Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 5 – On Your Own

Head forward and to the desk on the right. Issac can notice the picture of a woman and to the left of it, a recording he can listen to. After that, head for the door opposite where he started and go on through it. Captain Norton will come in over the ship's intercom and relate the major plan to everyone on board. Just head through the locker room into the one beyond. Head down the ramp on either side and over to the right. Head down that hallway until it breaks left. Go through the door and continue on.

Before Issac goes much farther, turn to the right and head down the long corridor. At the end of it he can hind some pickups and an EarthGov Artifact. Now head back to the start of the corridor and go to the right. Head through the bridge. A cutscene runs and things take a turn for the worst.

Head on through the corridor and Issac will tell Norton how to quickly patch up the door wit the tool he handed him. After that he will ask Carver where he can find an E.V.A. Suit. He points down the corridor in front of Issac. Start running down it. The area gets knocked around some with another cutscene. Once thins settle, start running again. At the end of it, there is a second cutscene as Issac pulls on this E.V.A. Suit. After this, try to heal him up. He is now in space, with limited air.

Start by going forward through the tunnel with the orange light in front of it. Head on forward to it. There  Issac will find 2 clamps above a door that need to be slid. Aim with your weapon and slide each to the end of its track. When they are both in place then move to the control panel that sits between them. Interact with it to release the room. Things do not get any easier here.

Issac is rapidly propelling himself forward to try to stay up with the room as it rockets away. Weave through the various obstacles. Be sure to start aiming ahead of yourself and firing at the mines that will be coming at him in a very rapid fashion. As much as possible, shoot them down to try to limit the damage to the room. Weave through any major pieces of wreckage that are coming at you and it should not be too hard to make it through the rest of it. When the massive piece of wreckage shows up in front of the room, move toward the room and stay aligned with it to avoid getting smashed by the wall of metal. Now Issac's air tank is refilled and he has a chance to find a way to get into the ship.