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  1. Does Ascendant Evincar effect Melira's Keepers? magic
  2. consecrated sphinx can I just draw one card? magic
  3. living weapon rules Stonehewer Giant attach equipment creature magic
  4. Living weapon and put into the battlefield instead of cast magic
  5. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas and platinum emperion
  6. Venser, the Sojourner
  7. knowledge pool and phyrexian revoker used as stifle? magic
  8. can I play equipment with living weapon normally without germ token? magic
  9. additional combat phase and battle cry rulings magic
  10. phyrexian revoker naming of new mirrodin besieged card if you dont remember name mtg
  11. does phyrexian revoker work against tezzeret agent of bolas planeswalker magic
  12. Persist on a 1/1
  13. Spiraling Duelist Metalcraft double strike equip viridian claw rulings magic
  14. Viridian Emissary rulings cosi's Trickster Crown of Convergence
  15. Viridian Emissary does the land count against land limit in the turn? mtg
  16. Black Sun's Zenith rulings Cosi's Trickster magic shuffle library rules
  17. Shimmer Myr Artifact cards flash rules cast magic
  18. Titan Forge rulings Vampire Hexmage charge counters
  19. Hero of Bladehold question Gideon Jura Battlecry tokens attacking
  20. Tezzeret Agent of Bolas and Inkmoth Nexus rulings
  21. Cryptoplasm and mutiple instances of gain this ability magic
  22. cryptoplasm and phyrexian revoker rules magic
  23. Cryptoplasm and level up creatures magic
  24. Hero of Bladehold and Beastmaster Ascension ruling
  25. Spread the Sickness rulings proliferate protection from black
  26. Spread the sickness on creature with darksteel plate to proliferate
  27. Consecrated Sphinx rulings magic me and opponent control
  28. can you path to exile a creature equipped with darksteel plate?
  29. Gruesome Encore rulings faq synod sanctum your control creature magic
  30. Praetor's Counsel rules you have no maximum hand size rest of the game magic
  31. Myr Turbine can you tap myr creature that entered battlefield same turn? magic
  32. can you stifle living weapon? does the 0/0 black germ token creature die if you do?
  33. Knowledge Pool FAQ/Rulings Mirrodin Besieged
  34. Vedalken Anatomist and shroud tap untap that creature
  35. can you stifle Sphere of the Suns ability or is it mana ability? magic
  36. can cryptoplasm copy a Great Sable Stag protection from blue
  37. Cryptoplasm and copying a 0/0 black germ token magic
  38. Can a cryptoplasm shapeshift back to its original form at will magic
  39. Cryptoplasm Thopter Assembly beginning of upkeep rulings
  40. Tezzeret Agent of Bolas animate artifact summoning sickness magic
  41. does mirrorworks stack magic
  42. mirrorworks and ichor wellsprings copy artifact put battlefield magic
  43. in magic can Training Drone equipped with Copper Carapace block?
  44. can you use spin engine after blockers have been declared?
  45. does shriekhorn gets destroyed when it runs out of charge counters? magic
  46. can gather specimens be used against Thrun last troll can't be countered magic
  47. Massacre Wurm Rulings Gather Specimens question
  48. can I cast fuel for the cause if none of my permanents have counters no proliferate
  49. Blue Sun's Zenith and consecrated sphinx rules mtg draw cards magic
  50. Blue sun's Zenith rulings cause to lose game? draw cards empty library? mtg
  51. rusted slasher faq can you sacrifice indestructible creature to regenerate it?
  52. living weapon rulings faq 0/0 black germ token can you move equipment away from it?
