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  1. path to exile and vampire hexmage
  2. shroud and enchantments mtg rulings
  3. Hellkite Charger Rules after this phase, there is an additional combat phase magic
  4. Desecrated Earth Mind Sludge discard no cards in hand discard from library?
  5. Attack with 2 taunting elf?
  6. wrath of god card works on progenitus
  7. fork fling magic the gathering
  8. magic card token count as a card graveyard
  9. MTG landfall can you play creature then land
  10. soul warden faerie conclave
  11. magic the gathering exile rule
  12. does landfall work with basic land
  13. does sleep tap already tapped creatures
  14. does sleep tap already tapped creatures
  15. can i sacrifice a creature with no target
  16. Ruinous Minotaur Rulings Magic
  17. Magosi, the Waterveil Twiddle Rulings
  18. mtg blocking rules. is your creature tapped after it blocks
  19. mtg changeling creature type
  20. does tapping a blocker prevent it dealing damage
  21. does a blocking creature deal damage when tapping
  22. can you untap something that is already untapped
  23. does trample go through protection
  24. Wrath of god kill creature with shroud
  25. Two Seperate instances of Exalted
  26. World Queller PLANESWALKER
  27. does coat of arms work with soldiers
  28. magic the gathering activated abilities summoning sickness
  29. wrath of god phased out
  30. magicthegathering does sanguine bond stack
  31. MTG Regenerate tap rules
  32. can i tap a blocker for an effect
  33. windborn charge on 1 creature
  34. Can you counterspell split second?
  35. magic the gathering negate ruling
  36. True Believer rulings you have shroud means all creatures i own have shroud?
  37. mtg play spell land is spell dragon's claw mountain gain 1 life?
  38. mtg rules protection from creatures
  39. magic the gathering clone kicker
  40. can a planes walker use multiple abilities
  41. mtg eternity vessel fetchland
  42. can you cast a spell with a target if there is no target available mtg
  43. Intimidate Rules Multicolors
  44. destroy all creatures protection from white
  45. mtg quest counters rules
  46. Vampire Hexmage Mark of Mutiny Rule
  47. mtg equipment and shroud rules
  48. Lifeline Wrath of God Rulings
  49. attack w/ Vampire Nighthawk 2/3 lifelink vs Guul Draz Vampire 1/1 how much life gain
  50. magic the gathering extra arms rule
  51. if someone makes copies of a creature who gets them
  52. Dromar's Charm do i need to pay all the mana or just the mana i chose??
  53. magic gathering sacrifice 2 times same question
  54. MTG Tap to prevent damage to a blocker
  55. MTG Rules protection from color
  56. mtg lands count as plains rules
  57. Landfall vs. creature summoning