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  1. pact of negation and eater of days magic ruligns
  2. two questions about Ophidian Eye, damage, and infect
  3. must a cryptoplasm copy a flagbearer with Coalition Honor Guard on the battlefield?
  4. Can Tumble Magnet Tap a creature without activating an ability?
  5. Frost titan ability
  6. Stone Calendar rulings pells you cast cost up to 1 less to cast cumulative?
  7. does Marshaling Cry affect creatures entering the battlefield after it has resolved?
  8. does a Torpor Orb also stop ally abilities?
  9. Fickle Efreet and humble cast not gain control
  10. can i equip Accorder's Shield on a creature that already has vigilance?
  11. Phyrexian Metamorph rulings faq no creature on battlefield what happens
  12. Swamp Mosquito ans Chained Throatseeker rulings attack poison counter
  13. can you dispatch a tapped creature?
  14. can Emerald Charm's last ability target a creature without flying? magic
  15. dark maze and Alluring Siren attack if able? magic
  16. does Urabrask, the Hidden give haste to itself as well? magic new phyrexia faq
  17. Relic Bind and Pristine Talisman artifact tapped gain 1 life damage magic
  18. Wanderer's Twig and oracle of mul daya basic land search faq
  19. Sanity Grinding and blue phyrexian mana symbol faq chromo
  20. can I play Fledgling Djinn and True Beliver to avoid the damage each turn
  21. Beacon of Destruction and Cast Through Time rebound rulings magic
  22. I ned Magick halp
  23. Apathy target creature discard card at random to untap magic
  24. Citanul Woodreaders kicker mana pool rulings Consecrated Sphinx
  25. two Vinelasher Kudzu on battlefield land enters battlefield how many counters? magic
  26. Dissipation Field and Ichor Rats
  27. Ebon Drake vs phyrexian mana spell symbol lose one life
  28. Luminarch Ascension Vs Infect
  29. upwelling and phyrexian mana pools dont empty steps phases ends magic
  30. can Trap Runner use its ability on a Sootwalkers?
  31. magus of the moon and halimar depths magic
  32. Ice Cave and phyrexian mana symbol cost magic counter
  33. some questions on phyreian mana cost symbol
  34. Watery Grave and surgical extraction phyrexian mana cost rulings
  35. phyrexian mana question cast card life cost
  36. can I Pay more then 2 life for phyrexian mana symbol cost?
  37. phyrexian mana symbol platinum angel negative life
  38. is paying life for phyrexian mana symbol = life loss?
  39. platinum emperion and phyrexian mana symbol rulings faq magic
  40. converted mana cost of cards with phyrexian mana symbol?
  41. Temporal Distortion and lands that enter the battlefield tapped magic
  42. does Chalice of the Void with x=0 counter morph spells?
  43. does activating Transmogrifying Licid trigger Celestial Ancient?
  44. can a Pestermite entering the battlefield tap an aura?
  45. Mind Bend vs landcycling faq Twisted Abomination
  46. does a Nevinyrral's disk kill itself?
  47. what happens if I use orim's chant in response to an isochron scepter being activated
  48. Sacred Ground and inkmoth nexus fireball magic
  49. magic can you use ability of Quicksilver Dragon if its the only creature in play?
  50. what happens to lands if you play Mycosynth Lattice and march of the machines?
  51. Sorin Markov vs mindslaver turn controlling sequence mtg
  52. Inkmoth nexus and ankh of mishra rulings manland
  53. Burning-Tree Shaman and Viscera Seer sacrifice a creature magic
  54. can you cast Deep Reconnaissance for flashback cost anytime you could play instant?
  55. does Suppression Field affect madness ability? mtg madness faq
  56. Songs of the Damned and inkmoth nexus rules magic graveyard creature card
  57. what happens if i imprint Condescend on Isochron Scepter?
  58. Death Wish vs Graven Dominator haunt card magic
  59. can Sewerdreg exile from the graveyard a card that has shroud?
