Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 38 – Side Missions: Armory (Tram Station to Ordnance Tower)

This is a good place to visit for a number of reasons. First, just in the entry way you can find a Work Bench, Suit Kiosk and in the guard post opposite it the Unitologist Artifact 3. Collect all of that, loot the boxes then follow the flares over to the elevator and take it down to the tram station below.

Once down in the tram station Issac will find another Suit Kiosk and Work Bench. Head around the corner to the right to find a good place to release a Scavenger Bot. Now head over to the Work Bench. To the right of it Issac will find the Elevator that will take him down to the Armory itself. He will be confronted by a scene of a dying Unitologist and a number of corpses. Obviously there will be Necromorphs around here as well. This will start the side mission proper. Search the area for whatever you can find. After that head for the door leading into the Ordnance Tower.

On the Walkway over to the Ordnance Tower Issac can access 2 gates using Kinesis. To the left he can open 2 containers for supplies. To the right he can find another container and a circuit (+2 Reload). Collect all of that and head on forward into the tower itself through the Security Hall. Inside this Hall Issac has to deal with a number of Feeders. Fight them and Snow Slashers will also make an appearance. This means Issac is best off staying on the move. Remember Feeders are very weak and it is simple to bash them in using melee attacks or light ordnance. The Slashers: go for the legs then the head. Defeat them all then explore the left-hand side of the chamber against the far wall Issac will find the Stasis Amplifier Weapon Part. Grab that then head over to the right and take the nearby elevator down. The other room here is not accessible at present as Issac needs a keycard.

Head down the corridor toward the next open door. On the right-hand wall Issac can find a small locker. Grab its contents check around the door. Some times there is something to find there. Otherwise head through the door into the next room. Head over to the far-left corner. There Issac will find the blueprints for the Contact Beam. Go around this room, though there is not much else to find then head for the door leading to the Raised Hall.

Inside the Raised Hall Issac will find a large group of Feeders. Now Issac can either fight them or walk pressed against the right-hand side of the room. Remember Feeders are very sensitive to light so do not using aiming while moving through here. There are at least 8 Feeders in the room and more will come in if they are alerted.

When Issac makes it to the far side of the room he will find another EEI console that he needs to hack. Again it is important to move the cursors individually opposed to symmetrically to pull this off in a timely fashion. After that head on in toward the Ordnance Tower that you have just opened. Take a little time to explore the room you have entered.

Inside this Tower Issac has 2 Snow Slashers to deal with. Take them out quickly. While they are active, there will be a lockdown on the room. Once they are dealt with then Issac can move toward into the Mid Hall this tower allows access to.