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  1. can activated abilities be used with summoning sickness
  2. leaf crowned elder what happen with two leaf-crowned
  3. do duel color magic cards count as both colors
  4. akroma angel of fury can be counter while morph?
  5. can you have more then 4 of non basic lands mtg
  6. hallowed fountain is a basic land?
  7. is the +4+4 from giant growth a counter?
  8. what does 'annihilator 6' do in the game of "magic: the gathering"?
  9. can artifcat creatures attack first turn
  10. uncle istvan against trample
  11. Does celestial purge work on multicolored cards
  12. does quirion dryad get two +1+1 counters for a multicolored spell
  13. mtg if creature blocks then sac's, does trample work
  14. how many guildgates can you have in a deck
  15. when council of the absolute leaves the battlefield does its ability still stand
  16. does kira great glass spinner counter triggered abilities
  17. can you untap basalt monolith with its own mana?
  18. would pro white negate day of judgement for that creature
  19. magic the gathering can a creature with vigilance be forced to tap rules
  20. mtg rules mind control enchantment is destroyed do you get your creature back
  21. if i take control of a land creature with vedalken shacle what happen
  22. do creatures brought out with birthing pod suffer summoning sickness
  23. if Defiant Vanguard dies during combat, do you still destroy the creatures it blocked
  24. can i disempower an enchantment in my graveyard?
  25. Jwari Shapeshifter and ally creature?
  26. Linvala, Keeper of Silence and Vorosh, the Hunter
  27. Mirran Spy and Rusted Sentinel
  28. Skaab Ruinator graveyard cost
  29. Plague Spores use against land only?
  30. can Claws of Gix sac itself?
  31. Dingus Staff and March of the Machines
  32. can I return Blinking Spirit from my graveyard to my hand
  33. does Summer Bloom stack?
  34. does Arctic Aven get +2/+2 if I control 2 plains?
  35. does Echoing Ruin target all the artifacts?
  36. Belbe's Portal and Patagia Viper rulings magic
  37. Scroll of Avacyn and Restoration Angel
  38. Venser, Shaper Savant and new legendary rule
  39. Windwright Mage and artifact in your graveyard?
  40. if Krosan Cloudscraper is morphed do i still have to pay GG each turn
  41. Day of the Dragons and Altar's Light
  42. can Gridlock tap Dryad Arbors?
  43. Chromatic Lantern
  44. Cosi's Trickster and Black Sun's Zenith
  45. Heartbeat of Spring and Hall of the Bandit Lord
  46. Plant Elemental sac tapped forest?
  47. Cosi's Trickster and Mindslaver
  48. Magma Rift sacrifice more than one land?
  49. Magmatic Force can I divide the damage?
  50. Shivan Phoenix send to graveyard?
  51. if Mycoid Shepherd's power is less than 5 when it dies do i still gain life
  52. Ob Nixilis, the Fallen platinum emperion loaing life?
  53. Nefashu can I give one target creature -5/-5
  54. can I redirect dmg from Sulfuric Vortex to my planeswalker?
  55. Do I lose if Screeching Skaab enters battlefield and I have only 1 card in my library
  56. Can I activate the ability on an OPPONENT'S Glittering Lynx?
  57. Embersmith and protection from artifacts
  58. clarification on Reveillark
  59. can Pardic Miner be used as a counterspell for lands
  60. Order of Leitbur if i pay 2 white mana does it include both abilities
  61. can you sacrifice multicolored creature for Demon's Herald?
  62. Aurification do u put gold counter on creature if it deals damage to my planeswalker?
  63. need rulings argument resolved - Contemplation
  64. Culling Sun affects creatures with shroud?
  65. does Bountiful Harvest count dual lands twice?
  66. Spellskite and Exalted
  67. can Knightly Valor enchant the token it puts into play
  68. When I discard Goblin Gardener do I destroy target land?
  69. Chittering Rats who chooses the card to put
  70. Daru Sanctifier and destroy target enchantment
  71. Opportunist vs prevented damage
  72. would Wooden Stake work if blocked by werewolf?
  73. Assassin's Strike can you destroy target creature if its controller has no cards
  74. can blightsteel colossus die of poison counters
  75. Can karn liberated exile a permanent in a graveyard
  76. can i use dredge several times in a turn?
  77. Goblin Lore can I cast cards before discarding?
  78. can you tap your own creature for no reason?
  79. what kind of counters can vampire hexmage remove
  80. what if a player forgets to untap
  81. what if you show two of the same creatures with signal the clans
  82. Wasteland/Crop Rotation
  83. can you clone planeswalkers if they are creatures?
