Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 55 – A Change in Fortune (Chasing Danik to Silo)

Move up toward the crates at the end of the walkway. Things are not going to be going well here. Not only will you be dealing with Soldiers but there are Stalkers in the area again as well. Hang back until the Stalkers and Soldiers have been killed. After that head over to the left and take the cargo lift up to the level above. Turn to the left from there and start running for the burning building. There are more Soldiers here and a Gunship. There is little time for stealth so focus instead on just making the run. Head to the burning wall and turn to the left. Kill any soldiers blocking your way then head into the door.

Once inside, look to the left of the corpse to find a Flame Glaze Weapon Piece. There are some med packs there as well if Issac needs some healing. After that turn to the right of the door and there is a second one, head on through it. This leads Issac straight into another courtyard with Crates.

Once again Issac has to fight Soldiers with Necromorphs. This time the Necromorphs do not show up until somewhat later but they are the Dark Slashers, stronger and tougher than the Snow Slashers. There will be at least 2 coming from in from of Issac, one from the left and one from behind. On top of that the Soldiers are on the catwalks above firing down on him. Move right quickly to avoid getting swarmed by the Necromorphs and get a little space between Issac and the enemies above. From there move forward to trigger the combat. Aside from the occasional grenade this is not a bad spot for the fight.

When the Necromorphs and the Soldiers are down take a moment to get over to the left-hand side. Once again, release a Scavenger Bot along it to ensure a good yield. After that follow the locator beacon into the next building. The door is revealed to be locked and more Soldiers will rappel down from a gunship to fight Issac. There will also be Twitchers that will move in to attack Issac as well.

Once this fight is triggered immediately head to the right and get behind the Snow Crawler. This blows a direct line of sight from the Rocket Launchers but you still need to worry about the 5 Twitchers that are closing in on your location. Keep an eye on Issac's health and heal as needed. Remember to hit the Twitchers with Stasis to slow them down and make them easier targets. The Rockets actually help a little here as they will blast the Twitchers apart occasionally.

Start by opening fire on the Soldier in the upper right. He poses the most direct threat to Issac in his present position. Now hang behind the Snow Crawler. Only move out from behind when Twitchers are closing and Issac needs more space to fight them. Hanging back here cuts the line of sight from the remaining soldier. Once the Twitchers have been dealt with it is time to deal with the remaining soldier. Duck in and out of cover to line up the shots and then take him down quickly. Only when everything is dead (again) can Issac safely use the EEI to unlock the door. This one, like the others is asymmetrical so minimal parallel movements. Once through the door smash the crates and head on through to the door beyond to reach the start of the next chapter.