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  1. MTG haste attack after combat phase
  2. in mtg does protection work before a card is in play
  3. magic if you draw who goes first in game 2
  4. can you use a magic equip card on an opponent card?
  5. mtg do non basic lands count as land types
  6. mtg does blade of the bloodchief pump counter as many as the creature to go graveyard
  7. Protean Hulk total converted mana cost 6 or less
  8. instant faster than enchantment magic the gathering
  9. MTG Mindbreak trap can you exile creatures already in play?
  10. mtg if you exile does the enchant go to graveyard
  11. Shroud and damage redirecting
  12. MTG Can Trickbind stop Vampire Hexmage?
  13. are exiled cards considered permanents in magic the gathering
  14. is graveyard in play mtg
  15. MTG can two different players creatures team block a creature?
  16. how does windstorm affect a creature with shroud mtg
  17. magic the gathering can tokens attack
  18. magic the gathering drawing with no deck rule
  19. magic the gathering what is classified as casting a spell
  20. mtg rules do tokens come in tapped?
  21. mtg can you put a land into play when it is not your turn
  22. mtg spreading seas on a nonbasic
  23. can you turn a mtg creature face up the turn you play
  24. magic the gathering tapped ability lightning bolt stack
  25. mtg does wraith of god kill planeswalkers
  26. copy artifact creature magic
  27. mtg can you lightning bolt a shrouded creature?
  28. magic card regenerate if tapped
  29. magic are changelings allys?
  30. MTG counter creature spell on clone
  31. mtg blocking with multiple creatures rules and first strike
  32. what color are non basic lands mtg
  33. magic the gathering deos abilities suffer from sumoning sickness
  34. when is a creature spell not a spell magic gathering
  35. magic stack FAQ
  36. does each player get his own stack or do we share same stack
  37. do spells and abiliies share the same stack or do they each have a stack of their ow
  38. do lands go on the stack magic
  39. What goes on the stack
  40. How many spells can be on the stack at once
  41. Kusari-Gama deathtouch kill other creatures?
  42. if you have 0 cards in library do you lose mtg
  43. magic the gathering does cancel work on a permanent?
  44. can you attack a planeswalker in play mtg
  45. Magic: are planeswalkers considered opponents
  46. magic returning exiled permanent with into the roil
  47. magic the gathering block flying with shroud
  48. what is the most you can have a card repeated in a magic deck
  49. can u sacrafice a indestructiable creature in magic the gathering
  50. mtg llanowar elves when can i tap for mana
  51. what color do clones enter as mtg
  52. magic what happens when you use an ability on a creature with summoning sickness?
  53. can you sacrifice a creature as an instant magic
  54. is regenerate a creature spell?
  55. Spawnsire of Ulamog Cast any number of Eldrazi cards you own from outside the game
  56. On discard phase if u have more then 7 cards can u discard how many u want?
  57. Does birds of paradise trigger landfall
  58. Does llanoWar elves trigger landfall
  59. Can I give shroud to tokens
  60. Can token be exiles
  61. My Blitz Hellion is killed in combat will I still return it to my library end of turn
  62. can you respond to level up?
  63. do you lose game if u dont have enough permanents to sacrifice to annihilator
  64. Can u annihilate indestructible creatures
  65. does celestial purge affect multi colored cards mtg
  66. can a creature be sacrificed to prevent mind control
  67. mtg can you sacrifize misy rainforest before done?
  68. are changeling legendary mtg
  69. what creatures count as ally in mtg
  71. eldrazi temple/eye of ugin and changelings
  72. If u sac creature for annihilator can u also use sac ability
  73. mtg can planeswalkers gain life
  74. mtg can a vigilant creature still tap its ability?
  75. magic the gathering do you clone the enchantment and the creature or just the creatur
  76. can you tap a card that has no effect
  77. mtg can u respond to equipping
  78. mtg can landfall effects be triggered multiple times
  79. rules for a six card magic pack
  80. mtg can you respond to costs
  81. mtg enter the battlefield same as come into play?
