Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 4 – Rude Awakening (LTS To Eudora)

Once inside the entryway of the LTS head on down the stairwell. Turn to the right as Issac reaches the bottom of the first set of stairs. There is another Slasher that needs to be attended to. Blast it as he dealt with the others. Kill it quickly. Now have Issac head for the ticket window to the left. As Issac passes its threshold another Slasher will arise and attack him. Either start blasting it with the Plasma Cutter or use a Stasis Blast to slow it and kill it that way. With it dead, turn to the left and head into the elevator down to the train assembly area. The train there is getting a new power car installed. This means Issac has to finish the procedure. Take a moment to look along the wall to the right to find some lockers with items inside.

Have Issac aim for the Train car that is to the left, free to move. Aim his kinesis and use it to pull the train over to the right and onto the rotating platform. Wait for the train to finish rotating then use kinesis again to push the train forward to the right and into its bay. Now have Issac pull the fuel car forward onto the rotating track with his kinesis. It will rotate automatically when it is in position to align and connect with motor car. Now Issac needs to wait for the train to come all the way forward. Once he sees the rear of the train and it comes to a stop he can board it. As Issac boards he will come under attack by 4 Unitologists. He can either engage them or just run to the door inside the train. After a quick chat with Norton the train is underway. Open the door at the end of the car to move on forward.

On the other side of the door, the Unitologist will drop some Soldiers that Issac has to deal with. Use the cover provided by the few boxes and carefully pick them off. Use the ladders to climb over this car. After the first set of ladders Issac will find another Unitologist waiting below him. Gun him down and lower Issac down with the nearby ladder. Cross the flatbed car and climb up the ladder on the opposite side. At the top he will encounter 2 more Soldiers. Quickly gun them down then simply start moving toward the ship that is by the head of the train. The Unitologist will blow up the train with a missile attack just after Issac manages to get a hand on the Eudora and struggles to get in. Hit the prompted button and he will struggle on. Once Issac is on board, a cinematic runs and the chapter comes to an end.