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  1. Multiple Amulet of Vigor and Celestial Colonnade rulings magic
  2. breath of life on creature that has shroud in graveyard magic
  3. magic extra arms on Nicol Bolas deal damage discard card rulings
  4. Mishra's Factory and humility creature stats magic
  5. Ethersworn Shieldmage respond lightning bolt cast destroy magic
  6. Gelectrode cast instant spell countered untap? mtg
  7. can Bogardan Rager give himself +4/+0 as it enters the battlefield?
  8. Battlefield Forge can I take 2 damage and add RW to my mana pool?
  9. Cryptoplasm copying a swamp affected by Kormus Bell
  10. Megatog can you sacrifice two artifacts for +6/+6?
  11. Rally the Troops when player attacks my planeswalker magic
  12. Turbulent Dreams mtg rulings discard x cards in response spell
  13. can my Eviscerator enter the battlefield if i control platinum emperion magic
  14. Kor Chant can source of my choice have protection from white?
  15. Kor Chant creature redirect damage no longer on battlefield magic
  16. Hisoka's Defiance and Splice onto Arcane spells magic
  17. Matsu-Tribe Birdstalker vs Brass Gnat untap step quesition does not untap magic
  18. Mistfolk questions counter target spell that targets mistfolk magic rulings
  19. Kjeldoran Gargoyle first strike rules gains life deal damage
  20. Bala Ged Thief artificial evolution rulings magic change creature type ally
  21. Essence Flare rulings magic cryptoplasm beginning of upkeep get counter before after
  22. Reveille Squad vs Seasoned Marshal rulings magic
  23. Spell Burst vs Green Sun's Zenith what is converted mana cost magic
  24. Endemic Plague and changeling sacrifice to destroy all creatures magic
  25. kismet rulings Nettle Sentinel cast magic tapped or untapped?
  26. Magic Ruling for Ixidron and Morph Creature
  27. Latchkey Faerie prowl ability clarification soldier fairy magic
  28. is Tahngarth's Glare affected by Mindlock Orb? magic
  29. tezzeret animating artifact creature interactions ability questions magic
  30. Do you get mana refund if your spell gets countered? magic
  31. Hive Mind copy instant spell rules buyback magic Clockspinning
  32. myr landshaper rulings Inertia Bubble island does not untap magic
  33. Does this combo work: Myr Landshaper and Splinter
  34. Phyrexian Rebirth rulings regenerate creature magic Tangle Hulk
  35. Mob Mentality Animate wall rulings magic Wall of Air
  36. Puppeteer Clique Kitchen Finks combat persist rulings magic
  37. Chromatic Sphere can you activate its ability the turn it entered the battlefield mtg
  38. Rootwater Shaman flash rulings magic enchant creature you control
  39. magic can you target a creature with spell even without paying cost?
  40. Trash for Treasure Spine of Ish Sah artifact rulings magic
  41. Akroma's Vengeance artifacts, creatures, and enchantments destoyed same time? magic
  42. Wellwisher does it include itself when counting elf on battlefields?
  43. if cryptoplasm is copying artifact creature, does cop: artifacts affect it?
  44. megrim and Wheel and Deal discard hand magic ruling
  45. does Dark Tutelage trigger consecrated sphinx? magic
  46. Epochrasite rulings Corrupted Conscience suspend ability magic
  47. conspire rulings magic Barkshell Blessing share color with it spell
  48. Serra Ascendant attack trample magic rulings lifelink life gain
  49. Cryptoplasm Germ Token coat of arms creature type rules magic
  50. can I play Rupture Spire then immediately tap it for mana before sacrifcing it? magic
  51. Viridian Emissary land card battlefield trigger Horn of Greed? magic
  52. Forge Armor Isochron Scepter Sacrifice Artifact magic
  53. Goblin War Drums and False Orders magic creatures blocking rules
  54. False orders on two blocking creatures magic
  55. if i use 3rd ability of Questing Phelddagrif he has empty library does he lose? magic
  56. Pyrostatic Pillar and Burrenton Forge-Tender prevent damage red source magic
  57. can you sacrifice Unyaro Griffin to counter split second spell?