  60. spin into myth can you fateseal with a mindlock orb out? magic fateseal faq
  61. Necrologia and platinum angel pay lots of life?
  62. Smokestack and sacred ground magic return land
  63. can you put Unstable Mutation on Melira's Keepers? magic
  64. Goblin Cohort and Akroma's Memorial haste creatrure can attack? magic
  65. Fractured Loyalty and disenchant gaining control of creature?
  66. Ghost Tactician rulings magic can i discard more then one card to give more bonus
  67. MTG Shroud Question
  68. does fate transfer trigger doubling season? magic
  69. does Leechridden Swamp count as a basic land?
  70. Leechridden Swamp control black permanent rulings magic
  71. Orcish Cannoneers and deal damage to you creature magic rulings
  72. Pact of Negation rulings magic countered still pay 3UU next turn or lose?
  73. timetwister and mulligan rulings mtg
  74. Blinding Beam choose one spell magic cast on resolve?
  75. Banefire and Deep-Slumber Titan magic rulings deals X damage untap
  76. can a Kinsbaile Skirmisher give +1/+1 to himself
  77. Island Sanctuary and hero of bladehold rulings mtg
  78. Anurid Scavenger if I dont have cards in my graveyard rulings
  79. when do official spoilers start for new phyrexia?
  80. dual land Stomping Ground mountain forest Vernal Bloom rulings magic
  81. Feldon's Cane no graveyard shuffle library?
  82. Shu Farmer and additional combat phase rulings mtg
  83. Rogue Kavu attaking alone Swords to Plowshares rulings magic
  84. does Cairn Wanderer gain infect if creature with infect is in graveyard? mtg
  85. Elsewhere flask and later lands
  86. Can you stifle Gilded Drake's ability? magic
  87. in magic what happens when you turn ace up a Wall of Deceit after it attacked?
  88. if i tap glacial fortress to put charge counter on Jeweled Amulet question mana mtg
  89. can you stifle cumulative upkeep?
  90. Question Vine of Vastwood Vs Urge to feed
  91. two dredge cards in graveyard dredge stack? magic dredge faq
  92. frenzied goblin attacks can I pay R more then once?
  93. Leonin Arbiter rulings Shadow of Doubt magic search libraries
  94. can you ignore shroud on your own creatures? magic
  95. are you aloud to shuffle your graveyard into your library whenever u want?
  96. Elvish Hunter vs inkmoth nexus untap magic
  97. Collective Restraint against attacking planeswalkers magic
  98. Freyalise Supplicant Overblaze rounding of damage magic
  99. Ad Nauseam platinum emperion draw my whole library without penalty? magic
  100. Sickening Shoal magic rulings black card exiled from hand converted mana cost faq
  101. Samite Pilgrim is X determined when ability resolves or when damage is dealt? magic
  102. Venomous Dragonfly against protection from green magic
  103. Anti-Magic Aura and Aura Graft magic rulings
  104. Wave Elemental living weapon rulings magic Skinwing
  105. Painful Quandary and Stolen Grain rules magic gain lose life
  106. Vedalken Shackles gain control of manland inkmoth nexus
  107. Hellhole Rats ruling magic target player without cards in hand?
  108. can Riptide Laboratory return a wizard from your graveyard to your hand?
  109. does Raging Ravine get summoning sickness as it becomes a creature?
  110. Question about counters on Creature - Ally
  111. War's Toll other player cant play spells that cost more then 1 mana?
  112. Sigil Tracer copy spell no targets what happens magic
  113. can you use stifle on animate dead? mtg
  114. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery leyline of anticipation
