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  1. magic can rancor be destroyed
  2. Into the Roil kicker magic faq do i still draw card if no permanent was returned?
  3. magic how do you get rid of shroud
  4. magic do spirit creatures have shroud
  5. magicdo you still control exiled creatures
  6. Abomination Angel
  7. can u respond to a player drawing a card magic
  8. magic does protection cancel enchantments
  9. Eldrazi
  10. Cairn Wanderer, creature card with shroud in graveyard, Obsidian Battle-Axe attach
  11. if i have to discard an instant, can I play that instant?
  12. Boggart Harbinger search your library for a Goblin card goblin grenade
  13. is Homarid Warrior a warrior type creature mtg
  14. poison I stack?
  15. does playing a split card count as two spells or just one?
  16. can you cast a sorcery during combat magic
  17. can you bolt a planeswalker before they play an ablity magic
  18. magic faq can you protect from colorless as a color
  19. magic faq damage to creatures not on the battlefield
  20. Can a royal assassin kill itself?
  21. are creatures not a spell? magic faq
  22. magic do dual lands count as multicolored permanents?
  23. Spiritual Asylum Creatures and lands you control have shroud graveyard exile?
  24. magic can oponent use tap abilities in my turn ?
  25. does kusari gama work with death touch Magic
  26. Royal Assassin vs attackers
  27. magic is prevent damage damage dealt?
  28. blocker already damaged, attacker has trample, how much trample will go through?
  29. is landfall stackable magic
  30. can you have under your control many planeswalkers at the same time?
  31. can you destroy regenerated creature with a later effect magic
  32. do counters count as a permament magic
  33. sacrificing creatures question MTG
  34. magic faq when you exile a land does it come back to play tapped untapped?
  35. can you sacrifice a creature twice magic
  36. is charge counter the same as pressure counter in mtg?
  37. magic if a creature with +1/+1 counter gets damaged, does the counter go away??
  38. does destroy go to graveyard or outside of game? magic faq
  39. does a creature put into play have summoning sickness magic
  40. shroud rules magic vs multi targeting ability
  41. Magic I have 8 cards in hand on opponents end of turn
  42. Humble and Totem armor..
  43. magic equipment how many equipments can a creature have
  44. suffer the past no cards in graveyard mtg rulings
  45. can a planeswalker be regenerated faq?
  46. magic can i dispel flash creatures
  47. if planeswalker is exiled does he come back with the same number of counters magic
  48. do ally abilitiess go on the stack magic
  49. mtg rulings first strike attacker blocked by 2 creature
  50. does windstorm target creatures magic
  51. magic can you target a player to discard if they have no cards
  52. magic ruling play both sides of split card together
  53. Auras and Creature enchantment
  54. Iona, Shield of Emeria question...
  55. level up, magic, rules, once per turn
  56. MTG Swords to plowshares and indestructible magic
  57. Omnath, Locus of Mana
  58. is totem armor same as regeneration?
  59. Tapping creatures with summoning sickness
  60. Totem armor and taking control of creature FAQ magic
  61. Can u level up creature u own but not control
  62. annihilator = activated ability?
  63. does level up increase converted mana cost magic
  64. responding to level up, also gaining control of leveled creature faq
  65. magic clone rules level up creatures
  66. can a creature be sacrificed when cast? mtg rules
  67. mtg rules what happens if I play giant growth on creature but the creature gets des
  68. Can path to exile be use like a counterspell?
  69. Protection from White vs. Day of Judgment? MTG
  70. does regenerated creature leave battlefield magic
  71. magic how many times I can use isochron scepter
  72. where does mana empty to magic
  73. dmg rules trample what happens when trample creature hits a prevent all damage faq
