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  1. Peel From Reality Return target permanent you control rulings magic
  2. Fate Transfer Protean Hydra move counters ability activate magic rules
  3. Conversion / Glaciers effect on cards not in battlefield (library, graveyard, exile)
  4. Can vodalian serpent attack first turn if other player has an island?
  5. City of brass while controlling opponent turn tap rulings mtg
  6. Merrow Reejerey Merfolk creature tap or untap target permanent rules mtg
  7. Cemetery Reaper exiled creature from another player's graveyard do they get token mtg
  8. corpse dance rearrange gravayard and graveyard card order magic
  9. can I use Spellshift to counter my own spell in mtg?
  10. Bogardan Hellkite damage divided as you choose illegal targets magic
  11. Put a +1/+1 counter on Energizer magic rules counters tap all four
  12. Countering artifact creature card with annul?
  13. is Bringer of the Blue Dawn multicolored when cast using alternate mana cost? magic
  14. vampire hexmage Saprazzan Skerry depletion counters rulings mtg
  15. Does protection from blue protect a card while on the stack magic
  16. Razormane Masticore do i have to sacrifice if I have no cards in hand
  17. Prismatic Boon can I give protection from white blue or wont work illegal target mtg
  18. Vampire Hexmage remove counters faq magic Clockwork Dragon
  19. does Reef Shaman also change the mana type the land produces magic rulings
  20. Hickory Woodlot Life from the Loam return lands to hand rulings magic gathering
  21. Soldevi Heretic ability question mtg prevent next damage opponent may draw a card
  22. Gravity Well Peregrine Mask oses flying until end of turn rules magic
  23. Veteran Bodyguard all damage that would be dealt to you by unblocked creatures magic
  24. vampire hexmage auch auf suspended karten? magic the gathering
  25. Keeper of Progenitus dual lands magic rules taiga tap
  26. In magic gathering is it ok not to untap one of your creatures at beginning of turn?
  27. Maga, Traitor to Mortals momentary blink rulings magic
  28. Keening Banshee battlefield no other creature magic
  29. Treva's Charm Choose one rules for magic
  30. does Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind let me cast a land not on my turn? magic
  31. jungle basin warp world lands entering play same time magic rules
  32. Fangren Pathcutter whenever it attacks attacking creatures gain trample rulings mtg
  33. Sever Soul destroy creature totem armor gain life? magic
  34. counterspell question
  35. Opalescence Riptide Shapeshifter choose a creature type enchantment magic
  36. Tawnos's Weaponry as long as remains tapped manland Celestial Colonnade mtg rulings
  37. Shuriken on a Black Knight vs white knight protection from Black
  38. countering a creature ability.
  39. Divining Witch ability no cards in hand magic gathering
  40. Chameleon Spirit power toughness equal number permanents control colorless mtg
  41. Jade Leech Ancestral Vision Suspend Rules magic no mana cost
  42. Pulsating Illusion skill borrower Activate this ability only once each turn rules mtg
  43. Planeswalker Loyalty
  44. Primal Boost cycling ability wheel of sun and moon cycle rules
  45. can you stifle Slaughter Pact's delayed ability to make player lost the game magic
  46. Destructive Force Kor Firewalker protection from red rulings mtg
  47. if a player is at 20 life and I play a Blood Tribute and then another one = lose? mtg
  48. weird wording on a magic card, is it fake?
  49. Refraction Trap and Earthquake rulings magic gathering
  50. Decimate target creature sacrifice rulings magic
  51. Flames of the Blood Hand form of the dragon life total rules magic
  52. can you use Abduction on your own creature so itll come back after day of judgment?
  53. Arcbound Reclaimer remove counter magic target rules
  54. can you counter Sparkmage Apprentice with confound ruling magic
  55. Renewing Touch can you shuffle with 0 creatures magic
  56. creatures that are put into battlefield like by elvish piper have summoning sickness?
