Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 9 – History's Embers (Control Saucer to Admiral's Quarters)

In front of Issac immediately is a Text Log. Grab it then turn around to the left. There is a Plasma Core sitting on the floor that Issac can claim. If he makes a circuit of the room he can find numerous pick ups and a circuit that gives +1 damage that he must grab with Kinesis. It glows purple behind the bench. Once he has everything and has built whatever he wants at the bench, it is time to head back down the elevator into the body of the ship again. Issac and Ellie have their own argument as he descends in the elevator. It comes to a halt at the Generator room and it is possible to reach the Necromorphs beyond.

Inside the generator room Issac's previous work has been undone. Start by using Kinesis on the Outer Ring to lower it back into place. After that, power up this first section of the Generator again. This will shock the nearby tentacle into moving so Issac can freeze it some with Stasis then blast at the orange section of its body. Before moving forward, aim ahead and fire off a number of rounds at the second tentacle Issac can see. He can attack it with impunity as it is very unlikely to attack him back. Turn around and advance as a Slasher will be coming up behind Issac.

Head over to the second Generator Ring. Lower it with Kinesis then start it up again to shock the third tentacle out of the way. Kill it but be careful. As soon as it dies, Issac will be attacked by 3 Slashers who come rushing at him from either side. Head toward the final tentacle. Shock it once again then kill the 3 Slashers that attack Issac.

With all that done, turn to the door into the crossover. Head on through it to the room with the large fans. This time they will be active. This is nothing too bad to handle. Boost toward them in Zero-G. As Issac closes on them use a blast of Stasis to slow one of them down and let him get through safely. Be sure to aim for the center of the fan to ensure a hit. Aim quickly for the second fan as it is sucking Issac through and those slow to fire will get diced up. On the other side be sure to look for loot by the floating corpse pieces. Head through the nearby door to continue.

As Issac comes out of the doorway, 2 sequential Slashers will drop drop from the ceiling. Kill them each by removing their legs then blasting their bodies apart. Now head straight across from the doorway Issac just came through. He has another puzzle to solve. Interact with the screen to get started. This is a simple game. Using the twin controls, move the circles over the node that is counting down and interact with it to advance. Once triggered it will move onto the next part in the sequence. It is not hard to complete in a try or two. This will unlock the elevator to Issac's left. Now he can enter it and head on up.

Once the elevator arrives at its destination, turn to the left. There is a deer head mounted on the wall. Shoot it for fun and to earn something. Now head along the corridor to make it to the Admiral's Quarters. A cutscene runs where Issac passes on what he can read from the scrawling to Ellie. After that, something seems to be breaking through. Still, it is important to take a little time to search the room. In the corner near the door and the old Admiral, Issac can find an EarthGov Artifact. From there head up the stairs in the quarters to the sofa. There he can find find loot and a text log. At the top of those stairs is an audio log he can listen to as well. After all that head back to the elevator and take it down.