Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 45 – Everything Has Its Place (Research Compound: Rosetta Lab)

Head forward toward the ladder. Do not go up it immediately. Go over to the left and to the front of the nearby building. Here Issac can find a Circuit (+2 Damage, +1 Rate of Fire). After that go on up the ladder. When Issac gets close to the top then it will collapse and throw Issac to the ground. Head on over to the left now and follow the path there. Go forward until you find a small area to the right. In the first one, let loose one of your scavenger bot and collect what you can from the surrounding area. After that just continue on foot to the entrance of the research facility itself. As Issac reaches the entrance he will spot some Necromorph ahead through the broken gates. Just continue up the slope to the door and get into the Research Facility. Go through the first hallway and out the second door.

Issac is outside once again. A tram runs by, revealing that Danik and his men have had enough time to regroup and rearm. Just head on up the slope, going to the left the notice board and into the next building on the path. This leads Issac to the Biology Lab. He now needs to use the Bypass to get inside. Hack it and head on in.

In here Issac will find a Heavy Standard Frame ahead on the right. He will also see a Swarm skitter past him. Collect the weapon part and then head over to the right to deal with the Swarm and whatever they might be unleashing. Issac will see he is fighting a darker shade of Necromorph. These are more resilent than their lighter colored counterparts. Be ready to through some heavier ordnance at them. Head back into the hallway you entered through. By being in here you remove the possibility of being ambushed from behind. Just wait and take out the Necromorphs as they come at you. It is best to just take out their legs. Less to worry about overall.

Once this wave of Necromorphs have been dealt with then Issac can use the Suit Kiosk and the Work Bench without fear pf being attacked. Inside the Kiosk Issac will get access to the Legionary Suit. This offers better armor than the Arctic Survival Suit so get it on. After that head on down the corridor to the right, past the Work Bench and into the next part of the Biology Wing. Get into the Elevator at the end of the hall and take it on up. Head over to the left and into the decontamination chamber on the right. This will take Issac into the Rosetta Lab.

Ellie and Carver are waiting inside. It is apparent that they need to reassemble Rosetta. Head over to the far side of the room, to the left of the lab table. Open the hatch there to find the first of the pieces of Rosetta. Head on over to the opposite side of the lab and you will see something pop up. Put the frozen piece of Rosetta into the reciprocal and hit the button to the left. Ellie will get the piece to appear in the assembler. There are 4 more pieces that need to get pulled together for this. Head over tot he booth Ellie is in and she will give you a Research Facility Key. This will open a number more doors than Issac could on his own. With that in hand it is time to leave the Rosetta Lab for now and get to work on finding the rest of the pieces.