  57. Scattering Stroke and stifle at the beginning of your next main phase rulings magic
  58. Can I use Laquatus's Disdain spell not cast from the graveyard just to draw card? mtg
  59. Guardian Seraph prevent 1 damage dealt source magic rulings
  60. does Electrostatic Bolt deal 2 or 4 damage to changeling rules magic
  61. Goblin Tunneler + Bloodthrone Vampire Combo
  62. Magnetic Web number of magnet counters ruling
  63. Flashback spell gets countered does it go to graveyard or exile? flashback rules mtg
  64. Moggcatcher Goblin assault goblin card rulings magic
  65. DAY OF JUDGMENT mtg kill shroud need to know URGENT IN MIDDLE OF MTG GAME
  66. odds flip coin get tails win chance encounter magic
  67. can i use Drastic Revelation if i have no cards in my hand? magic
  68. is it ok to put Instill Furor on a wall?
  69. if creature with 0 power is enchanted with Latulla's Orders and is unblocked mtg
  70. does Lavaclaw Reaches get summoning sickness when it becomes a creature
  71. if seven creatures attack at once, does Beastmaster Ascension add 7 counters? magic
  72. Vedalken Engineer equip rules magic
  73. Angelic Renewal Celestial Colonnade manland rule magic
  74. Infect Mechanic Scars of Mirrodin
  75. Alloy Golem Darkest Hour what color is it magic choose a color rules
  76. does Gratuitous Violence stack? magic
  77. Dread Return return card to battlefield threshold rules magic
  78. Infernal Darkness and Overlaid Terrain on battledfield at same time what happens mtg
  79. What is this creature?
  80. Admonition Angel humility rulings magic leaves batttlefield
  81. Hypergenesis and Cascade
  82. Pyrostatic Pillar morph spells ability trigger damage? magic rulings
  83. Murderous Spoils Deathrender magic gain control of equipment rules
  84. Sphinx Sovereign At the beginning of your end step rules in magic
  85. Quicksilver Dragon Dragon Fangs Morph magic return enchantment attached?
  86. oracle of mul daya i keep flipping lands over can I play them all?
  87. martial coup Poisonbelly Ogre Whenever another creature enters battlefield timing mtg
  88. Is horsemanship an old term for flying?
  89. Nemesis Trap vs Gideon Jura copy creature token planeswalker rulings magic
  90. Krosan Tusker cursed totem cycling faq magic
  91. Mothdust Changeling crown of suspicion sacrifice ability in response rulings mtg
  92. Abjure Hatching Plans magic draw 3 card rulings
  93. crystal ballx2
  94. Leyline of Punishment damage cant be prevented rules magic
  95. Leaf-Crowned Elder kinship rules magic gathering
  96. Can I stifle enter the battlefield abilities? magic stifle faq
  97. For me to use Chimeric Idol ability, do all my lands need to be untapped magic
  98. If I am controlling opponent turn can I sacrifice his creatures even if he has tajuru
  99. two prized unicorn attacking vs palace guard does palace guard have to block both?mtg
  100. in mtg when you clone a creature which of the characteristics are copiable?
  101. can Ironfist Crusher block prized unicorn and still be able to block other creatures?
  102. can I have 2 of the same planeswalker on the battlefield in the same time? magic rule
  103. blight on a city of brass rulings mtg
  104. Adarkar Valkyrie rules magic return that card to the battlefield under your control
  105. Skywing Aven clone copy use ability magic rulings do both get affected
  106. Wicked Akuba ability magic can you activate more then once?
  107. Infernal Contract you lose half your life rounded up negative life magic rulings
  108. Elixar of Immortality double tap???
  109. If I need to get creatures back from exile, how do I do that? magic
  110. Extraplanar Lens swamp Tainted Well Enchanted land is a Swamp magic rulings
  111. Omnath, Locus of Mana situation magic rulings mana pool
  112. Retaliate planeswalkers rules mtg dealt damage to you this turn
  113. Gurzigost assign combat damage is if werent blocked rules magic
  114. Fire Drake activate this ability once per turn stifle
  115. llanowar elves convoke rules mtg
  116. can other player make me lose by using Trade Secrets ability lots of times? mtg
  117. Aura Graft Shroud rules mtg
  118. Force Void unless controller pays do i draw card magic
  119. impulse do i need to keep the 3 cards on the bottom of the library after shuffle
