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  1. mtg can I use skirk alarmist on a transform card
  2. Can you counter a triggered ability on a creature by destroying the creature in Magic
  3. whenever planewalkers retorn play from an exile they come with normally conters
  4. if you control a bond beetle and you cast another do you get two counters
  5. mtg rules does bosk banneret make treefolk shaman two cheaper
  6. can grimgrin kill stuffy doll?
  7. Havoc Festival and Soul Conduit rules
  8. Death’s Presence rules and Pack Rat magic
  9. Desecration Demon vs Sigarda, Host of Herons
  10. Desecration Demon rulings can you stifle its ability?
  11. rulings for Destroy the Evidence against indestructible land?
  12. Destroy the Evidence if opponent has no lands?
  13. can cremate target card with shroud or prot from black?
  14. Ethereal Armor card does it give counters?
  15. Cryptborn Horror rules and Wretched Anurid +1/+1 lost life counters
  16. can curse of the echoes copy flashback spells
  17. slumbering dragon creature power or amount?
  18. Tavern Swindler can I flip coin with three or less life?
  19. Precinct Captain return to ravnica rulings questions
  20. can griptide target a creature in graveyard
  21. when you miracle a card does it get exiled?
  22. is valakut the molten pinnacle a mountain
  23. Tapped?
  24. does upkeep step happen after you untap lands?
  25. can ghostly touch untap card its attached to
  26. do living weapons die when the germ dies
  27. does battle hym generate permanent mana?
  28. does necrotic ooze work with dryad arbor?
  29. does cloudshift cause summoning sickness?
  30. unleash put +1/+1 counter on blocker remove from combat?
  31. Defender on creature with unleash can block?
  32. stifle unleash triggered ability?
  33. Clone Unleash creature rulings return to ravnica
  34. how would seance work with loyal cathar?
  35. Supreme Veredict vs shroud creature magic
  36. can you cast mindclaw shaman on yourself?
  37. can i respond to end turn flash creatures?
  38. can you activate abilities before annihilator
  39. is exiling considered leaving the battlefield
  40. graveyard shovel who chooses the card to exile?
  41. if a creature has mark of the vampire are they a vampire?
  42. what happens if target of viridian harvest stops being an artifact
  43. mindlock orb, can you still look at the top cards of your library
  44. Deadbridge Goliath SCAVENGE rulings Exile card from graveyard in response?
  45. squee's toy can you target a creature that isnt taking damage
  46. if you counter shrine of loyal legions is it still sacrificed
  47. mtg does removing cards from top of library count as discarding
  48. does primordial sage trigger when a token enters the battlefield
  49. can i flash in a creature after the draw phase and before upkeep?
  50. does lifelink creature gain equal to its power blocking creature of lower toughness?
  51. when you exile a creature then return it to play is it affected by summoning sickness
  52. do i need to target it with a spell before i gain control fractured loyalty
  53. if a creature you control has exalted does it count for other creatures
  54. auger of bolas, do you have to put cards on bottom if you dont reveal?
  55. can evolving wilds be used as a colorless mana and not sacrifice?
  56. what happens in magic if both players die from the same spell?
  57. counter Mudbutton Torchrunner deal three damage to me?
  58. Unleash counters Carnival Hellsteed get counters from other source still can't block?
  59. Unleash creature exiled return to battlefield different unleash mode?
  60. Worldspine Wurm 15/15 trample THE MOST BROKEN CARD in the history of magic?
  61. Corpsejack Menace unleash combo?
  62. do i discard on opponent's turn?
  63. is there a limit to how many enchanments a creature can have?
  64. can birchlore rangers tap creatures the turn they enter?
  65. what happens if fog bank blocks a 7/7 with trample?
  66. can Chandra target another planeswalker?
  67. Eye of the Storm vs Decree of SIlence ... Opponent plays an instant/sorcery
  68. thunderous wrath in opening hand
  69. Scrapyard Salvo and Vedalken Outlander question
  70. Scarred Puma with Furor of the Bitten attacking if able
  71. is marrow shards a global effect?
  72. does islandwalk apply to special land?
  73. does prey apon override regenerate mtg
  74. does shroud count while its still resolving?
  75. if killed, do all totem armors get destroyed?
  76. Wee Dragonauts instant or sorcery spell countered
  77. can i enchant ghostly touch on other player's creature?
  78. how do multiple gutter grime work?
  79. street spasm overload protection from red?
  80. how to bring an exiled card to hand?
  81. propaganda chimeric idol 2012 rules
  82. Spell with Overload Converted Mana Cost?
  83. Overload and Shroud?
  84. mtg what happens if i kill a manland
  85. does regenerate remove trample damage?