  82. MTG 2 Pariah at one time
  83. magic the gathering does a copy have all abilities of the original
  84. is colorless now a color in magic the gathering
  85. mtg are changelings artifact
  86. is a card with suspend removed face-down? magic
  87. mtg can a card with shroud be canceled
  88. can you remove counters mtg off permanents
  89. indestructibility rules explained in magic the gathereing
  90. mtg, can you put a counter on a creature with shroud?
  91. can you exile a target card in the graveyard in mtg?
  92. mtg where to tokens go when they die?
  93. disenchant how it works mtg
  94. Scepter of Dominance
  95. ponder rulings cards library top 3 cards
  96. mtg are vampire warriors vampires?
  97. magic the gathering imprint can i pay kicker
  98. mtg what happens if vigilance is lost after attackers are declared
  99. can you use circle of protection on shroud magic
  100. mtg can you equip something as an instance?
  101. mtg target player sacrifice creature versus shroud
  102. can you dredge more than one card per turn magic
  103. Official rules for magic allies
  104. Magic what happens if you gain control of an enchantment?
  105. magic the gathering rules does an enchant creature leave play after the die dies
  106. magic the gathering warren instigator pute two goblins into play
  107. ooze creatures magic the gathering
  108. magic rules, can you play an activated ability tap using another card to tap
  109. magic rules you control enchanted creature is it not able to attck
  110. mtg can't draw a card and you lose
  111. MTG Is a planeswalker a spell that can be countered?
  112. mtg does mind break work on pyromancer's ascension
  113. magic the gathering what does Annihilator do
  114. MTG can a card with a tap skill play it as soon as it enters the board?
  115. mtg can i attack ym own creatures?
  116. magic when you enchant a creature does it get summoning sickness?
  117. magic what happens to an enchantment with nothing to enchant
  118. magic the gathering creature type shapeshifter
  119. how to counter annihilator magic
  120. Eldrazi Conscription on Emrakul, the Aeons Torn for annihilate 8 and 25/25 trample
  121. does an eldrazi aura like Eldrazi Conscription go only on Eldrazi creatures?
  122. mtg can you use tezzeret the seeker without an artifact to untap
  123. magic the gathering rulings can you swerve on to itself
  124. mtg when can i sacrifice aerie ouphes
  125. MTG: Do Enchantment Auras target?
  126. what is considered countered in mtg
  127. rules for multi colored cards mtg
  128. when is damage declared magic
  129. fight to the death magic before or after damage
  130. can you fizzle a spell on purpose at mtg?
  131. Journey to Knowhere
  132. orim's chant after spells have been played while they are on stack
  133. Orim's Chant kicker while already attacking
  134. equipment on manland when manland stops becoming creature
  135. gravedigger you may return target creature card from your graveyard enchantment
  136. me and other player at 4 life Flesh Reaver Attacks. Who dies? or is it a draw?mtg faq
  137. Bloodchief Ascension and Traumatize how many times trigger once or all
  138. rules for sideboard magic
  139. can 2 counterspell target same spell
  140. Destroying Artifact Creatures
  141. curse of chains on my birds of paradise can I still tap my bop for mana in response?
  142. ivory mask vs dead/gone
  143. ivory mask vs counterspell
  144. was website down also question about if sacrificed creature can get regenerated
  145. holy day prevent combat damage only to controller or to everyone?
  146. mtg does can a creature with vigilance attack if it is tapped?
  147. magic the gathering rules for zendikons
  148. what happens when you tap a blocker mtg
  149. mtg planeswalkers and priority
  150. can we add different types of counters mtg
  151. what destroys an indestructible creature magic the gathering
  152. if i have 8 cars during opponents turn do i discard magic
  153. mtg can creature have negative power
  154. Loadstone Golem
  155. magic when you get control of a creature do you get it's enchantment
  156. magic when you get control of a creature do you get it's equipment
  157. is there trample when blocking in smagic
  158. face down card goes to graveyard
  159. face down card removed from the game
  160. mtg ruling on protection vs global
  161. magic can you enchant a token
  162. mtg rules is damage is the same as losing life?
  163. Two Headed Giant Game and ally
  164. If leveled up creature gets exiled and returns to play is it same lvl it was?
  165. Annihilator can u annihilate tokens
  166. does flash count as an instant mtg
  167. mtg can you counter nothing
  168. MTG can you use plainswalkers abilities on opponents turn
  169. magic the gathering how do you use dead and gone
  170. mtg can i play more than one planeswalker one the batlefield with the same name?
