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  1. elvish piper shroud rulings magic gathering
  2. is multi colored card in magic still considered a green card
  3. Flow of Ideas Draw a card for each Island you control question
  4. Bazaar Trader are only player and artifact targeted?
  5. Goryo's Vengeance Exile it at the beginning of the next end step magic rulings
  6. Ethereal Champion Platinum Angel pay 1 life faq magic
  7. can other players ask to see whats in my graveyard? mtg
  8. can liliana vess target a player with zero cards mtg rulings
  9. magic are you allowed to play instants at the beginning of your upkeep?
  10. Can you name "Pyre Zombie" as a source for Pithing Needle
  11. may block as though it had flying Gravitational Shift creatures with flying mtg rules
  12. Song of Serenity auras global enchantments magic rulings faq
  13. Relentless Assault additional combat phase is summoning sickness over by then? magic
  14. Fact or Fiction magic if there are instants in the piles can you cast them from there
  15. does Cloudpost add 1 mana for each changeling in the battlefield magic rulings
  16. does kira great glass-spinner protect from wrath of god?
  17. if a creature is killed that gives +1 that turn during combat do the other creatures
  18. converted mana cost of a creature token what is it
  19. Berserkers of Blood Ridge attacks each turn if able additional combat phase magic faq
  20. Blinding Mage Tap Target Creature Serra Angel vigilance faq magic
  21. Can you destroy a creature in response to it using its activated ability? mtg rulings
  22. Quirion Dryad multicolor spell question number of counters magic
  23. Deglamer Psychogenic Probe damage shuffle effect magic faq
  24. can i put Armadillo Cloak on some other player's creature so i gain life from it?
  25. if two Elvish Bard attack, which one do i block?
  26. Null Profusion Your maximum hand size is two magic rulings
  27. can I kicker Sphinx of Lost Truths after i see what cards i draw magic
  28. can i cast Flash Conscription on my own creature magic rulings
  29. giant shark what does this mean
  30. in magic during combat, how late can you sacrifice a creature?
  31. Mass Hysteria All creatures have haste my creatures?
  32. relearn Ethersworn Shieldmage flash creature magic
  33. Suntouched Myr sunburst enters battlefield with a +1/+1 counter for each color mana
  34. can you use lightning bolt on a creature on the stack? magic
  35. Magic rules lightning bolt does this make sense
  36. does protection from creatures also mean prot from creature abilities? magic rule faq
  37. Skyshroud Ridgeback rulings fade counter clone copy creature magic faq
  38. Skyshroud Ridgeback mind control fade counters rulings mtg
  39. Skyshroud Ridgeback At the beginning of your upkeep remove fade counter rulings mtg
  40. how does shroud creature interact with life link magic
  41. how do you protect shrouded creatures against global enchantments magic
  42. what happens if you clone a legendary creature? magic
  43. can I tap llanowar elves on summon? magic gathering game
  44. does shroud power still work when creature is dead in the graveyard
  45. Can you access a creature's ability while it is still on the stack? magic faq
  46. when is the LATEST moment I can play a counterspell? mtg
  47. magic rulings lightning bolt a creature thats using an ability
  48. if targeted creature leaves play and comes back is it still targeted? mtg rulings
  49. Act of Treason summoning sickness magic rulings
  50. can you play dead and gone at the same time magic
  51. magic rules do u have to sacrifice all the permanents to annihilator at once?
  52. mtg does mind controlled creature have summoning sickness
  53. mtg what happens if creature with mind control gets exiled and returns to battlefield
  54. Hissing Miasma Whenever creature attacks you its controller loses 1 life plainswalker
  55. can emrakul the aeons torn be killed by royal assassin
  56. if u put shroud on creature with enchantments on it can the enchantments be targeted?
  57. magic game Creature gains protection from color of enchantment already on it rulings
  58. can rampant growth fetch a tropical island? magic rulings
  59. magic regeneration shield after being bounced regenerate rules faq
  60. magic rules- vigilance- can it kill the player
  61. can i put more than 1 spell on the stack magic
  62. if an ability tells me to tap a creature can i tap a creature thats already tapped?
  63. can u tap attacking creature before it attacks?
  64. bazaar trader Delusions of Mediocrity leaves the battlefield, you lose 10 life rules
  65. when creature is put back into play after bein exiled does it have summoning sickness
  66. Magic If you play an instant on top of the stack, does it counterspell?
  67. do ally creatures gain their effect from them being summoned? magic
  68. mtg which is faster enchantment or sorcery
  69. can you target a plainswalker when the player has shroud? mtg
  70. does living death affect creatures with shroud? mtg
  71. mtg does protection from black help against damnation?