  58. Solarion and fist of suns sunburst rulings mana cost magic
  59. crown of suspicion myr sire give bonus to myr creatures magic
  60. can you use Sleight of Mind to change color chosen from Painter's Servant magic
  61. darkest hour vs mirran crusader protection from black magic
  62. does cryptoplasm also copy the card's name? magic
  63. Serra's Boon on Novablast Wurm magic how much bonus does it get
  64. can you reroute ability of Yukora, the Prisoner magic
  65. Academy Ruins Ayumi, the Last Visitor unblockable magic rules legendary landwalk
  66. can I cast panic on my attacking creature just to draw an extra card next turn? mtg
  67. Vedalken Shackles ruling magic take control of inkmoth nexus
  68. Arix, Hero of Bladehold Ruling
  69. Tidewater Minion lose defender rulings magic attack each turn if able
  70. Hero of bladehold and angelic benediction attack alone rulings magic
  71. monsoon rules no mana burn magic tap islands
  72. Angelic Protector Ivy Seer no cards in hand target rules ability magic
  73. cryptoplasm and text changing abilities mind bend rulings magic
  74. would a Golgothian Sylex affect a tenth edition millstone
  75. magic sleep rules situation with creature already tapped
  76. brass squire and grafted exoskeleton attach unattach magic Oculus rulings
  77. Flensermite infect damage magic vs thrun the last troll deal regular damage?
  78. Phyrexian Revoker name piston sledge equip activated ability?
  79. Words of Worship truce card interaction rulings magic
  80. do i look at card before or after I draw? galvanoth ruling magic
  81. Assault Strobe on Ulamog's Crusher double strike annihilator rules magic
  82. Kuro Pitlord and pay mana or sacrifice ability magic
  83. Barbed Field land tap for mana deal damage? magic
  84. Knowledge pool and Kismet - Enter Battlefield Tapped or untapped?
  85. can you Ricochet Trap an aura in magic
  86. conspiracy and changeling name creature type rules
  87. Fight or Flight morph creatures face up magic
  88. Angelic Curator protection from artifacts and Culling Scales magic
  89. Shorecrasher Mimic blue green spell rules knowledge pool
  90. Soul Foundry rules magic morph creature play face down imprint
  91. can you use coffin queen on mirran crusader? magic
  92. Twincast and replicate Pyromatics rules magic
  93. innocent blood magic can I cast when I control no creatures?
  94. if I skip upkeep do I have to sacrifice darba magic
  95. Tar Pitcher and cryptoplasm copy of goblin magic
  96. Red Sun Zenith damage rules Whippoorwill prevented redirected
  97. Firemane Angel cryptoplasm rules return graveyard from battlefield mtg
  98. can you activate Diaochan, Artful Beauty with only one creature on the battlefield?
  99. flicker on myr welder does it still have imprint abilities? magic
  100. flicker on cryptoplasm does it stay the same creature it was? magic
  101. Steel Hellkite Rules Myr Welder Magic Imprint faq
  102. Corrupted Conscience on Flickering Spirit magic
  103. Myr Welder and Pull from Eternity magic rules exile imprint
  104. can you imprint Crimson Kobolds on chrome mox for red mana?magic
  105. unattached from a permanent wording rules Grafted Exoskeleton magic
  106. Grafted Exoskeleton unattached magic destroy target artifact
  107. Deathmark Prelate sacrifice Activate this ability only any time u could cast sorcery
  108. Rancid Earth and threshold rules seven cards in graveyard magic
  109. protection?
  110. what happens if there is Rule of Law and knowledge pool in play? magic
  111. Curiosity on Abyssal Specter magic rules draw card discard card
  112. can i cast burning inquiry then use runeflare trap before they discard for more dmg?
