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  1. Living Death and abilities
  2. magic the gathering if i control a creature i control also enchantments
  3. paralyze creature that is already tapped mtg
  4. creature type magic gathering rule human?
  5. mtg do lands count as color cards
  6. can you target your own creature with a control spell mtg
  7. magic the gathering if a token is sent to the graveyard
  8. mtg do multi color spells still count as each color
  9. In MTG if you block a creature then sack the blocker, does damage trample
  10. Magic: The Gathering Is it legal to shroud a target which has already been enchanted?
  11. mtg does wither effect end at end of turn
  12. does mind control take counters mtg
  13. how mind control works magic
  14. mtg can a creature be sacrificed as it's dealt damage
  15. does holy day protect from day of judgment?
  16. bottomless pit megrim no cards in hand dmg taken?
  17. Bottomless Pit rulings At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player discards
  18. is Balefire Liege both red and white?
  19. Balefire Liege and Fight to the Death red white
  20. magic rulings march of the machines ornithoper lotus bloom on battlefield?
  21. Lightning Greaves
  22. blood funnel and arrow volley trap
  23. is there a rule that only one mythic rare can be on the battlefield at a time?
  24. Is Dryad Arbor a spell?
  25. "casts a creature spell" vs "plays a creature spell"
  26. path to exile Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
  27. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn day of judgment
  28. Rith's Charm ability
  29. EvG questions
  30. vastwood zendikon which is returned to hand? mtg
  31. eternity vessel mtg gaining life?
  32. can i tap target creature before it attacks magic
  33. magic the gathering if a card can't be regenerated can it go back to your hand
  34. enchants die in magic when player dies?
  35. does control magic have summoning sickness?
  36. all targets made illegal effects ruling mtg
  37. if a spell targets a card but is countered, is it still targetted? mtg
  38. magic rules exile +1 counters
  39. how does phasing work mtg +1 counters
  40. Does regen protect from deathtouch?
  41. Blessed Breath and other questions
  42. mtg does clone change color
  43. magic does a creature count as a spell
  44. gains +/+ and shroud MtG
  45. mtg is casting a planeswalker a creature spell
  46. if you can't lose the game in magic the gathering does your life total go into the ne
  47. mtg can someone tap my creature if i tapped for an activation cost
  48. mtg can you play instants without being passed priority
  49. mtg how many counters per turn for planeswalkers
  50. Can I play Clock of Omens without 2 untapped artifacts?
  51. can vampire hexmage use sacrifice first turn
  52. MTG destroy creature before resolve
  53. unearth exiled magic creatures
  54. magic the gathering If you have a protection from creature card does trample damage s
  55. cast steppe lynx before you play land mtg
  56. does wither work on players in magic
  57. when can you sacrifice a creature magic
  58. can you counter the ability ninjitsu in mtg
  59. Trinisphere and Rift Bolt rulings suspend
  60. Mayael the Anima shapeshifter rulings
  61. Does Thief of Hope trigger it's own ability as I play it?
  62. I know that island is not a blue permanent but is it a blue card Magic FAQ Commandeer
  63. Fodder Launch sacrifice a changeling
  64. does stomping gound count as a forest and basic land?
  65. Dispel Counter target instant spell Bogardan Hellkite flash rulings faq magic
  66. do i have to sacrifice doomgape if its the only creature i got on battlefield?
  67. does Apocalypse remove planeswalkers from the game?
  68. dark maze use ability and boomerang magic rulings
  69. can clone target shroud?
  70. Question about Trip Noose
  71. magic the gathering rules is a enchantment an activated ability
  72. mtg when are card is exiled do you remove the counters from it
  73. mtg can a spell that affects all creatures work on a creature with shroud
  74. do +1/+1 counters count as permanents mtg
  75. mtg if a spell has two targets and one is removed does it resolve?
  76. mtg discard but have no cards rule
  77. can a creature with shroud be hit by earthquake? magic
  78. do allies trigger themselves magic gathering
  79. mtg can creatures with changeling attack?
  80. magic cards can a creature with vigilance become tapped
  81. does trample damage go through if the creature has deathtouch?
