Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 25 – Onward (Waystation Entrance to Pump Access Room)

Turn back toward the doors leading outside. When Issac can, head over to the right. Follow this corridor over to the Pump Control Room. Inside this room Issac will find a Work Bench and the Canister Recovery Module. Change any Issac's weapons that need it then it is time to spin up the nearby generator. With that going things are looking better. Now grab one of the 3 gears on the wall to the right of the Generator using Kinesis. Carry it all the way back to the elevator that needs to be repaired and place it into the gap. For everything that happens, this part of the area is surprisingly free of Necromorphs. Once the gear is in place Issac is free to head on down to the level below.

On the way down Issac hears a recording from one of the former. They explain that the basement was sealed because of a new kind of Necromorph called a Feeder. These necromorphs react violently to bright lights (such as when Issac is aiming his gun) so he now has a way to avoid these things. Now below Issac is taunted by a Suit Kiosk just out of reach thanks to a gate in this heated room. Turn to the left and head on through the door there. There are some Necromorphs in this kitchen but they will scamper away unless you shine light on them. Go over to the right to find a Compact Standard Frame for Issac's use. Time to start sneaking through the kitchens. Head over to the left and through the hallway past the dead bodies. Issac will hear the Feeder scamper away again. Go to the door ahead on the right and through it to advance.

In this dark room Issac has 2 choices. He can use the light of his weapon to engage the Feeders here or just sneak on through. If Issac shines his light on to any of the Feeders he will quickly learn there a great number of them found in this room. While only a few are visible the rest are hiding in the ducts above. It is very possible to overcome them but it takes a lot of ammo and effort to do so. If you want to take the stealth approach head over to the right-hand side of the room and just hug against the wall.

Either way Issac will find himself in the next room with an Audio Log. Listen to it, loot the box and head the door on the far side. In front of Issac are some Air Tanks. Grab one with Kinesis and fling it into the room just off to the left. This will lure the nearby Feeders away so Issac can advance safely and grab a circuit +2 Damage, -1 Clip. After that, go through the door in the back left part of the room then through the next to make it into the Pump Room itself. Take a moment in the room before the Pump Room to release a Scavenger Bot to find more resources. Look in the small room on the left-hand side to find a S.N.A.F. Artifact. With it in hand, head into the Pump Access Room itself.

Once inside the Pump Access room head over to the left. Take the ladder down and look to the right. Issac will see another set of circuits that need to be aligned.
Center Circuit: 1 Kinetic Blast
Left Circuit: Fine
Top Right Circuit: 1 Kinetic Blast
Bottom Right Circuit: 1 Kinetic Blast

Now that the circuits are realigned interact with the screen to the right of them to clear Issac's path forward. The piston will start to move back but wait at the entrance of its socket. There is a Feeder that will come running out from the side. Shoot it or let the piston skewer it. Once again, wait for the piston to fall back. Immediately run to the right and through the opening there. Issac will find a stasis recharge station. He can use it if needed. After that, return to the doorway and wait for the piston to pass by. Immediately enter it and hit it with a stasis shot. Run down the corridor with it and go through the entryway on the left.