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  1. Blessing of Nature miracle cost discard a card to counter?
  2. can i cast grave exchange without card in my graveyard?
  3. Devastation Tide cast with Miracle is spell? Also can be countered with Second Guess?
  4. Bone Splinters sacrificed and destroyed creature same one?
  5. If infinite reflections is destroyed or disenchanted, what happens to the copies?
  6. can you stifle soulbound?
  7. soulbound rules stern mentor Scrapskin Drake
  8. Geist Trappers Soulbound rulings shroud
  9. Call to Serve creature becomes black?
  10. Avacyn Restored FAQ and Rulings
  11. Creature loses soulbound affects other paired creature?
  12. Banishing Stroke Miracle Converted Mana cost
  13. miracle rulings spell countered magic
  14. Miracle rules magic Thunderous Wrath
  15. Vexing Devil and Sigarda, Host of Herons sacrifice?
  16. tapping affects occurance
  17. Troubled Healer sacrifice dual land prevent four damage?
  18. when i sacrifice Fires of Yavimaya do creatures i control lose haste?
  19. does cryptoplasm copy "+1/+1" tokens?
  20. are +1/+1 counters on creatures permanents?
  21. Can one Iona, shield of emeria prevent a dual-colored spell?
  22. cast snapcaster with empty graveyard?
  23. is it possible to give tokens undying?
  24. Vengeful Firebrand and Boldwyr Intimidator graveyard warrior
  25. what resolves first lightning bolt or planeswalker ability?
  26. can you counter a creature coming into play from an ability? mtg
  27. if i cast Curse of Wizardry does it also affect me?
  28. if an enchanted player leaves the game does the enchantment leave the battlefield?
  29. if you destroy mind control do you get the creature back?
  30. is sorin's emblem a permanent?
  31. fate transfer flood counters quicksilver fountain manland rulings
  32. does summoning sickness affect wirewood symbiote?
  33. opponent has true believer can i target with a planeswalker
  34. does akroma angel of wrath have protection from black in the graveyard?
  35. do permanents that come back from exile have summoning sickness?
  36. oni of wild places - what if i dont control a red permanent?
  37. what happens when both players control abyssal persecutor?
  38. protection from all colours and still destroyed?
  39. Gravedigger and returning itself to the battlefield?
  40. Asceticism hexproof and abilities
  41. Bogardan Firefiend dies and no target death countered?
  42. swamp Genju of the Fens sacrifice to Blighted Shaman for +3/+3
  43. Snapcaster Mage + Alternate Costs
  44. artifact card discarding for Thirst for Knowledge?
  45. i cast Brain Freeze loss when not enough cards?
  46. Ideas Unbound and Obstinate Familiar cards draw
  47. Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro xenograft llanowar elf shaman
  48. Master Apothecary use same untapped cleric twice?
  49. Thran Golem -- Xenograft
  50. undying creature dies will it have same equipment?
  51. can you stifle undying?
  52. Sightless Ghoul undying enter battelfield as 2/2 or 3/3?
  53. can Restless Dreams return cards I discarded as cost?can Restless
  54. legal to cast Harrowing Journey on player who has platinum emperion?
  55. does scorch the field affect my own human creatures?
  56. if i tap a lllanowar elf for forest do i search my library for a forest???
  57. Death's Caress how much life gain if creature was not a human?
  58. can i cast Gravepurge if no cards i have in graveyard just to draw a card?
  59. Tracker's Instincts rulings if no creature cards still go to graveyard?
  60. Wakedancer two creatures died this turn? morbid
  61. sightless Ghold and Entangler can block or not?
  62. undying and tokens
  63. can you use Dawntreader Elk if you already played a land?
  64. blood feud rulings can Hinterland Hermit fight Hinterland Scourge?
  65. Erdwal Ripper rulings +1/+1 counter if deals damage to planeswalker?
  66. Archangel's Light counted as cards to get life?
  67. can deranged outcast sacrifice himself?
  68. Gravecrawler cast from graveyard zombie destroyed?
  69. Crushing Vines vs thunder totem destroy artifact creature with flying
  70. returning question from infect
  71. Curse of Echoes and increasing devotion? flashback? graveyard?
  72. Undying Evil on creature with persist?
  73. Increasing Savagery and Sins of the Past cast from graveyard no flashback rulings
  74. Lost in the Woods order of choosing creatures?
  75. Undying and Grafdigger's Cage interaction rulings? mtg
  76. Warden of the Wall always have summoning sickness?
  77. Warden of the Wall ability active in graveyard?
  78. Grafdigger's Cage rulings vs Warden of the Wall
  79. ghoultree havengul lich cast from graveyard magic
  80. how would someone get rid of emblem from sorin lord of innistrad?
  81. Beguiler of Wills count herself? magic
  82. seance and loyal cathar copy token
  83. Loyal Cathar and Unscythe, Killer of Kings exile or return?
  84. Drogskol Reaver gain more then one life draw more then 1 card?
  85. Gather the Townsfolk Fateful Hour Rulings hive mind
  86. increasing confusion rules question
  87. when creature dies does Ghastly Haunting go back to being soul seizer?