  84. Crop Rotation/Fetch Question
  85. can a keyrune who is a creature can be tapped for a mana?
  86. can a creature with protection from creatures abilitlity be blocked
  87. would quicksilver fountain remove counters from non island lands
  88. when lilana vess gets creatures from the graveyard what happens if she dies
  89. when gwafa hazeed leaves play do the bribary counters go with him
  90. when gideon champion of justice uses his -15 attack does that exile your cards too?
  91. when castinging fling can you sacrifice an opennents creature?
  92. can you switcheroo a token
  93. can you searing spear a planeswalker before he +1
  94. can you re soulbond cards already soulbonded
  95. can you choose not to do discipe of bolas trigger
  96. can you cast rootborn defenses if there is nothing to destroy
  97. can promise of bunrei be activated by tokens
  98. can mana abilities in creatures be used when they have summoning sickness
  99. can equipment with shroud be equipped indomitable archangel
  100. are wither and infect the same thing
  101. are there any card that return "cards removed from the game" back into the game? mtg
  102. are creatures affected by summoning sickness when you play living death
  103. after auriela warleader attacks for the first time is damaged removed from her
  104. after u use maze's end's ability can u still play a land
  105. would sunblast angel destroy something protection from white
  106. can two ember beast block different creatures
  107. can two creatures with soulbond get both soulbond abbilities
  108. signal the clans ruling revealing cards with same name
  109. Sangromancer if a creature is discarded do I gain six life
  110. runners bane if the creature is pumped?
  111. multiple battalion triggers w boros elite
  112. rootborn defenses do i have to populate to make the creature indestructible
  113. sin collector can i cast the card he chose
  114. can orims chant be used to counter a spell
  115. does fused card count as one or two spells magic
  116. re entering the battlefield, creatures with levels mtg
  117. necropotence set aside, can you see card?
  118. Blood Baron of Vizkopa
  119. mtg who loses if earthquake kills both players
  120. can you mulligan in a middle of a game?
  121. Can Snapcaster mage cast both sides of split cards
  122. can i sacrifice a creature that is being targeted to die?
  123. urzas incubator can you choose artifact creatures as the creature type?
  124. non creature permanent becomes a creature does it have summoning sickness
  125. magic the gathering what does t2 mean
  126. can obsidian battle axe be equipped to non warrior creatures in magic the gathering
  127. can jace beleren and jace memory adept be on the field at the same time
  128. can i use druid's deliverance if i do not control any token?
  129. can i tap a keyrune for mana if it is a creature
  130. does pacifism leave when creature is regenerated
  131. does inferno titan deal damage before blockers are declared?
  132. does infinite reflections change a card cmc
  133. does demistify destroy target enchantment before it resolves?
  134. does a bosk banneret rduce the cost of a treefolf shaman by 2 ?
  135. does 4 copies limit apply to non basic land?
  136. does -1-1 counters kill indestructible
  137. do tribal sorcerys count as creature cards
  138. do creatures that come out on another players turn have summoning sickness
  139. discarding a card at random with no cards
  140. does a creature have summoning sickness after it is returned to the battlefield
  141. can counter work on a creature re-entering the battlefield from a flicker?
  142. if other guy casts Render Silent on me what about my planeswalker
  143. can you put Runnerís Bane on creature with vigilance?
  144. does boros elite ability stack with boros elite
  145. does Gaze of Granite destroy my cards too?
  146. Beck/Call rules will beck draw the cards from Call?
  147. Awe for the Guilds artifact creatures?
  148. Drown in Filth rules question mtg
  149. Deadbridge Chant rules about creatures chosen at random
  150. Legionís Initiative Boros Battleshaper rulings do red white creatures get +1/+1
  151. rulings Council of the Absolute vs Dryad Arbor
  152. Hired Torturer no cards in hand? rulings
  153. does shroud protect against choosing target at random?
  154. Goblin Test Pilot rules is it included in random choice?
  155. Council of the Absolute leaves battlefield can card be cast again?
  156. Toil and Trouble Fuse Rulings Counterspell
  157. Turn and Burn Fuse Stifle rules magic?
  158. magic dragon's maze what does a weird creature do
  159. can all split cards now be cast both sides?
  160. do rite of replication tokens have a converted mana cost?
