Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 52 – Side Missions: Disposal Services Site (Entryway Hall To Ordnance Hall)

Once off the elevator go to the left along the catwalk. Head down the ladder turn to face the far end and start running. There are a lot of Necromorphs that will be attacking Issac here making it a far better idea to run to the left. Issac will only need to face a smaller number of Feeders and one Twitchers opposed to many times that. Head down the corridor to the left and into the chamber. As he enters he will be attacked by 2 Exploders down the hall. Just pick off the explosive sac to deal with them quickly.  Follow that up by continuing toward the Construction Hall. Head forward and take the ladder on the right-hand side up. Go through the door at the top of it. Head through the door and to the right to get to the Construction Chamber itself.

Once inside this room head to the left of the raised Catwalk. There Issac will find the lever to lower it with Kinesis. Head across the way and head into the next room, Construction Office. The door does not immediately open as there are Necromorphs that have homed in on Issac's location. There are 2 Fodder Necromorphs and a fair sized swarm of Feeders. Move around and do not let Issac get surrounded. That can only end badly. Try to get over to the side farthest from the ducts that you can to give yourself the much needed space.

Once through the Necromorphs go through the door. Here Issac will find a Workbench in front of him. Use it only if you need a Line Weapon or a Torque Bar. Otherwise just head on through to the Central Chamber. This room is going to be one of those cases here you are better off running. Head in and call the cargo elevator up. Now take it on down to the floor below. Issac is attacked by at least 8 Fodder If you want to fight them it is recommended to immediately take the Cargo Lift back up to the upper floor to engage them. Necromoprhs. Run over to the right, around the corner and then go to the left and through the door.

In this room head for the desk on the left. There Issac can find a Text Log, “First Contact”. After that head for the door beyond it, Explosives Storage. This is a Tungsten Bar Loot Room. Use the Torque Bar and head inside. Issac will find a Spare Parts Box to the left and right of the entrance. In the back left he will find a Full Zoom Scope Weapon Part and to the right he will find an Upgrade Circuit (+2 Clip, +1 Rate Of Fire). Loot the lockers and return to the previous room. First head into the room to the right of the desk. Here Issac will find a place to release one of the Scavenger Bots.

How head to the door opposite where you got the text log. Be sure every weapon is fully loaded and you are ready for what is on the other side. Take the lift up and head over to the right, into the Security Access room. In here as Issac steps out of the elevator he will be attacked by 4 – 6 Dark Fodder Necromorphs. Fight them off moving to the right to where there is more space. When they are dead head forward and over to the left down the stairs. This will lead into the Ordnance Room. Head straight across in this Room to find another Text Log, “Last Contact”. Now head on through the door door to the left going into Explosive Storage.