  88. Zombie Apocalypse magic can you use it to just destroy all humans?
  89. Promise of Bunrei spirit creatures tokens have flying?
  90. Minotaur Explorer and Dwarven Strike Force random discard?
  91. Testament of Faith and Opalescence
  92. Silent Arbiter and four of same creature can attack?
  93. Sage Aven putting cards back in any order?
  94. what happens if Temporal Adept attempts to return itself to owners hand?
  95. Thoughtcutter Agent hand revealed for the rest of the game?
  96. is the ability of Hopping Automaton an activated ability?
  97. Shisato, Whispering Hunter and double strike?
  98. can you cast Exile into Darkness if no player has creature with mana cost 3 or less?
  99. Psychotic Fury double strike after first strike?
  100. Bloodcrazed Neonate and prey upon fight attack?
  101. do I have to reveal artifact exiled with Hoarding Dragon?
  102. two Oni of Wild Places return red creature to hand?
  103. Rites of Spring can I put the basic lands in graveyard instead of in my hand?
  104. two Presence of Gond on same creature = two tokens?
  105. Primitive Etchings do I keep drawing until I reveal non creature card?
  106. ruling question involving Endless Horizons and Mortiphobia
  107. does Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind work with Curiosity?
  108. cellar door if I target another player who puts zombie creature?
  109. can Ostiary Thrull ability tap creature with protection from white?
  110. Lignify on gate hound rulings
  111. Doubling Season Curse of the Cabal Double Counters?
  112. Abduction and Grave Pact interaction? magic
  113. Pyre Zombie and Cunning Lethemancer return card to hand?
  114. Spirit of Resistance count itself as white?
  115. creature takes lethal damage from creature equipped with Sword of Kaldra Die or exile
  116. can Armillary-Sphere fetch snow-covered forest?
  117. Uncle Istvan vs creature with trample?
  118. Trace of Abundance and Reflecting pool?
  119. Martyr's Cause effect end of turn?
  120. Overwhelming Forces draw card for indestructible?
  121. Burning Palm Efreet creature no flying?
  122. turn to frog on Horobi, Death's Wail destroyed?
  123. Rending Vines can i count it and also card I draw for converted mana cost?
  124. Kokusho, the Evening Star life loss multiplayer game
  125. Whirling Dervish question gaining control
  126. Mycoid Shepherd and Phyrexian Broodlings sac question magic
  127. do two Court Homunculus give +1/+1 boost to each other?
  128. Countering "returns" from graveyard?
  129. Sun Droplet and Acolyte of Xathrid lose life damage?
  130. Doubling Season Arcbound Fiend combo?
  131. Heartwood Storyteller noncreature spell countered who draw card? magic
  132. Sanctimony and Caustic tar trigger on tap?
  133. Force of Savagery Primal Forcemage rulings mtg 0 toughness?
  134. Duplicant and werewolf exile power toughness magic
  135. Gerrard Capashen cast instants before?
  136. Control of the Court and underworld dreams?
  137. Impatience does it count itself as being cast that turn?
  138. Hatchet Bully no creature control?
  139. Invigorate platinum emperion cast alternate cost?
  140. Lost in Thought and Ogre Taskmaster block creature?
  141. Mind Twist question discard more card magic
  142. can i cast Touch of Invisibility on covert operative just to draw a card?
  143. Twiddle lets you tap 3 cards?
  144. Dega Sanctuary stacking limit?
  145. Lush Growth Sandstone Deadfall sac 2 lands?
  146. Vigil for the Lost and leyline of the void?
  147. Mirrorweave and Parallel Evolution rulings?
  148. Carbonize and Hallow creature destroyed to exile or graveyard? magic
  149. Heidar, Rimewind Master and four snow permanent rules
  150. dauthy mercenary with shadow can nightfall predator fight it?
  151. Sinister Strength is the creature black in addition to its other colors?
  152. complex rules situation regarding flying and reach?
  153. Wurms Tooth and Quicksilver Amulet green creature?
  154. Paraselene and Elspeth, Knight-Errant emblem gain life enchantments indestructible?
  155. zero power deathtouch creature kill other creature?
  156. two Convalescence ten life how much life i gain?
  157. Prismatic Strands and cloistered youth transform card?
  158. Soul's Might Mirari copy sorcer spell for +1/+1 counters?
  159. amplify Aven Warhawk with Thraben Sentry Militia to get two +1/+1 counters?
  160. Fists of Ironwood on creatures thats killed get tokens?
  161. snapcaster mage and phyrexian mana flashback cost?
  162. Tyrannize on empty hand = lose game?
  163. Flowering Field on land can affect Malakir Bloodwitch?
  164. Ward of Bones and creature card with two sides rulings
  165. evil twin copy legendary Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker haste destroy?