  82. Baru, Fist of Krosa Put an X/X green Wurm creature token onto the battlefield, where
  83. Memory plunder and bond of agony pay x life rulings magic
  84. Final Fortune on opponent's turn extra turn?
  85. Bosk Banneret Treefolk spells and Shaman spells you cast cost 1 less to cast question
  86. noob question
  87. mtg abilities for creatures that are tapped
  88. mtg do regenerated creatures deal damage
  89. Question about Bala Ged Thief
  90. regenerate summoning sickness
  91. magic gathering can you path exile before i sacrifice
  92. Does tunnel kill a changeling?
  93. Tangle Attacking creatures don't untap during their controllers' next untap steps?
  94. Door to Nothingness disenchant
  95. question about double strike rules
  96. Fight to the Death rulings questions
  97. Callous Oppressor gaining control of creature in middle of combat
  98. can llanowar elves attack and use mana at same time?
  99. Mistvein Borderpost convincing mirage and Celestial Colonnade magic rulings
  100. won a game on iffy circumstances, was it fair?
  101. guile and spells
  102. Guile and split cards
  103. does Harm's Way stack?
  104. magic can you respond on an activated ability
  105. how many times can creature abilities be played in magic
  106. magic the gathering multicolour rules what colour
  107. magic the gathering if a creature is discarded, can it still regenerate?
  108. wither mtg does it clear at end of turn?
  109. Illuminated Folio and lands and artifacts magic
  110. book burning confused Unless a player has Book Burning deal 6 damage to him or her
  111. mtg do activated abilities count as spells
  112. mtg what happens if there's two eye of the storms in play
  113. Can you counter an instant with an instant in mtg?
  114. contemplation coming into play trigger own ability? Magic
  115. kozilek annnihilator timing faq Whenever this creature attacks, defending
  116. when a creature gets mind controlled in magic does it have summoning sickness?
  117. magic could i take the control of my controlled creature again?
  118. mtg can u use an activated ability when a creature is tapped?
  119. comet storm do you have to pick more targets
  120. Feral Hydra
  121. chalice of the void converted mana cost
  122. can you use swerve to make enchantment go on a different creature?
  123. sac Dauntless Escort to save my creatures from day of judgment
  124. Mutavault is creature also all colors magic
  125. can you stifle the ability of stasis?
  126. can i play slay without green creature just so i can draw a card
  127. Laquatus' Champion and fizzle rule
  128. multiple Godhead of Awe rules
  129. Familiar Ground Goblin War Drums magic rules can creatures be blocked
  130. Reaper King questions
  131. Boggart Sprite-Chaser Faerie Macabre Pyroclasm interaction rulings
  132. lush growth land mana rgw
  133. Changeling Titan Champion a creature lightning bolt
  134. Wild Swing Destroy one of them at random faq ruling
  135. Ice Cage on Llanowar Knight doomblade targetting protection black rules
  136. Runes of the Deus on Uril, the Miststalker
  137. curtain of light vs unblockable creature phantom warrior
  138. curtain of light vs creature with trample
  139. can you regenerate planeswalker using Reknit
  140. Question: Gaining control of Creature/Equipments and Enchantments
  141. Cunning Wish exiled cards
  142. Gruul War Plow creature ability
  143. multiple explorer's scope
  144. Walking Atlas artifact creature?
  145. Chronatog question
  146. eradicate animate land swamp magic rulings faq
  147. does wargate let me play an enchantment on a creature with shroud?
  148. can hypergenesis be countered from suspend?
  149. can I bring Summon the School into play using Seahunter?
  150. does Sigil Captain stack
  151. Hypergenesis converted mana cost
  152. magic mysteries of the deep draw land card
  153. does changeling entering the battlefield activate Tuktuk Scrapper's ability?
  154. does Intet, the Dreamer allow me to cast spells in times i normally wouldnt be able?
  155. Dormant Sliver rulings how many cards I draw magic
  156. during who's untapped step does a creature with mind control untap?
  157. Everglove Courier attack tapped ability magic rulings
  158. Turntimber Ranger in battlefield what happens when I play 2nd one
  159. Abyssal Persecutor Phage the Untouchable conflicting situation rules magic
  160. Devouring Rage question rules magic
  161. does traumatize trigger megrim
  162. Baleful Stare Swerve Change the target of target spell with a single target
  163. does story circle prevent damage to my planeswalkers?
  164. can Inner-Flame Acolyte ability be used on itself?
  165. Null Profusion Reliquary Tower maximum hand size
  166. incite war faq magic Creatures target player controls attack this turn if able
  167. Where Ancients Tread last grasp magic rules
  168. Primal Forcemage Where Ancients Tread magic rules
  169. Ancient Ziggurat artifact creature magic
  170. do instants and sorceries "enter the battlefield" when they are cast?
