Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 64 – Kill Or Be Killed (Entrance to Array)

Head over to the right first. There are 2 Weapon Parts there: Acid Bath and Electrical Module. Now head over to the left and take the ramp up. Turn to the right and move along the upper area to the right. You will find a powered down workbench but just as you spot it Issac will be attacked by Dark Wasters. There are at least 4 that are coming at you, slowly. Move back some and fire on them. Remember, go for the legs to disable them and then take out the tentacles that emerge.

Head over to the workbench and turn to the right. There is some scaffolding you can see. Move over to it and look for the text log, “Language Speculation”. Now head over to the right and power up the generator. This will trigger a video playback from Serrano. Now head back to the top portion of the area and cross all the way over to the far left side. There Issac will encounter at least 3 more Dark Wasters. Kill them and approach the door. Once again it is a tonal lock. 2 of the 3 symbols are on the floor nearby. Use that to get a start. If you enable the subtitles you will see the third symbol without any difficulty. Open it up and head into the next room.

This area stars calmly but there are a lot of Necromorphs waiting to ambush Issac. There are a number of stalkers found in this area. Move forward into the plaza until the Necromorphs are provoked into attacking. Issac will need to fight through them and a few Dark Wasters that appear as well.

When Issac has cleared the area of Stalkers and Wasters, he should head around the pillar in the middle to the far side, slightly off from where he is going. Pull out a Scavenger Bot and you will find a good release point nearby. Continue to the left to the big rock with the small crate on it. On the left-hand side of that rock Issac will find Alien Artifact 8. Now head forward to the next door to the right. Once again it is a tonal lock. Look on the floor next to it to see what the code is. Get it entered and head forward to the next conduit. This will sweep Issac out to the Array area. Just remember to weave through the various obstacles ahead of you. This time there are Necromorphs to worry about in transit. It is not really possible to shoot them so just dodge them.

Once Issac lands head forward and into the next plaza. The array is found here but it will take some effort to get to. Between Issac  and it is a good number of Necromorphs: A good number of Stalkers, a 2 Cysts on the path and 2 Exploders. When the area is clear follow the locator beam forward and over to the left. This will lead Issac to a lift that needs to be powered. Head to the far side of the lift. There Issac will find the generator he needs to boot up. Also be sure to loose a Scavenger Bot nearby here as it is a high yield location. When the power is back here it will start an audio log, “Point North” from Serrano. Listen to it as you head over to the lift and take it on up. At the top of the lift Issac will find himself in front of the Array. Take a moment to go around the lift and look behind it. There Issac can find a circuit (+2 Reate of Fire, +2 Damage) to collect before moving forward to the Array itself.

It is time to start working toward getting the Array online. Head across the platform and over to the left. There Issac will need to get the 2 remaining parts of it transmitting. Head over to the nearby Kinesis glyph and stand in it. Wait a moment and look around. Likely a few Tentacles have shown up. Hit them with Stasis and then shoot them focused on the orange bulge around the middle of it. This will sever the tentacle and allow Issac to focus on the task at hand.