Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 36 –  Signal Hunting (NX-03 Test Site to Delta Barracks)

Approach Santos to trigger the conversation. She will give Issac the schematic for the Probe Gun. This is what will be used to probe the neural pathways of Nexus. Grab the plans to trigger a quick cutscene. After that it is time to head on down the elevator again. It is time to head outside again and deal with what is between Issac and the next warehouse. Head on outside the NX-03 area and take the elevator down. Be sure to loose another Scavenger Bot in the nearby area. Once below head into the Core area where Issac had to deal with the Drill

Once inside he will see 4 Unitologist commit ritual suicide in front of him. Feel free to smash them up some for loot. Especially considering how much trouble they generally cause. Cross the Drilling platform and take the ramp on up. Head on up using the elevator and through the next door. Once outside turn to the right and head over to the Plateau Access Door that was locked earlier. Now, using the information Santos gave him, Issac can get inside.

Now inside Plateau access there is nothing too much to worry about. Head in and over to the left. Keep a look out for the text log, “Instability” which is opposite the elevator. Grab it then use the elevator to get up to the plateau itself. Exit the elevator and move forward. Issac will be reintroduced to Stalkers. These Necromorphs do not charge at Issac but instead work to ambush him from the sides or behind. This means advance on any crates or cover slowly and watch for Stalkers potentially putting their heads out. If you see it then shoot it.

The first set of crates ahead is just such a location. There are 2 Stalkers hidden behind them. Watch carefully and listen for them to attack. Quickly blast them away going for their head or legs. Advance past the crane on the right and the next vrate on the left will be concealing a Stalker. Move in carefully and deal with it.

When you round the corner near the Snow Crawler another pair of Stalkers will attack Issac from the right. Now just follow the path around the bend and head over to the left. This will eventually lead Issac to the Delta Barracks. Before going on, head over to the left of the entrance to find Unitologist Artifact 2. Grab it, smash the crates then head into the Barracks.

Once inside the barracks start by looting the lockers. Now head to the right of them. There Issac will find a corpse and the first of 2 text logs, “All Hands Memo”. Now head over to the projector. Look to the right of it to find the second text log, “Mess Hall Crew Log”. Now move to the right-hand side of the projection screen. There Issac can find a Tungsten Torque Bar Door. Use a Bar to enter the room. In here Issac can find a circuit (+2 Rate of Fire, -1 Damage) at the end of the room and a Repeater Weapon Part to the left. Grab it all then head on out of the room.

Head to the left of the projection screen and down the hall there. It will lead on toward the Staging Yard and toward the Warehouse Issac needs to go to.