  113. some questions on protection rules mtg
  114. Skinthinner vs Aphetto Runecaster turn face up magic draw card
  115. Torrent of Lava prevent damage while on stack ability question magic
  116. Cryptoplasm and Makeshift Mannequin counter rules magic
  117. Steel of the Godhead on white blue creature magic
  118. Yore-Tiller Nephilim and training drone magic rules tapped and attacking
  119. Crypoplasm preacher gain control target creature as long tapped magic
  120. desertion and playing morph face down creature magic
  121. Swell of Courage and Horrifying Revelation reinforce rules magic
  122. platinum emperion and breeding pool magic rules you may pay 2 life
  123. coastal piracy and Skirk Drill Sergeant rulings magic reveal goblin card
  124. Soul Link on Psychosis Crawler rules mtg
  125. proliferate with fuel for the cause vs thrun the last troll
  126. can mindbreak trap counter thrun the last troll? magic
  127. Cloven Casting multicolored spell rulings fist of suns
  128. Cryptoplasm echo cost Firemaw Kavu echo rules deal damage magic
  129. Arcbound Slith modular +1/+1 counter can you stifle? magic
  130. Wildheart Invoker thrun the last troll ability magic gain control of creature
  131. Task Mage Assembly vs Thrun the Last Troll any player may activate ability magic
  132. Dance of the Dead and Phyrexian Colossus untap question magic
  133. hero of bladehold and captain of the watch vigilance attacking magic
  134. crypt rats and Mephidross Vampire magic +1/+1 counter damage ruling
  135. does Lich's Mirror help against poison counters magic
  136. Dream Leash untapped creature taps in response magic
  137. Concerted Effort and pristine angel rules mtg
  138. Nullstone Gargoyle replicate Shattering Spree rules magic
  139. Sunforger and split card rulings quesion magic
  140. Golgari Thug dies to empty graveyard put on library? magic
  141. imprint equipped creature ability question magic myr welder faq
  142. myr welder question can you imprint token right after it dies? magic
  143. blightsteel colossus and myr welder exile magic
  144. two abyssal persecutor in play noone has way to sac it what happens
  145. mirrodin besieged poison infect rules how do i heal myself from poison counters? mtg
  146. can plague myr be used as a land the first turn it comes out? magic
  147. Mirran Crusader vs Talruum Champion first strike magic double strike rulings
  148. Ebonblade Reaper attack morph lose life magic
  149. can you stifle the ability of tempting wurm magic
  150. plaguemaw beast proliferate +1/+1 counters -1/-1 counters cancel each other magic
  151. Archmage Ascension and Read the Runes draw cards magic sacrifice permanents
  152. knowledge pool and Dark Triumph pay alternate cost magic
  153. chill and knowledge pool magic cast red spell
  154. Reanimate and platinum emperion magic lose life before after
  155. Thundermare and intruder alarm magic untap creatures
  156. Cruel Revival Flesh-Eater Imp sacrifice creature zombie magic
  157. can I cast Feedback Bolt while controlling no artifacts to get it in knowledge pool
  158. does Thrun, the Last Troll ability work in graveyard magic not shroud
  159. Gather Specimens hero of bladehold combat question magic
  160. tokens soldiers battle cry hero of bladehold optional? magic
  161. Iona, Shield of Emeria and cryptoplasm choose a color
  162. does this work as a combo: Shaman's Trance and Praetor's Counsel magic
  163. Domineer and cryptoplasm magic rulings you control enchanted artifact creature
  164. Cryptoplasm copies Ethersworn Shieldmage ability prevent all damage artifact creature
  165. Unyaro Bees vs stifle activated ability magic
  166. Oxidda Scrapmelter and destroy target artifact ability magic
  167. Sphere of the Suns can you add more then one mana at once? mtg
  168. multiple Spin Engines and creature blocking magic combat question
  169. Sangromancer ruling if opponent discards a creature do I gain 6 life?
  170. Blue Sun's Zenith can I shuffle it into library before drawing? magic
  171. Phantasmal Mount and day of judgment creature sacrifice
  172. can i use Frenetic without any cards in my hand magic
  173. Flesh Allergy creatures graveyard lose life magic
  174. cryptoplasm and inkmoth nexus manland rulings magic
  175. spy network and morph creatures turn face up ability magic
  176. clone shell and spy network face down creature card
  177. Oracle of Mul Daya and Spy Network cards revealed magic
  178. Can you have more than 4 non-basic lands in a deck?
  179. Cryptoplasm and Ambush Commander copy forest creature magic
  180. Galvanoth and Gaea's Blessing magic shuffle graveyard library
  181. if i cast Mirran Mettle and he destroys one of my metalcraft artifact magic
  182. cryptoplasm copy creature token graveyard magic
  183. pistus strike poison counter destroy creature regeneration magic
  184. Banshee's Blade and combat damage magic charge counters
  185. Banshee's Blade equipped creature charge counters rulings
  186. cryptoplasm and Wall of Tombstones magic what is its power and tougness?