  74. raid bombardment magic rulings multiple creatures
  75. magic wrath of god order creatures put graveyard
  76. is leveling in mtg considered an activated ability
  77. is level up treated like a sorcery magic
  78. magic rules: can a creature brought into play by elvish piper be canceled
  79. how do you unequip an attached equipment magic
  80. in magic can you discard as many cards as you want
  81. magic creatures with multiple totem armor
  82. do the honden shrines work with changeling magic
  83. can you exile tokens magic
  84. Will protection from [color] get rid of enchantment on my creature?
  85. gain control of a creature with counters magic do counters remain
  86. magic rulings can you use wither on a indestructible creature
  87. akroma angel of fury counter morph magic
  88. -x -x and totem armor magic
  89. blinding mage ability on opponent's turn mtg
  90. mtg rulings vapor snare summoning sickness
  91. Which artifacts can you sacrifice? mtg
  92. When can you sacrifice artifacts? mtg
  93. Obsidian fireheart burn counter
  94. Does shroud protect from abilities like deathtouch and lifelink?
  95. what happens if i forgot to untap creatures magic faq
  96. Side Board and Basic Lands
  97. can Admonition Angel exile another Admonition Angel?
  98. ivory mask annihilator magic rulings faq
  99. graveyard dragon fangs Crashing Centaur shroud attach enchantment?
  100. If I play Spitebellows for its evoke cost, is it still considered a "creature spell"?
  101. greater auramancy manland shroud pillage land enchanted what happens
  102. greater auramancy levitation creatures you control makes all my creatures enchanted?
  103. Raid Bombardment/Guardian Seraph
  104. can planeswalker target creature with shroud?
  105. if i have to choose a card to discard and i cant decide which can i discard at random
  106. Suffer the past vs Emrakul
  107. Enchant Creatures
  108. magic can you sacrifice a creature you just played
  109. magic rules planeswalker life gain
  110. mtg Royal Assassin Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
  111. magic question no target do i still get to draw card
  112. Multiple Merfolk Reejerey
  113. magic is redirected damage still combat damage
  114. does wrath of god bury or destroy mtg
  115. magic can a player with shroud be counterspelled
  116. can a ballista attack flying creatures
  117. is leveling an ability mtg
  118. can a creature attack its owner magic
  119. at what step do you lose if you cant draw magic
  120. does countering a card kill it in magic
  121. Declaring blockers
  122. Sylvan Bounty basic landcycling ability when not my turn?
  123. Beastbreaker of Bala Ged level up after combat or damage heal?
  124. Does exile remove counters from creature/planeswalker?
  125. planeswalkers path to exile use magic faq
  126. Planeswalkers priorities
  127. do 2 vigor in play protect each other magic rulings
  128. Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs planeswalker
  129. Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs opp attacks multiple creatures
  130. does ally mean any creature under your control? magic
  131. does exploration stack magic
  132. Magic does blocking use the stack
  133. in magic if damage is blocked is it still considerd dealt
  134. exploration disenchanted can you play more than one land magic
  135. does shroud cancel previous enchantments in MTG
  136. does deathtouch work against players if i attack with unblocked deathtouch creature
  137. does emrakul the aeons torn have protection from day of judgement magic the gathering
  138. magic lands becomes a creature enters battlefield?
  139. if View from Above is countered and I control a white permanent does it go to my hand
  140. mtg: can you regenerate a creature if it was discarded from your hand
  141. Dragonspeaker Shaman what defines a dragon spell mtg
  142. in magic if you tap a creature in response to it attacking does it still do damage
  143. can u play a magic card without a target
  144. does white knight and black knight block each other magic
  145. Knight of Cliffhaven roots level up gain flying
  146. hada spy patrol enchantment level up shroud
  147. does protection from color work on abilities mtg
  148. Can you play a Sorcery during an attack phase in magic
  149. Linvala, Keeper of Silence
  150. mtg level mechanic start at 1 or 0
  151. when permenants are in graveyards are they permenants magic
  152. what happens to enchantments when creature is controlled magic
  153. if you have multiple totem armors do you choose which to remove? mtg
  154. how many times can you level up per turn magic
  155. can a counterspell prevent a tapping ability mtg
  156. skill borrower Capashen Unicorn ability
  157. Elvish Visionary Equilibrium magic rulings return to hand
  158. can protection from artifacts be equipped
  159. what color is Ancient Ziggurat is it all colors or is it last one played
  160. Beacon of Immortality and Cast through Time
  161. magic when is a spell no longer a spell
  162. is a land that taps for red mana a mountain mtg
  163. if i regenerate does creature do damage
  164. can you play instants and abilities after untap but before upkeep? magic mtg rules
  165. death touch vs fog bank magic gathering rulings
  166. can artifact creatures attack when summoned?