  120. does worldpurge empty mana from Omnath, Locus of Mana magic
  121. Multani's Presence lava flow destroy creature regenerated countered faq magic
  122. Burrenton Forge-Tender source of your choice tokens rules magic
  123. rules for Inspired Charge creatures you control until end of turn magic
  124. chastise Char-Rumbler lose life? magic
  125. royal assassin target itself rules magic
  126. Rusting golem power toughness when in Library rules magic
  127. Do tokens count as creatures entering the battlefield
  128. Does redirected deathtouch damage still have deathtouch?
  129. magic do tokens have names
  130. Skyshroud Behemoth can you stifle the fading part so that it lives magic fading faq
  131. can you counter Petrified Wood-Kin protection from instants faq magic
  132. can you put Gift of Granite on Petrified Wood-Kin if you cast it as an instant? MTG
  133. dryad arbor ovinize lose all abilities target green creature magic deathmark
  135. city of brass becomes tapped magic rulings
  136. does Vastwood Zendikon effect manlands magic what happens
  137. does Vastwood Zendikon override dryad arbor stats in magic?
  138. Intet, the Dreamer switching control magic rulings
  139. elvish piper skizzik kicker pay put in play magic gathering
  140. Altar's Light Mirror of Fate exiled cards does this work magic
  141. does Juniper Order Ranger work with Force of Savagery? magic rules
  142. can creature be destroyed before it enters the battlefield magic
  143. magic all targets become invalid rules
  144. magic can you leyline and then mulligan?
  145. if creature with trample gets blocked by creature with deathtouch dmg goes through?
  146. is changeling creature also of type artifact creature
  147. is changeling creature also of type token creature
  148. does fork spell in magic copy also the x that was paid?
  149. can u kill creature in response to the creature being sacrificed? mtg sacrificing faq
  150. Demoralize Familiar Ground Magic Rulings block cant be blocked
  151. Can I play Dryad Arbor if I've already played a land that turn?
  152. Can you use redirect on spells that don't target like diabolic tutor?
  153. do +1/+1 counters and -1/-1 counters work on planeswalkers faq magic
  154. situation with counters ruling in a magic the gathering game
  155. can I use Field Surgeon ability on magic first turn
  156. Blood Seeker gaining control of creature magic faq
  157. abolish library of leng discard card effect mtg
  158. creature cards creatures difference magic faq
  159. can you counter a counterspell with Not of This World?
  160. Phantom Wurm Leyline of Punishment damage cant be prevented rulings magic
  161. Skyshroud War Beast choose an opponent magic mind control question rules
  162. can you glittering wish an exlied card? magic wishing cards rule
  163. mind control level up question magic
  164. how can you get an enchantments on a creature with shroud?
  165. Sorin Markov's control turn ability interaction with Glory of Warfare magic faq
  166. what happens if a creature with deathouch blocked by creature with Treacherous Link?
  167. Is this card correct? magic
  168. meekstone affects progenitus? magic gathering question protection from everything faq
  169. does Diabolic Vision activate ability of Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind dragon wizard magic
  170. Magic Paradox Haze rulings do you get to draw 2 cards?
  171. Brine Elemental buried turn face up ability trigger magic faq
  172. Rules for revealing cards
  173. Does Fog negate lifelink ability
  174. does Carbonize remove a regenerations shield already on a creature?
  175. Diabolic tutor and deflection magic rulings
  176. must creatures be tapped in order to untap them? magic untapping
  177. Pledge of Loyalty This effect doesn't remove Pledge of Loyalty protection faq magic
  178. Forked Bolt rules magic creature target becomes Illegal
  179. Can you stifle dark depths card in magic?
  180. can hurricane deal damage to a sporecap spider magic rulings
  181. do you lose game when you look at cards in library but dont have enough cards mtg
  182. Ophidian attacks and isn't blocked magic combat phase blockers faq
  183. Can Oracle of Mul Daya play more than 2 lands per turn?
  184. magic gathering can a creature token be equipped with enchants
  185. Can I cast Yuki-Onna to destroy artifact and return it to my hand immediately? magic
  186. Sacrifice for multiple abilities simultaneously?
  187. overgrowth and reflecting pool tap for mana magic faq
  188. can creature with protection from red be sacrificed to Brion Stoutarm?
