Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 23 – Flotilla Item Collection

This is best done in Chapter 7, “Mayhem” when Issac has a lot of free reign to move around the Flotilla. It is recommended that you max out your Oxygen Supply upgrades with Scrap Metal.

Item Collection: C.M.S. Greely
Head to the piece of debris that the Necromorphs have been attacking Issac from. At the end closest to the Engine he just extracted he can find an artifact  Move to the end and look for a door next to 2 Oxygen tanks. Inside he will find himself in an atmosphere so the oxygen count stops. Open the large container to get a Compact Standard Frame, and other good items  Look in the back right corner to find a S.C.A.F. Artifact as well. After that, head on outside again. Head back to the SK-1P and it is time to deal with finding the satellites and other things.

Scavenger Bot Locations: C.M.S. Greely
There is 1 Location to send out the Bot to get items around the Greely. Head to the end of the debris farthest from the engine salvage. Once there, pull out the bot and use it to home in the location. It is found near the bottom of the wreckage.

Item Collection: C.M.S. Roanoke:
 Head to the front part of the ship, where it is a massive wall. Look from the left-hand edge in toward the right. In the second row from the top, look to the right until you see the first big window rimmed with yellow. Shoot it to release a number of small containers and a weapons part, the Diffraction Torus. If you did not collect the artifact in the trench, you can find it underneath the shuttle now. Just head underneath it and it should be apparent in its location.

Scavenger Bot Locations: C.M.S. Roanoke:
Head toward the central part of the Roanoke where the satellites were located. Look along the top of the structure leading toward the conical part of the Roanoke. Touch down on the platform near the blue paneling leading that way. Move around there and you should have little trouble find the point to release the Scavenger Bot. The second point to release the Scavenger bot is found below the decompression window that you can shoot out to get the Weapons part. Get nearby the upward sloping part found below. Around the base of this front part of the ship Issac will find the place to release the Scavenger bot again to gain more resources. The best spot is near the bottom between the second and third part of the bottom red stripe running the fuselage.

Item Location: C.M.S. Brusilov
Head to the front of the Brusilov.  Look below it to the left. You will spot a massive piece of wreckage. Circle around to the underside of it and look for the one door that exists there. Move in and open it up. Inside Issac will find a S.C.A.F. Artifact and there is a storage chest here. Open it but immediately turn around a Leaper will crash in front the ceiling above and attack Issac. Kill it then loot the chest. Inside you will get a number of materials and a Circuit for +1 Reload. Head around to the back portion of this debris and look for a decompression window to the left of the number “6”. Shoot it out to release some yellow boxes and a precision tip weapons piece.

Scavenger Bot Location: C.M.S. Brusilov
Head toward the tail end of the Brusilov. Go to the number 3 on the hull, look below from the ship. There is a chunk of floating debris there. Head toward the center of it and Issac will have little trouble finding where he can send out his scavenger bot.