  161. if dryad arbor blocks does it die as a land
  162. Epic Experiment, Worldfire, and Hypersonic Dragon
  163. can oblivion ring exile a hexproof creature
  164. tavern swindler who will call the flip
  165. Card has vigilance does sleep effect it
  166. can you tap an artifact card when it enters the battlefield
  167. magic the gathering rules can you fizzle a spell on purpose
  168. magic the gathering does flipping a card count as summoning
  170. mtg can i not bring kozilek out with a tinker?
  171. what happens if i use two taunting elfs.
  172. Rain of Gore and Havoc Festival opponent's creature has lifelink?
  173. can u activate planeswalkers ability if it is a flip and already activated ability?
  174. can you have 7 copies of a non basic land in a deck
  175. can creatures target themselves if they have shroud
  176. what happens if you cast blink on a token creature?
  177. does an enchantment stay on a creature of the creature is exiled temporarily
  178. if i mind control a mind controlled creature then my mind control is destroyed
  179. does tree of redemption return to 13 toughness at the end of turn?
  180. is a multi colored creature considered both colours for spells target mtg
  181. can i reancor a keyrune
  182. when a creature leaves play and returns to play does it restart its effects
  183. when a switcheroo creature dies does it go to the orginal owners graveyard?
  184. if a card says to discard and i have no cards cani still use it magic the gathering
  185. if meddling mage dies will the card still be banned
  186. can you equip opponents monsters with equipment mtg
  187. can I relinquish control of mind controlled creature at will
  188. do you have to discard to 7 during oponents turn mtg
  189. does returning to the battlefield mean it was casted
  190. Curse of Stalked Prey questions
  191. Royal Assassin Vs Master of the Wildhunt
  192. does primal cocoons counters still saty on the creature after its destroyd
  193. how does exiling a target creature you control and then putting it back help me?
  194. what is the diffrence between static triggered and activated
  195. does rending vines have to target an artefact or enchantment
  196. When casting from a graveyard does summoning sickness apply
  197. does the clone card copy enchantments on creatures it comes
  198. can snapcaster play sorceries from your graveyard as an instant
  199. mtg when creatures get turned face down do they leave play mtg
  200. mtg if a spell's target became illegal, fizzle count as casted
  201. what if a creature has two instances of undying?
  202. what happens if you blink a creature you don't control
  203. does an opponents lifelink work with platinum emperion
  204. how many times can you do dragon hatchlings ability
  205. Magic the Gathering trample verses wall of shadows
  206. magic can the unleash counter be removed manually?
  207. is taping a creature for mana a activated ability?
  208. Is Ayumi the last visitor an unblockable creature?
  209. do you need to reveal the order of goblin recruiter
  210. can you put travel preperations on 1 creature?
  211. does my enchantment stay on field when i die?
  212. magic can I cast instants in between first strike
  213. can i cloudshift a creature that's tapped and then block mtg
  214. does a split secound card stop a card from being countered
  215. can you trigger desecration demon ability when it's tapped
  216. mtg wing splicer dies do golems you control loose flying
  217. what is clones mana cost after entering the battlefield
  218. can voidwielder in mtg return a card from the graveyard
  219. what happens when u exchange control of stuffy doll
  220. mtg attack each turn if able during opponent's turn ?
  221. experiment one regeneration rulings
  222. tin street market ruling
  223. frontline medic rulings
  224. can you use an activated ability when summoned if it doesn't tap
  225. if you dont have a card to discard can you tap rummaging goblin?
  226. can i destroy a protection from white card with any white cards
  227. what do I do if I forgot how to turn morph card up?
  228. mtg platinum angel rulings if two players have platinum angel
  229. damage heals at end of phase or turn in magic the gathering
  230. when in the stack does mephidross vampire ability activate?
  231. what happens when you have two undead alchemists in play?
  232. duskmantle guildmage trigger tokens?
  233. hellkite tyrant dies do I get my artifacts back?
  234. is mana from burning tree emissary permanent
  235. murder investigation ruling, gain control, magic
  236. how many clerics can you tap with master apothecary
  237. disruptive pitmage can you do this to the same card
  238. steal a creature with olivia does it keep soulbond
  239. attacking with flesh reaver and both players lethal
  240. mtg does coat of arms work with artifact creatures
  241. ruling for cipher
  242. if I have a soulbond creature can I pair it to a different one
  243. can you sacrifice a creature you own but don't control
  244. does precinct captain resolve if damage is prevented?
  245. can a creature with power 0 and deathtouch kill a creature
  246. if you forget to untap your creatures do they stay tapped?
  247. does cryptborn horror only work on my turn?
  248. does dimir keyrune die of lethal damahe
  249. are mountains in my graveyard counted for Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle?
  250. magic rules does scavange use the stack?