  187. leyline of the void and blighsteel colossus magic
  188. hero of bladehold question Lightmine Field damage to attacking creatures
  189. spirit link and Quilled Slagwurm attack magic
  190. Viashino Heretic and phyresis magic enchanted creature has infect
  191. Viashino Heretic on blightsteel colossus is damage still dealt? magic
  192. Galvanoth do I do ability before or after I draw card magic
  193. mirran spy cast artifact spell untap creature magic
  194. Frantic Salvage no artifacts in graveyard draw card
  195. obliterate and second sunrise rules return lands to battlefield magic
  196. Tooth and Nail Clone rules Phyrexian hydra magic
  197. Natural Emergence and humility rules magic
  198. Creeping Mold and Veiled Sentry destroy enchantment magic
  199. bedlam vs creatures with defender
  200. Mycosynth Golem and myr enforcer affinity for artifacts rules magic
  201. Kemba's Legion equipped with echo circlet how many creatures can she blocked? magic
  202. does Contested War Zone change controllers if damage is dealt to my planeswalker?
  203. green suns zenith and morph creatures zero converted mana cost magic
  204. Fuel for the cause rulings blightsteel colossus library graveyard
  205. consecrated sphinx shroud ivory mask draw a card magic
  206. thrun the last troll and mindslaver personal shroud magic
  207. knowledge pool progenitus protection from everything straight hand to battlefield?
  208. Bounty Hunter and Bane of the Living morph counters magic
  209. Extra Arms target creature or player chosen when you cast or when creature attacks?
  210. Goblin Charbelcher is the target chosen when I cast it or after the land is revealed?
  211. Green Sun's Zenith and knowledge pool value of X magic
  212. steel sabotage question return artifact to hand magic
  213. can you use Corrupted Conscience on creature that already has infect?
  214. Criptoplasm sunburst Etched Oracle +1/+1 counters copy
  215. can piston sledge attach itself to a goblin brawler? magic
  216. Meddling mage and knowledge pool rules mtg cant cast
  217. living weapon card attach to different germ token? magic
  218. Inkmoth Nexus and Black Sun's Zenith rules magic -1/-1 counters
  219. Parallel Thoughts searching for less then 7 cards rules magic
  220. Ancestral Tribute flashback cast from graveyard rule
  221. galvanoth rulings knowledge pool magic cast
  222. Galvanoth combo leyline of anticipation magic flash rules
  223. Blightsteel Colossus rules cryptoplasm shuffle into library? magic
  224. cryptoplasm and momentary blink magic flicker
  225. metallic mastery and artifacts summoning sickness magic game card
  226. cryptoplasm and phyrexian rager rules draw 1 card lose 1 life
  227. Pistus strike creature without flying poison counter magic
  228. fangren marauder rulings mortarpod sacrifice creature lose game?
  229. Necrotic Ooze, Cryptoplasm, Myr Welder rules abilities graveyard mtg
  230. does Ground Seal stop Praetor's Counsel? magic
  231. thrun the last troll cryptoplasm rulings magic
  232. Glissa the traitor legendary rules same time graveyard return artifact magic
  233. does sangromancer work on tokens magic
  234. cryptoplasm dryad arbor copy destroy nonbasic land type magic
  235. another knowledge pool question magic
  236. can you use Riftsweeper to get rid of spell exiled by knowledge pool? mtg
  237. Thrun the last Troll question Cairn Wanderer half shroud rules magic
  238. cryptoplasm rules copying another cryptoplasm magic faq
  239. Endless Whispers Phage the Untouchable rules magic
  240. does Red Sun's Zenith trigger Psychogenic Probe shuffle library magic
  241. can Spire Serpent attack 1st turn i have metalcraft? rules for metalcraft card magic
  242. vivisection cast when I control no creature magic
  243. phyrexian revoker shut down eldrazi spawn? magic
  244. phyrexian revoker and mana abilities magic
  245. can phyrexian revoker stop skullclamp? magic
  246. can phyrexian revoker stop creature with cascade
  247. Consecrated Sphinx FAQ Words of Wind draw card trigger magic
  248. consecrated sphinx and kavu climber
  249. can Parallax Tide leave play ability be stifle magic
  250. magic what happens if a cryptoplasm copies a face down morph creature