  86. are the bringers of dawn multicolored
  87. can you doom blade a blocking creature?
  88. does exalted bonus end at the end step?
  89. can a white/red block a red with intimidate?
  90. are targeted effects lost when card is exiled?
  91. can a creature with totem armor be sacrificed
  92. are wolf warriors the same as werewolves mtg?
  93. mtg "attacks this turn if able" creature taps?
  94. does karrthus affect dragons in the graveyard?
  95. The Golden Rule
  96. does darien king kjeldor work with loss of life?
  97. grindclock do you remove the counters from it?
  98. magic the gathering what classifies as an opponent?
  99. magic the gathering is enchantment spell after cast?
  100. can cathedral membrane block more then one creature?
  101. does sudden spoiling take away flying and vigilance?
  102. how does platinum emperion work with form of the dragon
  103. does destroy target blocking creature stop it from blocking
  104. creature with enchantment gets controlled by opponent what happens to enchantment
  105. how to count green permanents you control?
  106. does paralyzing grasp cause creatures with vigilance to stay tapped?
  107. mtg if a creature that has protection from black can be affected by black sacrifice?
  108. magic the gathering does damage dealt to all players deal damage to planeswalkers
  109. does blood reckoning tick for every creature attacking or just per attack
  110. does tapping a creature with an ability work as an instant on the stack?
  111. what happens when mishra's factory is used after humility is on play?
  112. Skirsdag High Priest questions morbid summoning sickness activate ability
  113. can one creature attack planeswalker and player same time
  114. if a creature has two mark of the vampire does it get double lifelink?
  115. if a creature takes lethal with exalted at end of turn does it die?
  116. can you cancel an elgaud shieldmate before it pairs with a creature?
  117. magic the gathering 2013 when can i use firewing phoenix ability?
  118. nefarox overlord of grixis double strike rules on ability?
  119. two Moldgraf Monstrosity die simultaneously can they return?
  120. Question about Landfall
  121. if a creature blocks and cloudshifts is it tapped?
  122. does a card with regenerate untap when regenerated?
  123. can a monster with 0 power still attempt to attack?
  124. can a creature block, blink, then block again?
  125. what happens when trample meets indestructible
  126. can counter a creature returning from exile?
  127. does wurm's tooth proc multi colored spell
  128. mtg can firebrand target a player 6 times?
  129. does fog bank prevent deathtouch damage?
  130. emrakul the aeons torn protected against tap abilitues?
  131. in a 3 player game of mtg, if i go out, do my enchantments stay?
  132. if a creature becomes soulbound is it the target of an ability?
  133. what is chimeric mass casting cost while on the battlefield
  134. bonfire of the damned, who picks what creatures die first
  135. does harvester of souls ability trigger when he also dies?
  136. can you untap a creature with untap conditions without paying them?
  137. mtg cemetery reaper can i exile an enemys creature to earn a token
  138. does pacifism work on abilities that require a creature to tap?
  139. Primal command if noncreature target is illegal does it fizzle
  140. if i attack with 7 creatures while beastmaster ascension
  141. Does Ring of Thune give 1/1 every upkeep?
  142. dryad arbor ruling can it tap when played?
  143. So does sleep work on all players in the duel or just the one target player?
  144. do creatures lose enchantments when flickered
  145. dust elemental what if you dont have 3 creatures?
  146. can you use terramorphic expanse as a colorless mana?
  147. do both creatures have to have soulbond to pair them?
  148. can disciple of bolas sac a creature you don't control?
  149. does hero of bladehold soldier stay on the battlefield?
  150. can i sacrifice vampire hexmage and NOT remove counters?
  151. what if i don't have instant when augur of bolas resolves?
  152. can immaculate magistrate keep countering a single target?
  153. with elvish piper do you avoid the mana cost of the creature?
  154. magic the gathering can a creature that is exiled regenerate
  155. creature is exiled from game do enchantments go with it or do they go to graveyard?
  156. in magic what happens when i have to discard two cards but dont have any in my hand
  157. if you clone a transformed creature do you get the transformed creature?
  158. when using sorin markov, can you make your opponent attack themselves?
  159. cast Goblin Battle Jester target creature can't block?
  160. four Duskdale Wurm from Magic 2013 and four more from Magic 2011 in deck?
  161. Krenko's Command tokens have summoning sickness?
  162. Interaction of Hostility and unpreventable damage
  163. can i draw card with Rummaging Goblin if I have no card in hand?
  164. Switcheroo Exchange control of two target creatures magic?
  165. does Ring of Kalonia put +1/+1 counter on Groundling Pouncer?
  166. does Krenko Mob Boss count itself?
  167. cast Archaeomancer with no instant or sorcery card in my graveyard?