  115. Hornet Cannon token hornet insect destroy end of turn magic
  116. Sorin Markov ponder rules look top cards of library magic
  117. does Vampire Hexmage work on cumulative upkeep age counters? magic
  118. Dredge can opponent kill creature i am sacrificing?
  119. Terashi's Grasp on a platinum angel 0 life what happens?
  120. Molten Sentry cryptoplasm copy creature coin flip magic
  121. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas artifact creature animate Stalking Stones magic rulings
  122. Phyrexian Crusader
  123. Norin the Wary legendary creature rules magic exile faq
  124. Skizzik flicker kicker cost remember I paid or sacrifice end of turn? mtg
  125. 2 Headed Giant Rules Change - Poison
  126. Two-Headed Giant Rules Change: Poison Counters
  127. Abeyance offering rules magic Patron of the Nezumi
  128. replicate spell rulings knowledge pool mtg
  129. fireslinger platinum angel win game or draw or lose game magic
  130. replicate spell and counterspell rules magic
  131. Djinn Illuminatus replicate sorcery instant with hybrid cost half mana magic
  132. Adarkar Valkyrie and pull from eternity way to return token to battlefield? magic
  133. stifle vs Nucklavee magic counter ability triggered rulings
  134. Spreading Plague ambush commander magic forest creatures rule
  135. Spreading Plague artiffact creatures magic destroy share color
  136. disappear Demystify destroy target enchantment return to hand? mtg
  137. does Crucible of Worlds let me play as many lands from graveyard as I want per turn?
  138. equipping rules magic when I equip Angelic Protector does it trigger target ability?
  139. Turn to Slag creature unequip magic rules
  140. Ophidian double strike isnt blocked draw two cards? magic
  141. sword of the meek Flayer Husk living weapon rulings
  142. Cold Storage sacrifice magic rulings exile creatures
  143. Dragon Breath Animal Magnetism cards graveyard battlefield mtg rulings
  144. Dragon Wings graveyard battlefield return rulings magic prtection blue
  145. Last-Ditch Effort sacrifice creatures respond magic
  146. does Serpentine Basilisk destroy planeswalker? magic
  147. Barbarian Outcast control no swamps flicker rulings magic
  148. Solfatara Azusa, Lost but Seeking how many lands turn mtg
  149. Farmstead can i pay wwww gain 2 life? magic
  150. plainswalkers Privileged Position redirect damage magic
  151. Spark Elemental time stop sacrifice end turn magic
  152. Lich's Mirror and Decimator web rulings mtg
  153. Deadshot Minotaur levitation deal damage flying creature rules magic
  154. first time I cast Life Burst do I gain four or eight life?
  155. Bloodshot Cyclops sacrifice himself deal 4 damage? magic
  156. Living Lands in battlefield can forests be tapped for mana first turn?
  157. does Argothian Treefolk get prevented combat damage from artifact creatures?
  158. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas ability and sun dropletmagic
  159. Dogged Hunter destroy target creature token rulings magic cryptoplasm question
  160. Phyrexian Infiltrator exchange control of other creature sacrificed? magic
  161. wtf equipment
  162. r planeswalkers like a new kind of creature or sumthin?
  163. does Righteous Charge affect creatures not on the battlefield at that time?
  164. Pyromancer Ascension moonlace rulings copy spell colorless magic
  165. if i control charging troll does Thornwatch Scarecrow have wither and vigilance?
  166. Stitch in Time counterspell flip a coin magic rulings
  167. Entropic Specter cryptoplasm rulings chosen player's hand choice magic
  168. arc blade pyromancer ascension exile spell copy? magic
  169. can a Tsabo Tavoc destroy itself? magic
  170. Sylvan Safekeeper and thrun the last troll shroud magic
  171. does aven cloudchaser destroy humility?
  172. Llawan, Cephalid Empress and Leyline of Anticipation magic counterspell flash
  173. Hypergenesis and Verduran Enchantress put enchantment battlefield magic
  174. proliferate and planeswalkers loyalty counters rules magic
  175. Mox Opal and legendary rule mtg legends
  176. Broodhatch Nantuko and coat of arms magic
  177. can I gravebind with no creatures for the card draw?
  178. Puppet Strings magic rulings Brink of disaster tapped creature
  179. Hum of the Radix knowledge pool
  180. Whim of Volrath and roots of life change card text magic
  181. Alter Reality and Chatter of the Squirrel magic rules flashback
  182. Can you stifle the triggered ability of Gather Speciments?
  183. Righteous Cause hero of bladehold faq rulings tokens attacking
  184. Last Chance and time stop magic lose game rules
  185. Energy Chamber and Inkmoth nexus rulings
  186. Evershrike and Divine Transformation magic rules enchantment attach
  187. does goblin warchief stack? magic
  188. creatures made coward by Boldwyr Intimidator warrior block rules
  189. Call of the Wild creature card can I still choose to put it in my graveyard
  190. does Karona, False God use up all the colors from All Suns' Dawn mtg
  191. stifle lotus cobra mana ability rulings magic
  192. Stigma Lasher exiled does effect end magic
  193. can I channel Shinen of Life's Roar while its on the battlefield?
