Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 56 – What Lies Below (Underground Descent – Rappel 1 & 2)

Things are getting a bit more rushed now but the good news is there is time to work on your weaponry some. For this next section be sure you have an Explosive and Line Weapon in addition to something more conventional. There are going to be a few masses of enemies and some Lurkers to deal with as Issac works his way down this tunnel to get toward the Machine. Once you have the weaponry head over to the rappelling station and get hooked up and jump over the ledge.

As the elevator descends try to pick off the soldiers on it as Issac goes down. Be sure to watch for falling small rocks. When you see those have Issac jump to either side, away from the shower, to avoid the bigger rock that is about to fall. Be sure to watch out for the gaps in the wall as well. After the first one Issac will have to worry about Leapers that will get onto the wall with him and climb after him. This is in addition to whatever hazards are still floating around in the area.

When Issac makes it to the bottom of the first rappelling section he has more Dark Leapers to deal with. The elevator will take a minute to recalibrate and then resume its run. Kill off the Leapers and start along the platform. At the end of it he will find an elevator that will take him down to the next platform.

On this platform, he arrives in time to get some nice shots in at the guards on the platform with Danik. Pick as many off as possible then head over to the right. Smash the crates for more pick ups. After that head over to the end of the platform where the next rappelling station is. Hold a minute before latching in and turn around. To the left, on a specimen case is a Heavy S.C.A.F. Frame. Once Issac has grabbed that then he is good to continue his chase after Danik.

For the second rappelling section Danik has left behind a lot more soldiers. They are on various platforms along the same side of the elevator shaft as the rappelling station. Issac has to deal with them as he heads down the wall. The best thing to do is aim for the red canisters on each of the platforms as soon as they are visible. This will let Issac simply blow up the platform and send the Soldiers plummeting to their doom. You do not need to worry about Necromorphs as much for this section so just aim for the containers or the head.

Be sure to keep an eye on the right-hand side of the shaft as well. After the first long platform with 2 Soldiers head down a little more and look to the right. There is a platform with a Rail Accelerator on this side. Use Kinesis to grab it then continue your descent. As Issac comes to the bottom of this cliff face a Soldier will fire a rocket into it, widening a gap that Issac is likely jumping. After that he can detach from the rappelling rope and focus on the soldiers on the far side. This is where the Line Weapon comes in very handy. A shot or two across the way just mows them down. Now just head over to the right and through the door into the Hydraulics shack.