the end of it and turn to the left to find a Cargo Elevator that will take Issac down to ground level again. Turn around and head out of it.

In this courtyard head over to the left. Nearby the edge of the wall there is a good place to deploy a scavenger bot. Let one loose then head over to the opposite of the courtyard. Here Issac will find the Garage. There is a Bypass option to get in so use it.

Once inside the garage hang to the left-hand side of the passage to find a text log. Continue down the passage and head over to the right. Go through the door there to get into the garage itself. In here there are a number of Feeders and a Waster or two. Move and avoid getting swarmed by the Feeders as much as possible. Once they are all down then Issac is free to explore this area. Be sure to head underneath the vehicle raised for maintenance and release a Scavenger Bot to collect the High resource spot that is there. After that just head around the garage itself and loot the lockers for supplies. Issac can also find a circuit to the right of the door he came through for +2 Clip, -1 Damage. That is everything in there so head on out and straight across the courtyard.

Head around the Snow Crawler to find the entrance to the FAC-1 Headquarters. The door will automatically open for Issac as he approaches. Head inside to get into the next part of the Wall and closer to the rest of the group. Head to the right and through the door on the other side of the entryway. Just head on through to make it the rest of the group. After a cutscene it is onto the next chapter.