  167. Magic rules regain control of my creature summoning sickness again?
  168. rules for blocking multiple attackers with one blocker magic
  169. o que acontece no magic com abyssal persecutor rules
  170. spirit creature rules magic
  171. magic rulings can you level up more than once per turn
  172. Colorless Mana = Artifact?
  173. The legend rule doesn't apply?
  174. Pestilence Demon deals damage to itself?
  175. Demonic Appetite and Aura Thief
  176. Angelheart Vial question
  177. totem armor indestructible
  178. Bear Umbra on a Reki, the History of Kamigawa totem armor legendary rulings
  179. totem armor rulings do i have to use it
  180. Sarkhan the Mad how do you raise loyalty
  181. Is Repay in Kind life loss?
  182. Shivan Wumpus Tajuru Preserver Spells and abilities your opponents control cant cause
  183. can Renegade Doppelganger copy creature with shroud magic rules
  184. Luminous Wake on avatar of hope blocking multiple creatures how much life gained?
  185. magic Colossal Might rulings combat Target creature gets +4/+2 and gains trample
  186. is there an order of laying lands magic the gathering rules
  187. Call to Glory question
  188. is ninjutsu a spell? mtg
  189. mtg can creatures attack their controller?
  190. what happens if i tap a blocker? magic rules faq
  191. if i summon creauture and someone mind controls it still have summomning sickness?
  192. mtg rules can u have more then 4 creatures with shroud in your deck in magic
  193. magic rulings do all spells suffer summoning sickness
  194. oracle of mul daya rulings land play on opponents turn
  195. can illusion creature be targetted magic
  196. is changeling an illusion magic
  197. can illusion creature block creature with shadow magic
  198. Soul Warden Life Gain
  199. can ilusion creature block creature with flying magic
  200. Krovikan Mist equal to the number of Illusions Illusionary Terrain
  201. can illusion creature block non illusion creature magic gathering rules
  202. two parallax wave magic rulings
  203. magic the gathering rules casting spells you dont have
  204. Indestructible
  205. Summoning Sickness
  206. Losing Life = Damage?
  207. Emrakul the Aeons Torn
  208. can duress target a planeswalker
  209. does the game end if platinum angel is put into play?
  210. does mind control work on creature with enchantments mtg
  211. how does amoeboid changeling from MTG work
  212. does amoeboid changeling from MTG get all creatures abilities
  213. in magic can you put an instant on a creature with shroud
  214. does ally +1 apply when the card enters the field magic
  215. mtg do effects that require damage to a player work with planeswalker
  216. magic the gathering does clone work on a planeswalker
  217. do tokens in magic the gathering count as being summoned
  218. loyalty counters count as regular counters MTG
  219. Rebound mechanic question
  220. Does wither stack magic
  221. how to stop standstill magic: the gathering
  222. magic the gathering enslave summoning sickness?
  223. mtg enchanted creature gains shroud after being targeted
  224. rulings on mtg ascension beastmaster before damage
  225. Question about Wrap in Vigor with Urge to Feed
  226. can an opponent discards with no hand? magic gathering rulings
  227. Awakener Druid Act of Treason forest faq
  228. magic rulings can I use a card being exiled before it leaves battlefield?
  229. protection guildpact guardian magic gathering rules
  230. magic search through your deck for a creature card artifact creature faq
  231. what happens when you enchant a man land magic faq
  232. magic the gathering rulings may a tapped creature use an activated ability?
  233. First Strike and Double Strike And Vigilance
  234. Mul Daya Channelers Celestial Colonnade mandland rulings faq magic
  235. Perimeter Captain
  236. Sideboard
  237. magic boomerang and donate
  238. mtg can you negate an artifact
  239. can you counter two creatures with double negative spell magic
  240. are changelings all creatures in your hand magic the gathering
  241. what doesn't indestructible protect against mtg
  242. magic can creatures in graveyard be targeted
  243. magic rulings pay life while under 0
  244. how many players can play magic
  245. mtg does shroud protect against life gain
  246. can you clone a clone rulings magic the gathering
  247. mtg can you play two spells simultaneously
  248. magic the gathering You have shroud does it meen player or cards he has
  249. magic exile Count as discard?
  250. magic are duel lands basic lands?