Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 32 – Now We Know (Conference Room to The Tunnel)

Head on forward after the cutscene and over to the left. First Issac will find an Audio log that he can listen to. Just a bit past that is a Tungsten Torque Bar Room. Inside this room Issac will find a Pneumatic Torch just to the left of the door. Take a little time to loot the lockers ahead to the right. After that turn to the left. Around the bend is a small wall lockers with more resources in it. After that just head out of the room and over to the way you came in. This time, head over to the left. Here Issac will find a Work Bench he can use. Take a little time to craft some explosive and flame-based weaponry. Craft what you need then head through the door to the left of the Work Bench. Be sure you have something that just shoots bullets on one of your weapons and put a scope on it. It is going to matter pretty soon.

Head on out the door to the left of the Work Bench. Smash the crates on the other side and then head down the hall to the left. Head through the door at the opposite end and get outside. From there just jog over to the rest of the crew and head along with them toward the other end of the facility. After the few steps a round of something will hit the bridge they are all on. Issac and Carver get knocked to the tents below while the rest made it to the other side. The Unitologist have found the group. Issac will get his visor up and it is time to get killing.

These guys are a lot easier to deal with than the Necromorphs. Body and Head shots mean something with them. Kill off the 6 or so that have jumped out of the drop ship. Once they are all dead head over to the back left-hand portion of this area and let a Scavenger Bot loose to collect resources. Take a little to search the corpses as well. Head over to the right and into the Supply Depot to continue forward. Loot the few containers inside and through to the other side to get back outside.

Once outside again head across the small flat. Take a moment to loot the containers then head on down in the cargo elevator. There are more Unitologist to fight through at the bottom of the elevator. One of them has a rocket launcher so be careful and watch out for whatever is coming at you. Stay in cover as much as possible, especially when there is a rocket coming at you. Deal with them all carefully.

When Issac makes it through is bunch he can enter another of the tents set up. Inside this one he will find a number of useful things. There is a Work Bench, Suit Kiosk as well as a Weapon Part (Direction Suspension Field) and a Text Log. Grab the Weapon part to the right of the Suit Kiosk. You can find the Text log opposite the Suit Kiosk. Get all of that, change up any part of your weaponry that benefits from the new pieces and head on outside through the door next to the Work Bench.

When outside again the Necromorphs will make and appearance and start going after the Unitologist. Take cover and participate when needed but otherwise just work on picking off the survivors in this match. Once you have killed them all, before heading into the next tent, head over to the left, down the long and narrow opening in the surrounding rock. Pull out a Scavenger Bot and you will find a good place to deploy it. After that use the Locator to backtrack and head into the tunnel that is next. Issac will hear an enemy transmission. After that a soldier will appear to attack Issac. Quickly take him out and continue on down this path.

Continue on forward and keep on guard. After Issac enters the second part of the tunnel with the shelving past the carts, look along the right-hand side to find an Artifact he can grab. Head into the tent at the end of this tunnel. It is here that Issac is next attacked by a Necromorph, a Snow Slasher