  53. Massacre Wurm and tokens rulings graveyard magic lose life
  54. Myr Sire mind control goes to graveyard who gets tokens magic
  55. cast into the core with only one artifact in battlefield magic faq
  56. Gust Skimmer rules gains flying combat phase magic
  57. How do you use gore vassal magic mirrodin besieged
  58. magic can spin engine target phyrexian crusader protection from red ability rules mtg
  59. counterspell Proliferate Fuel for the Cause can't be countered magic
  60. Fuel for the Cause counterspell proliferate no spell to counter
  61. activating a manland during combat phase
  62. platinum emperion and wall of shards cumulative upkeep rulings magic
  63. Molten-Tail Masticore exile creature graveyard token
  64. does progenitus have protection from emblems? magic
  65. Cancel Iona, shield of emeria
  66. humility and Iona, Shield of Emeria choose a color spells magic
  67. Makeshift Mannequin counters fate transfer save creature magic
  68. Precursor Golem rulings Fiery Justice copy target golem magic
  69. Mana Seism sacrifice lands rules in response magic rulings
  70. Abyssal persecutor rulings losing game for illegal deck magic Memoricide
  71. can I gain control of a Commander Eesha using a domainting licid? magic
  72. Hero of Bladehold rulings put two creatures attacking battlefield magic
  73. Isochron Scepter and knowledge pool
  74. Brothers Yamazaki and humility legend rules doesnt apply magic
  75. is blightsteel colossus destoyed by Creeping Corrosion magic
  76. does knowledge pool work when it is tapped magic
  77. Does Creeping Corrosion destroy artifact creatures with shroud? magic
  78. knowledge pool and X in mana cost magic
  79. does knowledge pool let you cast spells in times when you couldn't normally cast them
  80. Knowledge Pool and suspend
  81. slagstorm deal damage to each player each creature does it deal damage to me?
  82. Slagstorm faq which mode do I choose if want to damage a planeswalker?
  83. can I cast lead the stampede with less then 5 cards in my library or will i lose
  84. magic can you stifle knowledge pool abiliy?
  85. when is wizards publishing the knowledge pool faq
  86. Knowledge pool cast spells from hand exile do I have a choice? mtg
  87. if you destroy a knowledge pool what happens to the exiled spells?
  88. when I cast an exiled vivisection through knowledge pool do I need to sac a creature?
  89. faq knowledge pool lodestone golem Nonartifact spells cost 1 more to cast
  90. mirrodin besieged faq knowledge pool kickers additional costs magic
  91. if other player casts one of my knowledge pool spells is he considered the owner? mtg
  92. Knowledge pool so can other player cast one of my spells which I exiled? magic
  93. what happens if you have more then one knowledge pool in play? mirrodin besieged faq
  94. Knowledge Pool whenever player casts a spell rule magic
  95. Knowledge Pool into Cascade
  96. Distant memories rules faq Maralen players can't draw cards magic
  97. Soulgorger Orgg and Vodalian Illusionist phase out phase in life rules magic
  98. corrupted conscience rules faq life gain ogre leave battlefield magic
  99. Phyrexian Vatmother rules you get a poison counter shroud magic
  100. vedalken anatomist faq rules melira's keepers tap untap no counters magic
  101. Melira's Keeper rule counters cant be placed wither deathtouch damage magic
  102. Bargaining Table cast opponent draw cards more cost magic rules
  103. Meliras keepers faq counters cannot be placed on it humility magic
  104. Melira's Keepers fate transfer magic move counters permanent faq
  105. rules clarification about new mirrodin besieged card shimmering myr
  106. what happens when I lose control of a creature after attackers have been declard? mtg
  107. tap untap creature rules magic Glimmerdust Nap rulings
  108. Nettlevine Blight where does it get attached to control magic
  109. Greater Realm of Preservation magic do I have to choose black or red?
  110. Stinkdrinker Bandit rogue magic double strike combat question
  111. can Last Word be used against spell with split second in magic
  112. magus of the unseen gain control of target artifact magic ability stack faq
  113. Question about kickers
  114. A few questions.
  115. Dream Stalker return permanent with shroud to hand? magic
  116. liege of the tangle fate transfer counters magic rules
  117. magic gain million life is this legal or cheating
  118. Evasive Action pay 1 for basic land types counter spell magic
  119. Adun Oakenshield ability stack question return graveyard hand magic
  120. magic difference between phase and step
  121. Deepwood Tantiv blocked by many creatures gain 2 life for each? magic
  122. Blinking Spirit return creature to hand question stack in response
  123. i cast roots on creature with no flying. later creature gets flying does it untap mtg
  124. does Linvala Keeper of Silence shut down unearth? magic
  125. in mirrodin besieged are you allowed to mix cards from different factions? magic
  126. in magic how does eotic orchard work
  127. Yavimaya's Embrace rules mind control question faq magic enchantment
  128. mana breach faq rules Archaeological Dig sacrifice tap for mana magic
  129. can you remove six quest counters from Ior Ruin Expedition and draw four cards? magic
  130. very weird situation with break open and morph card counter spell magic
  131. what happens when a Vedalken Dismisser enters the battlefield no other creatures? mtg
  132. fling faq protection from green Vodalian Zombie magic damage pro green faq
  133. Enchantment Alteration clarification wording rules magic
  134. split second rules magic Celestial Crusader counter with Lilting Refrain?