  168. Magmaquake vs Gideon Jura creature and planeswalker
  169. use Dragon Hatchling ability more than once?
  170. can you play Disciple of Bolas with no other creatures?
  171. Elderscale Wurm and Platinum Emperion rulings
  172. Magic 2013 Frequently Asked Questions M13 FAQ
  173. can you use spring leaf drum to cast myr superion
  174. does lifelink work against a player with platinum emperion?
  175. soulbond one dies while attacking does the other lose his ability?
  176. can tumble magnet re activate abilities of tapped cards?
  177. turning visible morph creature face down at will?
  178. magic does rancor return to hand if countered?
  179. sarkhan the mad tips for more loyalty counters?
  180. does birthing pod have summoning sickness?
  181. if your creature is mind controlled, can you sacrifice it?
  182. can creatures with mana abilities be tapped before producing mana?
  183. More than one Ghostly Touch on same creature?
  184. Roaring Primadox no other creatures controlled?
  185. mtg does deathtouch beat indestructible?
  186. can you cast misdirection to duress?
  187. double headed giant island walk rules?
  188. if a flying blocker loses flying what happens
  189. if a creature with mindcontrol dies who gets the creature in his graveyard?
  190. if all lands are taped can u use chimeric idol
  191. can you play dryad arbor and a land same turn?
  192. infiltration lens ruling when do i draw
  193. magic can two players control the same creature?
  194. does stifle counter tap land for mana?
  195. can you use negate spell on creature artifact
  196. can you use grim lavamancers effect as an instant?
  197. if garruk relentless flips can i activate another ability?
  198. does emerakul aeons torn have protection from creatures abilities
  199. Flame Javelin + Locket of Yesterdays Question
  200. what happens when control of platinum angel switches?
  201. can you peel from reality when you dont control any creature?
  202. can u unsummon elgaud shieldmate when it hits the battlefield before it soulbonds?
  203. when can you use the red mana from attacking with radha heir to keld?
  204. mtg when i take control of a creature do i get its come into play
  205. what happens when there are 2 infinite reflections out?
  206. sower of temptation protection from blue?
  207. does phyrexian vatmother poison its user?
  208. can you play golgari rot farm first turn?
  209. mtg can creeping corrosion bypass shroud?
  210. can you use all counters at once when playing sphere of the suns?
  211. do planeswalkers loyalty go on the stack?
  212. does blood moon make lands lose abilities?
  213. in mtg if a creature with undying dies, does it stay equipped and enchanted?
  214. can you untap phryexian colossus with an untap ability card?
  215. Spellskite and targeting rules
  216. stolen goods getting a card with x mana cost?
  217. does using golem foundry count as artifact spell
  218. revenge of the hunted affect creatures who entered the battlefield after it was cast?
  219. can nicol bolas be played with another red planeswalker?
  220. cavern of souls destroyed before spell resolves?
  221. mind control a soulbond creature magic?
  222. is a human werewolf considered a werewolf magic?
  223. do you discard down to seven if it isnt your turn?
  224. can ashling the extinguisher target things with shroud?
  225. if you cast a card for miracle what is its converted mana cost?
  226. if a soulbond creature dies does the creature its soul bond to die as well
  227. can a creature with soulbond only be paired with a creature with soulbond
  228. soulbond creature that is already soulbonded when a new creature enters battlefield?
  229. angel of jubilation - do you sacrifice creature other than demonic taskmaster?
  230. do level up counters stay on when the creature changes control?
  231. does "barter in blood" resolve if i don't have two creatures?
  232. if I have two demonic taskmaster do they sac to each other?
  233. something says exile all zombies is that only in graveyard?
  234. if undead alchemist dies does zombies mill or deal damage?
  235. is angel's tomb a creature entering the battlefield?
  236. can i arc trail the same target for 3 damage?
  237. ruinous minotaur who is opponent?
  238. does Avacyn Angel of Hope make my tokens indestructible?
  239. pair creatures from soulbond unpair at will?
  240. whenever you gain life draw a card, do i draw 2 cards for 2 life?
  241. soulbond Hanweir Lancer Lightning Mauler Attack each other?
  242. can you soulbond a planeswalker?
  243. Cathedral Sanctifier countered gain 3 life still?
  244. Reforge the Soul and Obstinate Familiar miracle card
  245. Amass the Components miracle rules draw in any order?
  246. Abundant Growth one mana of any color in addition to land mana?
  247. soulbond creature dies when its soulmate dies?
  248. soulbond paired creature Elgaud Shieldmate rulings TRANSFORM
  249. Tandem Lookout soulbond creature it was paired with goes to graveyard?
  250. Curiosity and Niv Mizzet the Firemind infinite loop?