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  1. Scrivener return instant card to your hand return card cast using flash? magic
  2. in magic can palace guard block unblockable creatures Neurok Invisimancer faq
  3. Gwyllion Hedge-Mage control two swamps two plains both abilities trigger question mtg
  4. In multiplayer magic game I take control of next turn using Sorin Markov concede not?
  5. life lose situations with platinum angel poison rules magic zero life momentary blink
  6. Tainted Strike magic rulings infect faq creature gets after ability put on stack?
  7. Auriok Steelshaper equipped magic rules does he also get +1/+1 from equip ability
  8. copy ability rulings magic Rings of Brighthearth prevent damage source faq
  9. worship platinum angel magic rules reduce life 1 lose life question
  10. two mimic vat rulings both players control who gets to imprint creature magic
  11. Mist of Stagnation stack magic double how many permanents to untap?
  12. Screeching Griffin do I wait to see who is blocking me before activating ability mtg
  13. nightmare ruling Deathbringer Liege magic black creatures get +1/+1 swamps faq
  14. Leonin Den-Guard Accorder's Shield equipped ruling magic ovinize lose all abilities
  15. Is it allright in magic gathering to use more of one of the same mythic rare in deck?
  16. Trigon of Mending rulings gain life magic platinum emperion exile faq
  17. Rebuild does it also return artifacts from graveyards exile? mtg
  18. Steel Hellkite activate ability once per turn ruling magic gain control
  19. turn aside counter target spell that targets you rule magic multiple target
  20. Helix Pinnacle 100 counters magic win game beginning upkeep cast Time Stop delay
  21. Liquimetal Splinter Rule
  22. mana ability faq stifle magic Chromatic Sphere draw a card
  23. cast card rulings magic without paying mana cost optional sunburst faq
  24. in magic gathering is totem armor triggered ability can be countered by stifle?
  25. Bonds of Quicksilver creature doesnt untap rulings magic Mist of Stagnation
  26. Intet, the Dreamer magic faq momentary blink exiled card cast
  27. Water Servant mtg ability get +1/-1 -1/+1 lightning bolt respond rulings
  28. meaning of Add two mana of any one color to your mana pool Overlaid Terrain mtg faq
  29. Arc Trail deal 2 damage to one player 1 damage to another player planeswalkers target
  30. is orc general orc creature type magic
  31. Argothian Enchantress rules enchantment Words of War draw a card damage magic
  32. avatar of fury cast cheap seven lands sacrifice magic
  33. To Arms untap all creatures you contol can cast without creatures? magic
  34. Liege of the Pit sacrifice creature cant deal seven damage to me magic
  35. question about interaction between larceny and poison counter infect magic
  36. Betrothed of Fire sacrifice enchanted creature untapped creature get +4/+0 magic
  37. Wild Evocation land revealed does it count against limit one land per turn magic
  38. Skirk Commando is extra two damage considered combat damage magic
  39. Blackcleave Goblin infect rules mtg protection from red Arcane Teachings
  40. skinrender dusk urchin -1/-1 counters faq magic enters the battlefield
  41. Leonin Arbiter affect Orcish Spy ability rules magic search library
  42. dual land white red mountain plains question rules Duergar Hedge-Mage magic
  43. coat of arms rules counters +1/+1 elementals creature leaves battlefield magic
