Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 23 – Off The Grid (Crash Site to Aloha Station)

From the start Tau Valantis is not a very welcoming place and it is not about to change in any way soon. Things have changed as Issac must now struggle against the elements to stay alive. Head forward and over to the left. Just past the burning wreckage you will find a weapon piece, the Survey Charge. After that, Issac is in a dire situation. The planet's temperature is low and will kill him via Hypothermia without too much trouble. To prevent this, as Issac moves forward, look for burning wreckage. Get close and stay there a minute. Once Issac's temperature gauge reads 37 Celsius, he is good to move again. Do not move away from the fire until it does.

For the first section just keep moving forward between the fires, warming as needed. As much as possible, run to avoid being exposed to the raw cold for too long. Keep this up until you reach the ledge. Move toward it to trigger a cutscene. Hit the prompted button to ensure Issac has a grip as he has found the wreckage of the shuttle but it is starting to fall and he is in the way.

When the wreck settles, look around it to the left to find a circuit, a +2 Damage, +1 Reload. With that in hand turn toward the canyon at the foot of the wreck and head on down it. It is very important to run here as there are no heat sources for a long time in this area.

Once Issac makes it to the next heat source, he is getting close to a scavenger bot release point. From the heat source, run to the left and look for the narrow path between the rocks. Head through the first one and then pull out the bot. Just a little bit more more forward to the left and he will find the proper place to release the Scavenger bot. With the bot gathering, resume your run toward the end of the canyon. From there Issac just has to crest a small hill and he will make it to the second part of the Cozier wreckage. Hurry inside so Issac does not die of exposure.

Once inside Issac will freak a he finds one of the bodies. Once he digs it out, relaxes as it is not Ellie. Head over to the video console to the right. There Issac will find a video from Ellie, saying that she left a trail of flares for him to follow. Head over to the left, turning sharply if Issac needs more ammo. Otherwise follow the flares. This will lead him face to face with a large Necromorph that will knock him down to the lower portion of this area. Issac body temperature will stabilize for this cutscene and resume its drop after it.

Once Issac skids to a stop head forward and over to the structure nearby. Run along it and look for a red structure on the right-hand side of it. Get behind the wall and immediately use Kinesis to open the door. Once inside, Issac's temperature will hold and he will stumble onto a text long. With that read, turn to the right and look for the generator. Use Kinesis and follow the prompt to power it up. Once the power is on, Issac will get an Audio log. With all that gathered, it is time to return to the outdoors and continue onward.