  72. magic rulings does return to the battlefield count as casting a creature
  73. Anniahlator and Bloodchiefs assension
  74. Threaten Bazaar Trader gain control of creature permanently? Magic faq
  75. Temporal Extortion Brilliant Ultimatum cast play mtg rulings
  76. platinum angel how low does life go magic rulings
  77. some more questions about cauldron haze and persist vampire hexmage wither magic
  78. Leyline of Lightning can you pay more then 1 to do more then 1 dmg?
  79. Leyline of Lightning mulligan magic rulings
  80. If both players decide to mulligan can u agree to draw 7 cards again?
  81. Cauldron Haze persist manland magic
  82. does finest hour stack 2 extra combat phases? Magic rulings
  83. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner and equip rulins
  84. Question about taking control of a creature with enchantments on it.
  85. Cauldron Haze persist 1/1 creature magic
  86. Cauldron Haze persist tokens magic
  87. Knight of New Alara Arsenal Thresher half mana magic rules
  88. Arbiter of Knollridge planeswalker rulings mtg
  89. Quicksilver Fountain disenchanted what happens to lands with flood counters magic
  90. Acidic Slime deathtouch rules assign 0 damage?
  91. Mystical Tutor what is "mana source" and "interrupt" magic?
  92. Faerie Conclave becomes a 2/1 blue Faerie creature with flying until end of turn? mtg
  93. a couple of rules questions about spreading seas manland magic
  94. "counter target summon spell" remove soul what does it mean??
  95. A couple of rules questions about Vengevine magic
  96. Puppeteer Clique At the beginning of your next end step, exile it. magic rulings.
  97. can i cast Caller of the Claw in combat and can it block also can the tokens block?
  98. if i dont have a creature with which to block, can I block with my planeswalker? mtg
  99. Guile + fireball
  100. Elvish Visionary rulings magic When Elvish Visionary enters the battlefield draw card
  101. Commune with Nature You may reveal a creature card from among them rulings magic faq
  102. mind control Sprouting Thrinax graveyard who gets tokens
  103. Sorin Markov control player turn lethal vapors 0 cost ability activate million times?
  104. decimate Dread Statuary manland artifact land creature?
  105. Decimate Totem Armor magic rulings destroy artifact creature enchantment land faq
  106. Can a creature you dont own somehow end up in your graveyard?
  107. Decimate do you need artifact creature enchantment land to cast
  108. 2 Saproling Burst in play one leaves do all tokens leave too? magic rules
  109. Stampeding Wildebeests and Skyshroud Behemoth fading timing upkeep magic
  110. Aquamoeba shapesharer power toughness switch rulings magic
  111. if i kill a creature can i choose to exile it instead of graveyard magic rulings
  112. Pain's Reward can i bid life that i dont have magic rulings
  113. Can ManLand be equipped and if so what happens when it goes back to being land magic
  114. Harm's way use to redirect combat damage? magic combat faq
  115. Darkheart Sliver annihilator magic sacrifice rules
  116. Prismatic Omen + Conversion what happens to the lands?
  117. is island blue permanent or colorless permanent magic
  118. is annihilator optional magic annihilator faq
  119. Two-Headed Sliver stack? magic sliver faq
  120. Mind Bend on a plains make if mountain what happens magic rules
  121. Tainted Aether Bestial Menace Rulings put creature tokens into the battlefield magic
  122. does crowd of cinders include swamps? magic rulings
  123. magic tokens faq can enchantments be put on a token?
  124. rulings magic with Rampant Growth can i play two lands on one turn?
  125. magic multiplayer rules mind control rules i mind control creature but owner dies
  126. magic summoning sickness rules blocking first turn
  127. Why does lightning bolt go on the stack and Path to Exile does not?
  128. mistform + ally question
  129. magic rulings does creature from elvish piper go on the stack?
  130. searing blaze one target becomes invalid misdirection magic faq
  131. Soul Scourge When Soul Scourge enters leaves battlefield same target?
  132. double strike attack blessed reversal how much life do i gain magic
  133. totem armor faq can you sacrifice a creature with totem armor magic
  134. magic rulings char invalid target do i still take damage?
  135. City of Soltitude & The Rack Magic Rulings
  136. can you use misdirection on a duress?
  137. It that betrays sacred ground intraction rules magic
  138. Blightning other player has only 1 card in hand does he lose
  139. If I mind control a creature and other player path to exile it whose exile to exiles
  140. If I mind control a creature and other player boomerangs it to what hand does it go?
  141. magic can a normal land and a special land be played on the same turn?
  142. magic can you attack player if he has shroud on him like if he has ivory mask?
  143. magic does player need to be targeted to be attacked?
  144. magic does copy creature trigger enters the battlefield?
  145. if i take control of a creature can i use its equipment?
  146. mtg enchant creature rules freed from the real untap and attack again? magic
  147. can regenerated creature block again?
  148. magic creature with out flying blocked by creature with flying
  149. Path to Exile on the Stack...
  150. refelcting pool and primal beyond
  151. does exiled card hit graveyard before being removed from game magic rulings
  152. Unhinge Target player discards a card in response no cards what happens magic faq
  153. if a grindstone sends two artifacts to the graveyard does the process repeat? mtg
  154. can i choose to tap vigilance creature when attacking
  155. can a vigilant creature be tapped? magic
  156. Animate Land Mountain creature type mtg rulings
  157. Giant Ambush Beetle not attacking magic rulings
  158. Magic cAn Spirit block creatures with flying
  159. magic can you target a player's turn?