  44. Abyssal Persecutor strands of night put battlefield control opponent magic
  45. Strands of Night platinum angel pay life return battlefield lose win game magic
  46. creature sacrifice at end of turn rule haste Killer Instinct magic
  47. Venser's Journal stack life ability magic gain life for cards in hand rulings
  48. no maximum hand size rules magic reduced hand size limit
  49. Necropotence discard card exile rulings magic Scarred Vinebreeder rules
  50. Abyssal Persecutor sacrifice creature Necrosavant ability magic ruling
  51. Earsplitting Rats enters battlefield what order do players discard magic get to see
  52. when this creature becomes blocked draw a card rulings combat magic faq
  53. Orb of Dreams march of the machines permanents enter battlefield tapped rules magic
  54. Destruction of Creature Stops Ability?
  55. you may play up to more additional lands per turn cards rulings magic limit on lands
  56. if Sengir Vampire kills a token does it get +1/+1 counter
  57. Omnath, Locus of Mana pay extra green mana cast enter battlefield +1/+1 rulings mtg
  58. Assassinate tapped Hada Spy Patrol move level up counters shroud magic
  59. Brink of Disaster land destroy magic Landbind Ritual gain life plains ruling
  60. Spoils of the Vault magic are you paying life platinum emperion
  61. both players have less then 7 cards Wheel of Fate what happens magic
  62. does Katabatic Winds prevent the activation of mana abilities? magic
  63. Godtracker of Jund magic rules Day of Destiny legendary creature faq +1/+1 counters
  64. Hissing Iguanar day of judgment magic
  65. was the judge wrong? mtg Question about searching for cards
  66. Etherium Abomination unearth unsummon rules magic return to hand or exile
  67. upkeep cast instance rules Shaman's Trance Eternal Dragon mtg
  68. two legendaries with the same name rules magic does it count as sacrifice battlefield
  69. Cytoplast Manipulator ruling gain control of target creature +1/+1 counter magic
  70. can Prison Term move onto a shroud creature magic
  71. Windbrisk Heights ability play exiled card can be countered or not magic rulings
  72. can Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir be used as a counterspell magic rules
  73. Synod Centurion when you control no artifacts sacrifice it question rulings mtg
  74. Morph
  75. magic my brother is a cheater played morph card without showing me is it legal
  76. gain control of Keiga, the Tide Star clone legendary graveyard rules magic
  77. two Myr Battlespheres attacking tap untapped myrs bonus magic
  78. charge counters rulings Grindclock magic do you remove the charge counters when using
  79. Putrefax rules Colossal Might ovinize lose 0/1 all abilities magic
  80. Time Sieve rulings extra turn after this one magic faq
  81. shroud ruling magic Trigon of Mending target player gains life true believer
  82. anyone know if Disrupting Scepter targets affects shrould player ruling magic
  83. magic leyline faq Leyline of Lightning I go second when to put
  84. city of brass faq painland rulings Magus of the Moon tap one damage to you
  85. Crackleburr and Wind Zendikon paying cost ruling
  86. Molten Firebird rules magic when put into graveyard skip draw step
  87. magic creature type rules conspiracy creatures you control are the chosen type
  88. Rayne Academy Chancellor magic rulings target Book Burning whenever you become target
  89. Doomsday Specter return a blue or black creature you control to its owner's hand mtg
  90. Stream of Unconsciousness control a wizard magic draw a card faq
  91. level up creature gain control counters stay magic gathering rules
  92. Quest for Pure Flame source you control damage counters mtg Obsidian Fireheart faq
  93. opponent draws a card rulings puts lands into hand mtg Realms Uncharted question
  94. can Vedalken Mastermind return itself to the hand magic
  95. protection from converted mana cost rulings Coercion magic Mistmeadow Skulk faq
  96. platinum emperion Vile Consumption all creatures pay life magic sacrifice faq
  97. Necrotic Ooze Rules?
  98. Hedron-Field Purists trample damage prevent assign rules magic
  99. Echo Mage rulings ability level 4 copy twice sorcery spell copies additional cost mtg
  100. Mass Polymorph into Counter Allies - How Many Counters Do they get?
  101. Inferno Titan whenever it attacks it deals damage to creatures combat step faq magic
  102. Realm Razer question magic exile all lands return land rulings
  103. rain of gore boon reflection magic battlefield gain life rules what happens
  104. Web of Inertia questions exile card from graveyard to attack magic
  105. magic creatures entering the battlefield after Goblin War Cry has been cast can block
  106. Rings of Brighthearth activated ability stifle rules magic level up questions
  107. two Silver Wyvern in battlefield someone casts fireball targetting rulings mtg
  108. Psychic Theft magic faq You may cast that card for as long as it remains exiled rules
  109. rulings to discard to graveyard magic Avatar of Discord sacrifice
  110. Prized Unicorn rulings magic all creatures able to block do so Familiar Ground
  111. Roil Elemental momentarily blinks out, do I still control creature from landfall mtg
  112. serra avatar rulings questions magic graveyard faq
  113. does a lightning bolt in response to a Talus Paladin entering battlefield kill it mtg
  114. unmake Malakir Bloodwitch using black mana magic
  115. Narcolepsy rulings for Llanowar Elves magic tap for green mana
  116. Elvish Champion rulings for other elf creatures get +1/+1
  117. Hand of the Praetors infect damage rulings protection from black magic
  118. proliferate, +1/+1 counters, -1/-1 counters, rulings mtg
  119. Balshan Griffin return from graveyard to hand or only from battlefield magic
  120. some questions about sigil captain if that creature is 1/1 put two +1/+1 counters mtg
  121. vampire hexmage respond Quest for the Gravelordrulings magic remove counters
  122. can you level up in response to a lightning bolt? level up rules faq magic
  123. your next untap step rules Cloudcrest Lake tapland magic
  124. can you stifle Krark-Clan Stoker ability or is it mana ability magic
  125. Walking Desecration choose creature type rules magic
  126. Starved Rusalka sacrifice creatures life question rulings mtg
  127. Aurification stifle gold counters on it rules mtg leaves battlefield
  128. Treacherous Vampire Threshold rulings exile card graveyard magic +2/+2 bonus
  129. Darkest Hour protection from black rulings Great Sable Stag magic
  130. Douse in Gloom deals damage and you gain life dmg prevented magic
  131. rulings does Anti-Magic Aura protect against aether adept?