  171. can i use Goryo's Vengeance to bring out kozilek butcher of truth before its shuffled
  172. kozilek butcher of truth annihilator creatures with shroud
  173. Annihilator kozilek butcher of truth what if I don't have enough permanents to sacr
  174. Parallel Thoughts rulings magic
  175. smallpox my only creature has shroud and protection from black mtg
  176. Dbl strike trample double dmg?
  177. 2 taunting elf and lure
  178. Flameblast Dragon ability combat damage?
  179. Ward of Lights colorless
  180. putrid leech infest end of turn
  181. 4 Dripping-Tongue Zubera and wrath of god rulings
  182. disfigure and blocking
  183. cloud key and converted mana cost
  184. how does Cloud Key work with costs of X
  185. Changeling Berserker champion a creature i took control of
  186. does honor of the pure take effect immediately upon entering battlefield? magic faq
  187. Can Viridian Shaman destroy Artifact Creature
  188. a copy of target creature: does that copy its abilities?
  189. mtg exile rule regenerate
  190. when do i have priority during my opponents step using blinding mage?
  191. magic the gathering rockslide elemetal count with tokens?
  192. pacifism is my brother a cheater magic
  193. Planar Cleansing Indestructibility what happens
  194. pacifism disenchant summoning sickness creature
  195. Loxodon Peacekeeper who is "you"
  196. mind control Loxodon Peacekeeper
  197. progenitus magic the gathering edict
  198. cloning a face down morph card
  199. cloning a flipped card such as Nezumi Graverobber
  200. beacon of destiny mother of runes
  201. Arid Mesa Steppe Lynx
  202. Does deathtouch work on shroud creatures
  203. is losing life the same as taking damage? magic
  204. duress rules instant
  205. Acolyte of Xathrid planeswalker
  206. if face down morph card goes to graveyard do i have to reveal it?
  207. magebane armor only flyer
  208. if you exile a tapped land does it come back into play tapped
  209. can you enchant a morphed creature
  210. does clone take its color as well
  211. mtg double strike ruling on warren instigator
  212. rapid fire intro pack ruulings act of treason kor skyfisher
  213. telling time rulings counterspell
  214. can manlands damage horizon drake when they are creatures
  215. Mistmeadow Skulk and costs of X, kickers, etc
  216. Day of Judgment Mistmeadow Skulk rules
  217. Primal Command target noncreature permanent Celestial Colonnade rulings
  218. Mind Funeral all cards revealed this way
  219. Disenchant Parallax Tide in response to exiling land
  220. Can you clone legendary creature or do they both die?
  221. goblin assault do all goblins gotta attack or just the tokens from goblin assault?
  222. can Rings of Brighthearth copy fetchland abilities? Landfall Abilities?
  223. Does Char-Rumbler die if i play it and I dont have 2 red mana to pay for its ability
  224. Does Dross Harvester hitting the graveyard trigger its own ability? magic rulings faq
  225. Broken Ambitions clash rules magic x payed
  226. cruel ultimatum played; I have 1 card left in library and other player has 1 life
  227. lifelink spirit link difference magic
  228. Day of Judgment kill Sphinx of Jwar Isle?
  229. progenitus path to exile
  230. dust elemental i control less then 3 creatures
  231. sleep ambush commander Tap all creatures target player controls tap forests?
  232. Clone m2010 - Ally?
  233. Hellkite charger destroyed/exiled after paying for ability magic rules faq
  234. Frenzied Goblin ability rulings mtg Whenever Frenzied Goblin attacks, you may pay R
  235. Prison Term on Lotus Cobra magic
  236. can Drowner of Secrets pay for his own ability the turn it comes into play?
  237. Celestial Colonnade creature gets destroyed goes back to land or graveyard? magic faq
  238. platinum angel Phyrexian Processor pay million life rules magic
  239. Shuko Angelic Protector equip infinite times?
  240. Doubling Cube rulings magic
  241. does heartstone reduce morph cost?
  242. gains flying after blocked rules magic
  243. untap during combat magic the gathering
  244. Can u counter indestructible creature magic
  245. can abilities be used after played?
  246. can you mind control a creature twice?
  247. mtg rules tap all lands target player controls
  248. cone flame other player has only 1 creature can i deal 1 dmg to creature 5 to player?
  249. infest vs Devout Lightcaster Protection from black
  250. Desolation Giant destroy all other creatures you control. If it was kicked ruling