  189. can Fate Transfer move loyalty counters from planeswalker to a creature magic rules
  190. choose two Incendiary Command can I choose the same thing twice? mtg rulings
  191. Char-Rumbler power what does it mean magic
  192. can I discard Sol'kanar the Swamp King to pay for outbreak? mtg
  193. Ordering/Interaction of Jace's 2011 special cards
  194. Standard Format Question
  195. Sapling of Colfenor Ancient Ooze magic rulings
  196. can Bloodcrazed Goblin attack on first turn if opponent takes damage? magic rules
  197. Bloodcrazed Goblin gain more life then damage can attack player magic rules
  198. can Autumn's Veil itself be countered by a blue counterspell? mtg rulings
  199. Ajani Pridemate ability
  200. can I put Curiosity on another player's creature? magic enchantments faq
  201. can Orcish Bloodpainter be sacrificed to its own ability? magic abilities faq
  202. can you have more then 4 Ravenous Rats in your magic deck
  203. Mask of Intolerance magic gathering Dual Lands rules
  204. Thought Reflection If you would draw a card, draw two cards instead magic rulings faq
  205. Iron Star lightning bolt Whenever a player casts a red spell magic rules
  206. Combust Outrider en-Kor redirect damage that cant be prevented? magic
  207. Branching Bolt target creature loses flying gains flying magic
  208. Can I play Biomantic Mastery if me or other player has shroud on him? magic rules
  209. Inferno Titan dividing damage zero damage mtg rulings
  210. Ancient Den March of the Machines rulings magic
  211. Conclave Phalanx you gain 1 life for each creature you control battlefield magic faq
  212. question two Spitting Drake magic
  213. Ancestral Memories Look at the top seven cards of your library searching library mtg
  214. Instill energy summoning sickness tap ability magic faqs
  215. Does trample damage go on the stack and can be responded to? magic
  216. Lethal vapors indestructible magic rulings
  217. when is beginning of the next end step?? mtg faq
  218. Ice Cage Serpent Assassin When enchanted creature becomes the target of ability mtg
  219. Sorin Markov you control turn Price of Glory magic faq
  220. Force of Nature Ivory Mask Magic shroud question
  221. Balduvian Dead sacrifice beginning of end step momentary blink sac rulings magic
  222. Squee's Toy can i prevent damage to someone elses creature magic rulings
  223. Abyssal Persecutor
  224. ovinize relentless rats Target creature loses all abilities magic faq
  225. Emerald Charm target creature loses flying until end of turn magic question
  226. Wrath of god day of judgement shroud protection mtg
  227. Cateran Brute Trinisphere cost three mana to cast mtg rulings
  228. Gutless Ghoul Sacrifice a creature magic faq
  229. magic gathering game what rules should i be using for guildpact
  230. Celestial Convergence vampire hexmage rules mtg
  231. Drought vs half mana mtg rulings sacrifice swamps
  232. Sosuke's Summons changeling return from graveyard to hand rulings magic
  233. confused about lands, are they colored permanents colored spells colorless permanents
  234. Vampire Bats Activate this ability no more than twice each turn Momentary Blink mtg
  235. Enemy of the Guildpact vs Incite creature Protection from multicolored rules mtg
  236. Pemmin's Aura on my creature mind controlled magic faq
  237. Primal Cocoon destroyed what happens to counters? magic rulingsq
  238. Angelic Arbiter rules magic Each opponent who cast a spell this turn can't attack
  239. disenchant Door to Nothingness in response to its ability being activated?
  240. graveyard counters reanimate question magic rulings
  241. does rain of gore stack magic
  242. Turtleshell Changeling power toughness switch, lightning bolt rulings
  243. Question About Declaring Blockers and Protection from (color)
  244. Juggernaut question
  245. Taking creature with equipment on it what happens magic gathering
  246. magic rulings Gilt-Leaf Archdruid Gain control of all lands target player controls
  247. Words of Worship next time you would draw a card, activate before draw phase? mtg faq
  248. Divine Verdict Destroy target attacking or blocking creature combat removed magic fa
  249. Training Grounds Activated abilities of creatures you control Glittering Lynx ruling
  250. Simic Guildmage Attach target Aura enchanting a permanent to another permanent shroud