  132. magic is dragon engine affected by Crucible of Fire?
  133. fortification rulings Fissure Vent Darksteel Garrison indestructible shroud magic
  134. magic can you Confiscate a planeswalker faq
  135. Mask of Memory Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player rules magic
  136. Phage the Untouchable faq stifle put into play mtg belbe's portal
  137. Hammerfist Giant damage regenerate rulings Rushing-Tide Zubera magic
  138. Daring Apprentice summoning sickness counter target spell comes into battlefield mtg
  139. confused about Transcendence rulings infinite loop magic
  140. is Slow Motion cumulative magic
  141. what does Steamflogger Boss do magic
  142. Chandra Ablaze faq each player discards hand magic Geth's Grimoire
  143. Lux Cannon rulings magic remove charge counters from it
  144. Venser, the Sojourner rulings planeswalker first ability exile faq magic
  145. Cerebral Eruption rulings magic converted mana cost of a split card?
  146. Demoralize stack rules mtg block by more then two creatures faq
  147. Runed Halo faq Repay in Kind magic name a card
  148. Kor Chant damage to one creature goes to another creature no longer battlefield mtg
  149. Epochrasite suspend each artifact you control Affinity for artifacts mtg
  150. Dragon Whelp activated ability more then 4 times in turn rules question mtg
  151. with teferi's moat can creatures still attack your planeswalker magic
  152. Azorius Aethermage whenever returned to hand rulings evacuation magic
  153. Master of the Wild Hunt wolf first turn summoning sickness mtg
  154. Punishing Fire ability: is it activated ability or triggered ability or both
  155. Suffocating Blast on spell that cant be countered deal 3 dmg to target creature? mtg
  156. can a green creature enchanted by Street Savvy block a Surrakar Marauder landfall mtg
  157. pulled platinum emperion from scars of mirrodin booster today and had a question
  158. amulet of vigor faq mtg Wildfield Borderpost enter tapped change control magic
  159. will ivory masks shroud protect me from Mindslicer each player magic
  160. Dark Banishing destroy target nonblack creature cant be regenerated rules mtg
  161. two Drill-Skimmer in play do they both have shroud or do i need another artifact mtg
  162. Elvish Archdruid changeling all creature types add green mana for each elf magic
  163. Thunderscape Battlemage can I use GB to pay for both kicker costs rulings mtg
  164. question magic rulings about This effect lasts indefinitely wording
  165. Glacial Fortress enters battlefield tap rulings Loxodon Gatekeeper magic
  166. Skirk Fire Marshal tap 5 goblins you control untap rulings mtg
  167. Immaculate Magistrate Put +1/+1 counter target creature for each Elf you control mtg
  168. Angus Mackenzie Activate this ability before the combat damage step rulings mtg
  169. Moonhold red white mana rules do both if white red mana was spent magic
  170. two Cylian Sunsinger on the battlefield I activate ability of one +3/+3 or +6/+6 mtg
  171. can a blinding mage target itself in magic
  172. Lore Broker no cards in hand draw card cast card discard card magic
  173. Barrage Ogre rulings mtg Stupefying Touch damage cant be prevented Unstable Footing
  174. in magic can a Bloodied Ghost block a Amrou Seekers
  175. sunburst rulings Etched Oracle gets +1/+1 counter for each color mana spent on it mtg
  176. Necrogen Mists rules draw upkeep occur before after magic
  177. if someone casts regress in magic can I respond with vines of vastwood?
  178. totem armor rulings Horobi, Death's Wail Horobi, Death's Wail questions magic
  179. shunt change target of spell with single target rules mtg
  180. Flames of the Blood Hand gain life lose life rules magic
  181. Feral Animist Wilderness Hypnotist Target red green creature -2/-0 -4/-0 counters mtg
  182. can you activate Arc-Slogger ability with no cards in library?