  135. Rings of Brighthearth Jace Mind Sculptor planeswalker abilities copy magic
  136. Urborg Justice does it include dead tokens magic
  137. quicken rules question next sorcery cast as flash magic
  138. proliferate mechanic mirrodin besieged keywords faq rules
  139. poisoned rules mirrodin besieged new keyword faq poisoned mechanic
  140. Infect keyword ability rules mirrodin besieged faq
  141. Living Weapon mechanic mirrodin besieged keyword living weapon rules faq
  142. Metalcraft ability keyword mechanic rules faq magic mirrodin besieged
  143. Mirrrodin Besieged Battle Cry Ability mechanic keyword rules faq
  144. kinship ability faq share a type Waterspout Weavers magic changeling card
  145. momentary blink morph card face down turn face up? magic
  146. does artifact creature entering battlefield trigger a Glaze Fiend magic
  147. Leyline of Sanctity vs proliferate magic prevent more poison counters
  148. void rules choose a number split cards magic
  149. Does gettin an emblem utilize the stack and can be responded magic
  150. Ogre Leadfoot artifact creature turn blocker in response magic
  151. Words of Worship Psychic Vortex magic cumulative upkeep faq draw a card
  152. Emrakul, the Aeons torn protection q's
  153. Library of Leng faq Volrath the Fallen rules magic discard ability
  154. Magic creature infect wither same time damage to player FAQ
  155. Words of Waste accumulated knowledge rules draw cards discard instead magic
  156. magic interaction between wither damage and trample faq
  157. c an i get pirahna marsh with dark ritual mtg magic
  158. fling a creature with wither damage magic
  159. Invasion Plans magic Master Warcraft rules combat attacing blockers
  160. Tatterkite counters cant be put on it rule question magic
  161. battle cry question battlecry creature dies does bonus stay?
  162. battle cry ninjutsu rules magic put creature attacking hero of bladehold faq
  163. hero of bladehold faq battle cry rules two tokens put on battlefield also get bonus?
  164. Hero of Bladehold rules battle cry faq magic protection from white
  165. does Transcendence stack magic lose life gain life faq
  166. Selenia, Dark Angel Transcendence pay 2 life return to owners hand gain life magic
  167. Nefarious Lich donate leaves battlefield who lose game magic
  168. can level two echo mage copy creature with flash magic flash faq
  169. can Mystical Teachings fetch a Ghitu Fire magic flash ability
  170. vampire hexmage on card with vanishing Keldon Marauders remove time counters magic
  171. Dwarven Catapult magic gathering oppoenent controls no creatures divide by zero?
  172. Intervention Pact 1ww cost mandatory or optional magic lose game
  173. Momentous Fall copy spell Uyo, Silent Prophet darksteel colossus magic
  174. undermine counterspell rulings cast on spell cannot be countered magic
  175. Undermine lose 3 life counter target spell counterspell question magic
  176. all creatures -1/-1 rulings Dralnu's Crusade Night of Souls' Betrayal enchantment faq
  177. Murderous betrayal pay life negative life platinum angel cant lose game ability magic
  178. trickbind triggered ability activated ability prevent ruling mtg Cloudchaser Kestrel
  179. is suspended creature considered under my control magic
  180. Pardic Dragon suspended opponents casts spell I counter can he add time counter? mtg
  181. Undead Warchief question zombie spells magic zombie creature
  182. how to put loyalty counters on Sarkhan the Mad magic
  183. Withering Gaze Dryad Arbor forest green card magic
  184. magic mtg can i use cards in different languages in my deck
  185. Marker Beetles 1/1 creature attack die combat ability magic
  186. Can I nix a creature cast using Mercadian Lift? magic counter 0 mana spell cost
  187. Skarrgan Skybreaker blazing archon use ability on player magic
  188. magic if I have blazing toch equipped on red goblin can i kill kor firewalker with it
  189. Death's-Head Buzzard put into graveyard magic all creatures get -1/-1 end of turn
  190. Mycosynth Lattice question replenish come into play enchantments magic
  191. can an Auriok Bladewarden with negative power give -x/-x? magic
  192. Imperiosaur Muraganda Petroglyphs creatures no abilities bonus magic
  193. Aboshan's Desire Nullmage Advocate shroud return cards from graveyard opponent's hand
  194. I play Onulet opponent gains control of it. While under his control I shatter it mtg
  195. in magic can a Jund Panorama pay for its own ability?
