Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 47 – Side Missions: Reaper Barracks (Entrance to Bunk Room)

Head forward from the elevator. Just in front of the elevator is a Text Log, “Head Above the Rest”. Go through the gate after that. Issac will find 2 Suit Kiosk and a number of containers that he can easily open up for supplies. At the end of it, Issac will find a second Text Log, “Getting A Head of the Game”. After that, open the door opposite the Kiosk and head on out.

Inside this control booth Issac will be attacked from the right by 2 Shamblers. Stasis them and then take them down. This will expose the Crawler animating the body for the longest period of time. Take them both down before you go through the door and start down the hall. Be sure to look on the consoles to the left. There is another Text Log sitting there, “The Axe Is of Evil”.

Head on out toward the exit but move carefully. On the far side of this catwalk there are 2 Shamblers. Run to the opposite end of the catwalk. Once there, take some shelter near the lockers then loot them. Now, go after the Shamblers and kill the Crawlers that emerge from them. Remember to use Stasis to ensure they will not do much against you. After that head on down the ladder to the level below.

Once again Issac needs to deal with Piston to get through. There is a Stasis Recharge station right next to the first Piston Socket. Recharge if needed then turn your attention toward the piston. As it full retracts, hit it with a shot of stasis. Now run through the socket and into the central area. As you emerge there is a Shambler to worry about. Quickly get out of the socket and into the area before dealing with the Shambler. Once again, hit it with stasis, deal with the Shambler to reveal the animating Creeper and take it on out. Look on the one table in this area to find the Damage Support Weapon Part. Now turn around and head over to the Piston Socket you just came out of. Look to the left, to the far end of the tube Issac cannot walk to. In the bottom right he can find the Peng Statuette. Hit the Piston with Stasis then use Kinesis to grab the Statuette.

Now head to the other piston socket that is disabled at present. As Issac heads down it he will be attacked from in front and behind by 2 Snow Slashers. Kill them then exit the piston to the left. Head to the left-hand end to find a circuit (+1 Damage, +1 Reload). Now head on down the socket and exit to where the Ladder is. Take that ladder up. Head over to the left but look to the right. Issac will be ambushed by 2 Snow Slashers in this location. After that head through the door on the right-hand side.

In the next room just head forward cautiously. The one Snow Slashers you see ahead on the right is dead and nailed to the wall so it cannot do anything. Head through this Pump Access room and into the room beyond, the Bunk Room.

Inside the Bunk Room Issac has to deal with 3 Creepers. Quickly take them down and head on through the bunks. As you get into the bunks themselves 4 Snow Slashers will drop down from the vents above and come at Issac. Kill them all then explore this room. On the right-hand side Issac will find a smaller bunk. Just inside to the right, at the foot the of the bed, he will find a S.C.A.F. Artifact. After that, hit the Work Bench to clear the various weapon parts and circuits you have collect and get the Scavenger Bots back to full force. Change out any of your weapons to better deal with some precise aiming but keep something handy for large numbers as well. After that it is time to head into the next room.