  171. Two Headed Giant Question
  172. Level up magic can you use abilities from previous lvls
  173. How do you counter level up faq
  174. Level up doubling season mtg faq
  175. Vampire hexmage remove level up counters magic
  176. Does stifle counter level up magic
  177. Lvl up rulings mtg can u level down
  178. Level up mtg rulings can u lvl up in middle of combat
  179. magic rules untapping equipment attached to creatures
  180. magic rules what is annihilator
  181. mtg, what can I swerve?
  182. in magic what if someone uses a spell on something that can not be targeted
  183. magic the gathering does ninjutsu target
  184. watery grave a basic land magic
  185. mtg can day kill an indestructible creature
  186. Multicolored black creature count as black magic
  187. Do you lose magic when you run out of a deck
  188. magic the gathering counterspell rules manna
  189. magic indestructible prevents sacrificing?
  190. mtg where do you put a regenerated card ?
  191. put land card into play mtg
  192. magic rules about zombies
  193. magic gathering black vs shroud
  194. clock of omens artifact creatures summoning sickness magic
  195. tapping lands mtg can you tap lands for nothing?
  196. magic the gathering does mind control untap tapped creature
  197. can you have spirit link two times on one creature mtg
  198. is ally a creature type in magic the gathering?
  199. is Eldrazi Monument considered an eldrazi spell?
  200. Awe strike VS Jaya Ballard Task Mage
  201. Does quicksilver fountain COMPLETELY CHANGE YOUR LANDS TO ISLANDS?
  202. on mtg is your mana pool emptied at the end of your turn
  203. mtg planeswalker fireball target split
  204. mtg what's the mana cost of a token
  205. can you have negative cards in your hand? magic rulings
  206. magic the gathering changeling with coat of arms
  207. magic rules can you play a target spell without targeting anyone
  208. magic rules can you play a target spell without targeting anyone
  209. can awe strike be played against shroud mtg
  210. magic the gathering 20 -1/-1 counter on a player?
  211. mtg does shroud prevent a creatures own effects
  212. MtG does a blocked creature still do damage to the creature blocking it if that creat
  213. mtg sacrifice rule on way to graveyard
  214. unsummon mtg creature before it enters play battlefield
  215. mtg can you use a creatures tap abilities on the turn they are summoned?
  216. mtg can i tap creatures for no reason?
  217. magic the gathering summoning sickness block
  218. magic can you attack a tapped creature instead of the player
  219. magic the gathering what happens when u have more than 7 cards in ur hand
  220. Freed from the Real tap enchanted creature untap enchanted creature which creature?
  221. can you pay frenzied goblins cost numerous times?
  222. if I give creature vigilance after attacking can i untap it?
  223. when do you choose clone target mtg
  224. magic the gathering change controllers which graveyard does a card go into
  225. Iona, Shield of Emeria can you choose "clear"
  226. rise of the eldrazi mtg is "clear" a color?
  227. how to play a magic card with only a negative number
  228. mtg:Does beastmaster ascension get more than 1 counter if more than 1 creature atacks
  229. in magic the gathering when you clone a creature does it get the extra counters on it
  230. magic can you play both halves of a split card
  231. MTG Can you pay negative life
  232. MTG how to fight with ally
  233. how far back in time can you counter a spell magic the gathering
  234. magic the gathering what color is multicolor creature
  235. magic the gathering when it says when land enters the battle feild does it mean basic
  236. mtg when does a player get priority
  237. can you activate abilities before your upkeep mtg
  238. magic what if you block a creature then it gains flying
  239. in magic is there a way to counter shroud?
  240. can counterspell counter an instant spell mtg
  241. what happens if iona is coutnered? mtg
  242. magic the gathering can you counter elvish piper
  243. magic what happens when you clone an ally
  244. magic the gathering rules does pithing needle work on metal worker
  245. mtg: can fetchlands get non basic lands
  246. what are ally abilities classified as. mtg
  247. magic the gathering who is a ally to another ally
  248. can you copy an enchantment spell magic the gathering
  249. how many turns does sleep last mtg
  250. mtg does regenerated deal damage