  196. Skittering Monstrosity creature spell countered magic do I sacrifice
  197. Question about Fauna Shaman Ability
  198. Steal Artifact on an Artifact?
  199. Yixlid Jailer rulings Tarmogoyf faq in graveyard magic power toughness
  200. can't attack block alone ember beast rules magic if able
  201. activate Oboro, Palace in the Clouds from my graveyard? magic ability graveyard rule
  202. Wheel and Deal true believer you have shroud opponent has shroud draw card magic faq
  203. polymorph serra avatar what happens replacement effect question magic
  204. can Nightmare Lash be equipped for free if I have platinum emperion pay life rule mtg
  205. Conundrum Sphinx equipped with Explorer's Scope look at card name card magic rulings
  206. Breath of Fury stack two on battlefield extra combat step rulings magic
  207. Bogardan Hellkite dragons you control get +3/+3 Crucible of Fire magic
  208. if two of my Nemesis of Reason are attacking does other player put 20 or 40 card mtg
  209. zubera cards count themselves? magic
  210. magic can I have two of the same legendaries on the battlefield different sets legend
  211. goblin sharpshooter goblin pyromancer untap tap goblin creatures faq graveyard magic
  212. Forethought Amulet reduce damage prevent damage urza's rage faq kicker magic
  213. Kuldotha Forgemaster drooling ogre ability gain control magic
  214. Drooling Ogre Mirrorweave rulings magic gain control of all creatures faq
  215. Thoughtpicker Witch look top two cards target players library exile them magic
  216. Armageddon Clock doom counters pay 4 remove share cost magic
  217. Minotaur Explorer cast I have no cards in hand do I sacrifice magic
  218. Trinket Mage Funeral March sacrifice a creature leave play rulings magic
  219. lightning bolt Mischievous Quanar face down face up fizzle counter magic
  220. tokens coming "into play"
  221. Phytohydra questions deathtouch wither trample magic
  222. can I activate Words of Waste before my draw step? magic
  223. Jace Beleren words of waste each player draws a card ability magic
  224. can you recollect a card with shroud return from graveyard to hand magic
  225. Luminescent Rain can you choose artifact for creature type magic
  226. Raging Ravine animate land 3/3 red green elemental creature +1/+1
  227. magic can you stifle end of turn ability leveled Lighthouse Chronologist extra turn
  228. can the source of damage change characteristics such as color after its on the stack?
  229. Brink of Disaster catapult squad tap destroy use ability magic
  230. can Guttural Response counter Sentinels of Glen Elendra if played as an instant? mtg
  231. Genesis Chamber tapped creature enters battlefield tap untap target permanent magic
  232. Bloodstained Mire fetch mountain swamp land put it on battlefield magic
  233. Jackal Pup damage it gets damage it then deals to me question magic
  234. does Chameleon Blur also prevent damage to your planeswalker magic
  235. does doubling season affect cumulative upkeep age counters put double counters magic
  236. Soratami Cloudskater can the returned land be one used pay ability cost itself magic
  237. Merseine confusing wording on card any player may pay this ability only magic rulings
  238. Merseine on creature that was kicked magic rules pay mana cost kicked creature
  239. Empyrial Plate Empyrial Armor rules magic wither damage draw a card and discard card
  240. in magic can I cast Dark Tutelage on opponent's side or only on my side
  241. Hoarding Dragon creature mind control graveyard exiled card put in owners hand? magic
  242. Hedron Rover landfall play land in response to magic gathering rules
  243. lifelink vs planeswalkers do I still gain life? magic
  244. does lifelink stack magic stacking lifelink faq
  245. Snowfall Hallowed Fountain island plains whenever island is tapped for mana mtg dual
  246. Pyromancer Ascension faq Clockspinning ruling put counter target magic permanent
  247. Floating Shield protection from red rules sacrifce aura target creature magic
  248. Confusion In The Ranks and Worldgorger Dragon rulings magic
  249. doubling season faq Spike Drone rulings counters on itself from own ability
  250. magic does Curtain of Light trigger Infiltration Lens rulings needed equipment