  160. magic can a spirit be mind controlled?
  161. Does a creature in the stack count as being in play?
  162. does deals damage trigger when prevented magic
  163. can you share sacrifices between different permanents?
  164. chain reaction against shroud magic
  165. angel's feather darkest hour white creature life gain magic rulings faq
  166. white spell countered i have angel's feather do il still gain life?
  167. magic if a land that is a creature goes to tougness 0 does it go back to being a land
  168. Can a creature have negative attack? magic
  169. what happens if a land is a creature and it is eradicate
  170. can you sacrifice a creature from your stack magic
  171. is protection considered countering magic
  172. can you counter a creature from yours stack magic
  173. double strike magic will kill blocker and damage you?
  174. i dont get this card petrified wood kin can someone explain? magic
  175. do i get priority if other player doesn't do anything? Priority FAQ magic
  176. how come changelings can attack if they are all creature types including wall?
  177. are spells in magic gathering exiled after being countered?
  178. magic if you counter rancor what happens does it go back to hand
  179. brainstorm no cards in library magic
  180. do green Ape creature tokens created by monkey cage have summoning sickness? mtg
  181. does humility apply to creatures entering battlefield after it is cast?
  182. is color considered an ability and does humility cause each creature to lose color
  183. planeswalker rulings faq damage "each player" Flamebreak
  184. does creature level up add to its converted mana cost? magic
  185. can i choose NOT to pass priority to other player during my turn? magic priority faq
  186. magic +1/+1 counters totem armor rulings
  187. totem armor and -1/-1 counters in magic
  188. what happens if two creatures have pariah on them? magic
  189. does clone take equipment magic
  190. can vampire nighthawk block more than one creature magic
  191. can creature with deathtouch block more than one creature magic deathtouch FAQ
  192. Question about Declaring Blockers
  193. Ankh of Mishra Fetchland Ruling
  194. can Sphinx of the Steel Wind protection from green be sacrificed to ambush commander
  195. Beloved Chaplain Protection from creatures means all colors creatures?
  196. Question about the stack
  197. Question about the stack
  198. Uril Miststalker cant be the target of spells abilities your opponent control shroud?
  199. can vampire hexmage remove counters from Helix Pinnacle magic
  200. Quenchable Fire You control target player's next turn magic rules
  201. so is there any way to put enchantment on my Blastoderm with shroud
  202. Is shroud activated ability magic shroud FAQ
  203. can i turn off shroud on my own creature just for a moment so i can enchant it? magic
  204. if creature has both level counters & +1/+1 counters will vampire hexmage remove both
  205. vampire hexmage level up rules Ikiral Outrider power toughness attacking magic
  206. Level up rulings vampire hexmage Ikiral Outrider vigilance attack magic
  207. If I gain control of a plainswalker can I use his ability first turn? magic
  208. Summoning sickness FAQ level up FAQ magic
  209. regenerate level up null champion levels stay? magic
  210. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn shuffle graveyard exile?
  211. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn take an extra turn after this one choose when? magic mtg faq
  212. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn annihilator defending does it annihilate? magic
  213. Emrakul, The Aeons Torn
  214. Couple Questions about "The Stack" MTG
  215. Vendetta totem armor magic rulings
  216. can you stifle annihilator magic
  217. magic morph how many times
  218. can stifle counter mana? magic
  219. magic level up faq if a creautre is lvl 5 and it gets bounced back to my hand
  220. magic if a creature has shroud can it use its own abilities on itself
  221. mtg coar of arms faq does coat of arms work on artifact creatures?
  222. can you use a blinding mage to tap a creature thats attacking you?
  223. can you respond to phase changes? mtg rulings
  224. if you gain control of a players turn can you sacrifice his monsters
  225. can a creature have negative toughness in mtg?
  226. magic If creature has negative attack does it die
  227. mind control on tapped creature - magic rulings
  228. can hex be used on less than 6 creatures? magic rulings
  229. does False Prophet exile a creature with protection from white? mtg faq
  230. are changelings all creature types while in your hand? mtg faq
  231. can you exile cards in your graveyard? magic
  232. if an exiled creature comes back to play does it have summon sickness magic
  233. does Near-Death Experience override Abyssal Persecutor magic
  234. magic the gathering level up rules can you level up immediately
  235. ''riverBOA vs. URGE toFEED''
  236. Sacrifice of artifact question
  237. Soul Exchange exile a creature you control countered do i get creature back magic faq
  238. CAn u lvl up ur character and use tap abilities same turn
  239. Can u level up your character and attack same turn
  240. do you suspend cards face up or face down magic
  241. Teferi's Veil phase out ball lightning magic rulings
  242. ice cave split second rulings magic
  243. can lightning bolt spell kill a planeswalker?
  244. mtg does exiling card count as destroying?
  245. attacking specific creatures magic
  246. can i give same creature the same ability multiple times? magic
  247. magic does protection from everything include protection from being countered
  248. can you play instants before upkeep magic
  249. Can Mirror of Fate return exiled tokens?
  250. magic does sleep target player or creature