  194. Artificial Evolution and Mageta the Lion Creature Type Change Magic
  195. Do I draw a card next turn if I cast Mystic Melting on an indestructible artifact?
  196. Empress Galina and mind control mtg faq gain control
  197. Mindlock Orb and Invincible Hymn magic rules library
  198. Invincible Hymn and platinum emperion interaction magic
  199. Last Breath and Deathmask Nezumi rulings seven cards in hand
  200. Laccolith Warrior Phyresis infect rules
  201. Magnivore faq wildfire rulings magic deals 4 damage to each creature
  202. Curfew only one player controls a creature magic
  203. Mind Control and Karona, False God rulings magic
  204. Experiment Kraj and Gideon Jura planeswalker abilities magic
  205. Ancient Hellkite vs Callous Giant rules help mtg
  206. Blisterstick Shaman battlefield rulings mtg Opal Archangel faq
  207. Thrun, the Last Troll Indestructibility Nevinyrral's Disk magic rulings
  208. knowledge pool and Aether Barrier sacrifice permanent? magic
  209. Body Snatcher no creatures in hand do I need to reveal to opponent? magic
  210. does Worldslayer also destroy the creature its equipping? magic
  211. Armor of Faith and Simic Guildmage enchantment attach rulings magic
  212. Can Inferno deal damage to a Planeswalker?
  213. cycling gempalm incinerator to deal damage to Warren Scourge Elf Cycle FAQ Magic
  214. does Warren Instigator trigger wild pair? magic rulings
  215. Moonlit Strider and protection from white rulings magic
  216. Brainwash and Pacifism on same creature can I attack if I pay 3?
  217. Can you copy a spell more then once using Mirari?
  218. protean hydra and glorious anthem +1/+1 counters prevent damage magic
  219. escaped null blocking Arrogant Bloodlord does ability trigger?
  220. magic rulings Time Stop and Voidmage Husher faq
  221. can I cast To Arms! if I control no creatures just to draw a card? magic
  222. Morphed Fallen Cleric and Rotlung Reanimator magic rules
  223. Hinder vs flashback spell library graveyard exile magic
  224. Meddle and no other creature to target magic
  225. Phage the Untouchable and Debtors' Knell ability optional? mtg
  226. Erithizon and Melira's Keepers counters creature +1//+1 out magic
  227. Erithizon and Thrun the Last Troll put counter magic
  228. Arid Mesa platinum emperion life pay ability sacrifice land magic
  229. Terramorphic Expanse faq sacrifice Drain the Well magic
  230. does Arrow Volley Trap count the tokens put into battlefield attacking hero of blade
  231. World at War and Cinder wall magic additional combat phase rules
  232. Zenith rulings Black Sun's Zenith and Protection from black magic
  233. Words of Wilding use when I am out of library magic
  234. Does Holy Day also protect my planeswalkers? magic
  235. Aven Cloudchaser I control only enchantment on battlefield magic
  236. Funeral March can I sacrifice creature that is leaving play? mtg
  237. Arix Sword of Feast and Famine
  238. Melira's Keepers faq counters +1/+1 move Spike Cannibal magic
  239. what happens if you cast Upheaval and there are tokens on the battlefield?
  240. Contested War Zone Chamber of Manipulation gain control of land ability faq
  241. in magic what happens to a Necrogen Censer when all counters are removed?
  242. Thoughtlace Ricochet Trap blue spell magic
  243. Hero of Bladehold Relentless Assault untap creatures attacked magic rulings
  244. Does this combo work chimeric idol Amoeboid Changeling Ceaseless Searblades
  245. Keldon Marauders flicker and Essence Warden rulings magic
  246. can Angelic Page attack giving the bonus to herself? mtg
  247. Desperate Research jace planeswalker rulings magic
  248. Flame Wave other player has ivory mask will it still deal damage to his creatures mtg
  249. Training Grounds and Knight of the Holy Nimbus ability regeneration shield magic
  250. Nantuko Calmer Proper Burial threshold seven cards graveyard magic