Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 40 – Side Missions: Armory (Junction to Completion)

This will bring Issac back to the Junction room. This time though he can simply cut across the room to the elevator. When Issac attempts to use the Elevator he will be ambushed by 3 Snow Slashers and a Puker. Kill them all then head through the door toward the security hall. Take the elevator on up to it. Exit the elevator and head to the left. There he will find the doorway to the next Ordnance Tower that he can access. Use the keycard on the reader to the left of it then head on through.

On the inside of this Ordnance Tower Issac will need to face off against 3 Soldiers. Move to cover and pick them off quickly. If any lob grenades at you, quickly throw them back at him using Kinesis. After that go through the door into Security Hall 2. This icy room has 2 lockers and the elevator down to the tram station. Collect what you can from the lockers then take the elevator on up.

When Issac arrives at the Tram Station things go from quiet to loud. There are soldiers here but the fray is very quickly joined by a large numbers of Feeder Necromorphs. Immediately start shooting on anything else that moves. Remember the Feeders like to get close and it is very easy to simply melee them need be.

When the dust settles from the fight and Issac is the only thing left moving then it is time to loot the big chest there. Inside he will find supplies, a Stasis Support and Acid Bath Weapons Parts and 2Spare Parts Boxes.

That is everything that can be found at this station. Having found this Tram Station Issac can now use the tram to get around to the different stations. Head on over to the Storage Depot and collect what you can from the Tram Station. After that head on back out to the entry way.