  183. Can landfall trigger multiple times?
  184. Can target player be me?
  185. Can I exile Ulamog with Mimic Vat?
  186. platinum empeion Form of the Dragon second ability affect me? magic
  187. Wretched Banquet destroy target creature if it has least power rules magic
  188. can Lava Runner be targetted if contoller of spell or ability doesnt have lands? mtg
  189. Stifle and Training grounds
  190. magic what happens with a Mindlock Orb and a Maralen of the Mornsong in play
  191. Glint Hawk Idol rulings reveal a creature card Living Destiny magic
  192. Taj-Nar Swordsmith enters battlefield shuffle library rulings pay x
  193. coalition flag magic rulings is flagbeared creature type faq
  194. magic does Soulscour destroy artifact creature permanents
  195. Oracle of Mul Daya usage during upkeep?
  196. Auriok Edgewright metalcraft rulings double strike magic
  197. can i use fate transfer to move healing counters from Ursine Fylgja to other? mtg
  198. Lat-Nam's Legacy shuffle card into library considered discarding?
  199. Quetsion about Emrakul's Graveyard Ability
  200. Carrion Rats exile card from graveyard no cards to exile magic
  201. Swamp Mosquito or Sabertooth Cobra + Viridian Longbowgive Poison Counters?
  202. Silent Assassin dies in combat do the creatures still get killed magic
  203. Disrupting Scepter rulings my turn your turn mtg faq
  204. red spells less to cast rules Thornscape Familiar blazing shoal magic
  205. Illusory Demon spell countered do I still gotta sacrifice? mtg
  206. Eye for an Eye some of the damage prevented/reduced rulings mtg
  207. Rust Tick tap artifact untapped then tapped right away magic does effect still stay
  208. Genesis Wave interaction with kickers/multikickers
  209. sever soul vs indestructible creature gain life equal to toughness magic
  210. mana clash not sure if I understand the gatherer rules clarification magic
  211. is artifact creature card considered artifact card Argivian Restoration magic
  212. oracle errata correction on Ashnod's Transmogrant clarification magic
  213. Transmogrifying Licid on manland land creature no longer magic rulings
  214. Carnifex Demon magic rulings acidic slime destroy artifact enchantment land question
  215. Goblin Cannon activate many times then boomarang magic
  216. Brain Pry name a card can I name a card that doesnt exist so that I always draw mtg
  217. Wilt-Leaf Liege rulings causes you to discard mtg
  218. Lifesmith faq rulings Talara's Battalion spell changed to red magic
  219. Ezuri's Archers rulings mirrodin Talara's Battalion mtg faq spell countered
  220. Dread Reaper platinum angel less then 5 life magic pay life?
  221. Level up a Hedron-Field Purists how much damage is prevented magic
  222. magic Myr Enforcer can you stifle Affinity for artifacts rulings
  223. can I cast a leveler then stifle its ability so I dont have to exile my library mtg
  224. would a Tajuru Preserver protect me from sacrificing against a Possessed Portal mtg
  225. Rite of Passage The damage is dealt before the counter is put on mtg rules
  226. Rending Vines mana cost less than equal cards in hand rulings magic
  227. Tranquil Garden Garruk Wildspeaker rulings planeswalker ability Untap 2 target lands
  228. Amoeboid changeling faq rulings Thrull Champion gain control target platinum emperion
  229. Cloud Key chose type creatures reduce cost of morph creature to one? magic faq
  230. Bottle Gnomes stifle magic ability countered rules sacrificed
  231. Muraganda Petroglyphs morph creatures no abilities rules magic
  232. Ensnaring Bridge vs Bramble Creeper can it attack me rules magic
  233. ice cage rulings magic aura finesse Attach target Aura you control to target creature
  234. After a creature enters the battlefield, does priority switch to other player? magic
  235. Pyromancer Ascencion
  236. Yixlid Jailer Nether Spirit Ovinize creature graveyard ability return battlefield mtg
  237. Bloodghast snakeform lose all abilities haste magic rulings
  238. Bloodghast haste rules target player gains life before combat magic
  239. Elvish Scout Extra Arms when enchanted creature attacks combat damage faq magic
  240. Death Cloud Each player loses X life, then discards X cards rulings magic value for x
  241. can I use mana from Vedalken Engineer on ability of Minion Reflector magic
  242. rocket launcher destroy next end step rulings indestructible magic
  243. deal damage to a planeswalker instead of player rules Urza's rage mtg
  244. after combat blockers step declared rulings Undying Rage Leyline of Anticipation mtg
  245. flip cards faq rules Budoka Gardener 10 lands control mtg
  246. Progenitus aurification gold counters protection from everything magic
  247. swamp black mana consume spirit Dream Thrush rules magic
  248. Nefarious Lich momentary blink lose the game rulings magic
  249. platinum emperion question about rules Nefarious Lich If you would gain life mtg faq
  250. Makindi Shieldmate rulings lightning bolt mtg +1/+1 counter faq