  166. Burning-Eye Zubera rules ancient hellkite?
  167. Nature's Resurgence do i draw two cards for each double card in my graveyard?
  168. Aether vial put creature onto the battlefield can I choose face up or down?
  169. Urabrask the Hidden and cards that have two sides to them rulings?
  170. Nim Shambler and argent mutation artifact itself give +1/+0 bonus? magic
  171. Autumn's Veil and Brain Gorgers sac to counter spell?
  172. Harmonic Sliver destroy enchantment that was return attached?
  173. Cobbled Wings and Claws of Wirewood double flying more damage?
  174. Qasali Pridemage and Yawgmoth's Agenda?
  175. does Skirk Alarmist work on bloodline keeper?
  176. Horizon Spellbomb draw card first or search for land first?
  177. Champion's Helm and mirror gallery?
  178. Dwarven Nomad and two face card make unblockable is this legal?
  179. Grimoire of the Dead and Geth's Grimoire and Library of Leng
  180. do i put counter on sun droplet when damage is dealt to my planeswalker?
  181. Rishadan Brigand opponent can choose to sacrifice permanent?
  182. Intangible Virtue and evil twin token?
  183. Daru Stinger and thraben two face card magic
  184. Eradicate a transformed card?
  185. Wall of Reverence and act of treason
  186. can dryad arbor be dispersed?
  187. rules of lifelink
  188. Loxodon Anchorite can I prevent one damage to player and 1 to creature?
  189. would the ability of Cephalid Snitch work on Guardian of the Guildpact?
  190. Fledgling Dragon and Skill Borrower? ability rulings
  191. Reins of the Vinesteed and persist creature attach to same creature?
  192. Rootwater Mystic vs Crown of Convergence cards revealed
  193. Prey Upon can creature that loses the fight be regenerated?
  194. Dispersing Orb can I sacrifice the permanent that I will be returning?
  195. is a werewolf considered a wolf? magic
  196. Runechanter's Pike and Soul's Majesty with snapcaster mage faq
  197. imprint evil twin rulings Phyrexian Ingester
  198. Hysterical Blindness and taking control of a creature
  199. Evacuation return creatures from graveyard as well? magic
  200. cast Gauntlet of Power without choosing a color bonus to artifact creatures?
  201. Flicker and tree of redemption question
  202. can non black creature with Hobble attack?
  203. Kinscaer Harpoonist attacking and Bloodline Keeper flying faq?
  204. can Charging Slateback while face down?
  205. against annihilator does two faced card count as one or two cards?
  206. Cabal Shrine who controls the ability?
  207. Gifts Ungiven and cards that have two sides?
  208. Manipulate Fate is it alright to just find one card in the library?
  209. tree of redemption and negative life
  210. Bump in the Night and tree of redemption lose life?
  211. wild evocation stifle have to cast?
  212. destroy original essence of the wild do other creatures still copy the copy of it?
  213. Nekrataal and Favor of the Mighty destroy target creature?
  214. Chrome Mox and imprint Cloistered Youth Unholy Fiend?
  215. sacrifice civilized scholar to Fiery Bombardment damage? magic
  216. isolation cell and Moldgraf Monstrosity lose four life?
  217. Beckon Apparition Moldgraf Monstrosity die and exile? magic
  218. Moldgraf Monstrosity faq day of judgment
  219. Ogre Savant counterspell blue mana spent to cast it?
  220. When I cast moonmist do I decide why of my humans to transform?
  221. Aegis of Honor Geistflame activate multiple times? magic
  222. mimic vat and parallel lives both tokens exiled?
  223. Near-Death Experience and tree of redemption life
  224. past in flames instants sorceries enter graveyard after have flashback?
  225. Samite Alchemist damage prevention on werewolf transform rules?
  226. Hindering Light vs slayer of the wicked rulings? magic
  227. Herbal Poultice regenerate transformed creature go back to original form?
  228. skill borrower and Initiates of the Ebon Hand sacrifice?
  229. does creature entering the battlefield through transformation copy essence of wild?
  230. Playing Undead Alchemist.
  231. tree of redemption Tribal Unity toughness modifiers FAQ?
  232. when you gain control of transformed creature does it revert to original form?
  233. Root Maze and evil twin artifact creature enter tapped?
  234. snapcaster mage question dies still flashback cast?
  235. werewolf card Daybreak Ranger Nightfall Predator put in the battlefield and transform
  236. does Carnival of Souls trigger upon a creature transforming
  237. Kuldotha Flamefiend and Argent Mutation make artifact then sacrifice?
  238. can a Evil Twin destroy another evil twin regardless of what each of them is copying?
  239. Krosan Vorine provoke vs Mindless Null mo vampires block?
  240. Call to Mind snapcaster mage flashback instant?
  241. exchanging life total with tree of redemption that has damage marked on it?
  242. Dark Confidant two sided card can I say I am putting manaless side into my hand?
  243. does Umbra Stalker count the black symbol on Unholy Fiend?
  244. Alluring Siren and prey upon fight rulings magic
  245. Transform cards with double strike hit in both forms?
  246. do double faced cards transform while in graveyard?
  247. Chronosavant activate ability while on battlefield?
  248. if I put Psionic Gift on other player's creature who gets to activate its ability?
  249. Obstinate Baloth vs Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur discard magic
  250. can Flusterstorm counter brain weevil ability?