Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 29 – Side Missions: Supply Depot (Entryway Hall to Completion)

Inside the Entryway Hall, look to the left and underneath the Catwalk there. Issac can spot 2 Slashers suspended from it. Pop them individually so he can take them in such a fashion. With them out of the way, carefully enter this room. Head in and take the ladder in front of Issac to the right upwards. Head to the end of the catwalk and into the elevator there. Take it up.

Things are not about to stay easier, only get more deadly. As Issac exits this elevator he will be attacked by 2 Snow Slashers. Kill them and look to the left of the door opposite where Issac came in. Here he will find an audio log to add to his collection. Head through the door near the lockers first. Inside this room is a Work Bench. Now go over to the left from the Work Bench and go through the nearby door into the Explosive Storage Area.

Go down the stairs to the right. First, head just past the elevator to the alcove by the snow. On the left-hand side of it Issac can find a S.C.A.F. Artifact to grab. Once he has that, he needs to head to the far side of the elevator platform. There he will find the call button for the cargo lift. Hit it and it will start to come down. It will stop at a point and an alarm will start blaring. A group of Feeders will reveal themselves and attack Issac. If you have an augmented melee attack, now is the time to use it to get through these dozen or so feeders as they are very weak and not really worth using ammo on. Following them Issac will be attacked by a 6 Snow Slashers with a pair of pairs thrown in. Thankfully he is not mobbed by them but heading for the far side of the room is a great place to fight through most of this battle without worrying too much about getting completely mobbed.

When the elevator finally does come down it has on it a massive chest. Open it up to find 2 circuits (+2 Reload, -1 Rate of Fire and +2 Reload, -1 Clip) and the Scope Weapon Part along with a spare parts box and some resources. Collect it all then head out the door into the Explosives Storage Hall past the “Mak3 U5 Whol3” sign on the wall. Head on through te corridor in front of Issac and into the Security Room on the far side.

Inside this room Issac will find a Work Bench to the left. Head opposite it to Security Pod 2 to find the final Audio Log for this area. Be sure to take a little time to release a Scavenger Bot here as it can have a high resource yield. Now head back to the door you came through and go through the door opposite it. Head down the corridor and take the elevator down to Central Chamber 02.

When he emerges into the chamber he is attacked by 3 Snow Slashers. Take them on and quickly kill them. After that, loot the lockers to the left. Turn to the left of the lockers and look on the wall to find an Upgrade Circuit (+2 Reload, -1 Damage). Now just head through the door to return to the Records Room. Head out of it to the left and return to the starting area. Take a little time now to go to the tram Station. Just be wary that Issac will be attacked by 2 Snow Slashers as he passes through the entry way.

In the tram station There are a few things to find. For now the Tram itself is disabled so ignore it. Still, head for the Work Bench. Modify anything as needed for heading outside again. Now head to the right of the bench. Hug against the wall and Issac will find the Electrocution Module Weapon Part. Drop it off at the bench then that is all Issac can do in here for now. Head on out and return to the surface. This finishes the side mission completely.