Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 43 – Reach For the Sky (Ice Cliffs)

Head forward with Carver who is moving past the sign . Take a little time to head to the left of the building and look for the snow covered boxes there. On top of the first one past the buildign you will find the Blueprints for the “”HUN-E1 Badger”. After that head back to the right and open the door there. Just inside go slightly to the right to find a Circuit Box. This Circuit gives +2 Damage, +1 Reload. Turn to the left after that and use Kinesis to power up the nearby Generator. This will let Issac use the Work Bench inside this small structure. After that head out and down the passage to the left of the building to find the rest of the group.

A cutscene later where Issac and Carver tell Ellie and Santos what happened while they were getting the gear ready. Ellie and Santos do not take too well to it. Now head over to either of the 2 stations and interact with it. This will launch the grappling hook up to the heights of the cliff. This is very different from rappelling down as Issac cannot really jump. Just move left or right as needed to avoid the holes in the cliff face and make sure he does not get hit by too much falling debris.

The Second Ice Cliff Issac will want to keep more to the center. Most of the falling ice will miss him. Once at the top of that head over to the left. Keep going until you reach the Emergency ladder access. Use Kinesis on it to get the ladder deployed. Climb it up into the cave.

Head over to the left to continue along your path. Along the left-hand wall Issac will find a Compact Standard Frame. Head over to to the right of the frame and down the hallway there. Issac will see a Necromorph chipping itself free. It will call a number of others, both Fodder and Slashers to come at Issac. Continue forward and to the right down the corridor, past the back side of the tent, to find the Weller's Compact Frame. Turn around and take the first passage to the right. There is a Snow Slasher waiting in ambush. Just head forward and out to the cliff face in front of you.

Here Issac will find a cargo elevator he can send down to the rest of the group. Look above it to the left to find a Kinesis grab point. Grab the gear and roll it to the right. This will get the elevator moving down. Once it is moving things do not sound good for the team at the base of the cliff. Issac now needs to find the controls for the elevator. Now continue along the cliff edge to the left. Issac has a number of Necromorphs to deal with: Snow Slashers, Fodder and Leapers. Take out the Leapers at as long range as possible. The Fodder and Slashers will break out of the snow and come at you a few at a time. Likely there will be a single leaper who remains by the net cave entrance. Again, pick it off as as long range as you can.

Inside the next cave he will find the access to the third cliff face. Head all the way forward and to the right. He will find an Ammo Support Weapon Part. After that turn to the next grappling launcher. This one presents a number of challenges compared to the rest of them. First, there are Lurkers on this cliff face. Second you have the usual falling rocks. Third Issac needs to move side to side using the jump to get around effectively. Just make it to the top of this cliff face and you will be done with them for now.