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  1. void maw and progenitus
  2. Nonblack/Black
  3. Eldrazi Monument
  4. does a sacrificed token go to the graveyard?
  5. Oracle of Mul Daya
  6. magic the gathering sorceress queen 1 counter
  7. Nevinyrral's Disk kill Celestial Colonnade?
  8. Fling progenitus
  9. Yore-Tiller Nephilim and Flameblast Dragon
  10. can Ballista Squad (creature without flying) damage a creature with flying? magic faq
  11. Angelic Benediction vs protection from white
  12. Do enchantments stay on a creature that is given shroud
  13. magic the gathering rules do enchantments target
  14. taking control of an enchanted creature Magic the gathering
  15. aether flash and shroud
  16. mtg protection from black vs crypt rats
  17. Basilisk Collar???
  18. do clones get enchantments?
  19. magic the gathering rules can you path blocking creature to deal damage to oponent
  20. Crown of Suspicion rules mtg allies
  21. does deathtouch creatures with shroud
  22. can you counter a planeswalker
  23. omnath locus of mana and sudden spoiling magic
  24. Is there a way to counter a static ability?
  25. can a tapped creature with vigilance still attack?
  26. Can you use stifle against Omnath locus of mana abilities?
  27. [mtg]fog bank[/mtg] and damage
  28. what color and casting cost is a token copy
  29. does shroud protect from sacrifice
  30. Magic the gathering can you play both effect of a split card
  31. does Whippoorwill have flying?
  32. does blocking creature absorb ALL damage by attacking creature
  33. Divine Persecutor
  34. magic the gathering what happens to equipment on creatures when they die?
  35. faq on omnath, locus of mana
  36. Legal targets?
  37. what if i have abyssal persecutor and platinum angel
  38. magic the gathering with Sisters of Stone Death question
  39. sanguine bond more than one rules
  40. mtg tap creature prevent ability
  41. MTG can you respond to coming into play
  42. does a creature get summoning sickness when I get control over it
  43. the rules on mind control magic the gathering
  44. can a creature have negative power?
  45. magic comet storm same target
  46. Do you clone counters with clone mtg
  47. does sacrificing a creature mean from play?
  48. magic the gathering does celestial mantle stack
  49. magic the gathering if a creature with equipment is copied
  50. is casting a planeswalker a spell
  51. if a creature is tapped- can it still regenerate?
  52. what happens if my opponent clones platinum angel?
  53. Flipper
  54. gain control of creature and enchantments mtg
  55. can you use an ability as soon as you play it mtg summoning sickness
  56. =mtg getting back cards that have been removed from the game
  57. magic using fog against trample
  58. magic rules using all cards in your hand
  59. Tezzeret the Seeker no untapped artifacts can i use 1st ability
  60. Essence Scatter vs artifact creatures
  61. does coat of arms work with ally creatures
  62. Abyssal Persecutor faq Bone Splinters counterspell additional cost sacrifice creature
  63. enchant creature when player leaves game
  64. exile card comes into play as new card
  65. Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet
  66. mtg can a counter card counter itself
  67. As an additional cost to cast Death Bomb sacrifice a creature Abyssal Persecutor faq
  68. converted mana cost of strange mana cost card
  69. is landfall an activated ability
  70. magic the gathering if a spell has no legal target is it still played
  71. magic the gathering do copies of creatures with counters get counters
  72. mtg do you have to draw at beginning of your turn
  73. exile an equipped creature mtg
  74. do tokens created by rights of replication have converted mana cost
  75. in mtg what happens if i cant do all the card says
  76. Sphinx of the Steel Wind protection from green vs Guul Draz Specter giant growth faqs
  77. Ghost Tactician discard a card: Creatures you control get +1/+0 until end turn path
  78. mtg enslave who does it deal damage to
  79. can you give tokens shroud magic
  80. can you make tokens indestructible
  81. restricted cards
  82. Dragonskull Summit and Amulet of Vigor
  83. Remove from play and Summoning sickness
  84. Worldwake FAQ is up!
  85. Can you choose to attack planeswalkers
  86. does omnath lose the mana at end of turn
  87. does blocking count as doing damage
  88. Liliana discard no cards magic
  89. Brink of Disaster vs indestructible
  90. Brink of Disaster on already tapped permanent
  91. Seer's Sundial rulings question
  92. enchant a manland with enchant creature
  93. can you play both sides of a split card
  94. can exile work on idestructible creatures
  95. magic rule for land becoming a creature
  96. when can you use planeswaler abilites
  97. elvish piper counter spell
  98. Death's Shadow 20 life
  99. Halimar Depths rulings
  100. Amulet of Vigor Lavaclaw Reaches attack same turn?
  101. Celestial Colonnade vigilance attack and tap for mana same turn
  102. Replenish
  103. magic mind control a mind controlled creature
  104. act of treason attacking twice magic rulings faq
  105. trample versus indestructible
  106. mtg protection from white die to day of judgement
  107. legendary creature with shroud
  108. is ally a creature type
  109. bad condition cards
  110. MTG Can you destroy a shroud creature while it's on the stack
  111. Animate Dead/Retether question
  112. Angel's Herald Sacrifice a green creature, a white creature, and a blue creature faq
  113. Orim's Chant Isochron Scepter kicker
  114. does tapping a creature after it has been declared an attacker prevent it from attack
  115. if i creature gains shroud do enchantments fall off
  116. magic the gathering rules do tokens have a converted mana cost
  117. elvish piper do i have to pay mana for creature i put in battlefield or is it free
  118. can I tap verdant catacombs for mana and fetch
  119. Does Bushido Stack?
  120. Nyxathid Lightning Bolt magic faq rulings
  121. Convincing Mirage
  122. Cascade
  123. ally and shapeshifter connections
  124. can a triggered effect do something to a creature with shroud?
  125. can someone path to exile my tidehollow sculler in response to me playing it
  126. faq rulings: Can I play safe passage after damage has been dealt? m
  127. Enslave rulings owner magic who gets damage
  128. chimeric idol Tap all lands you control. Chimeric Idol becomes a 3/3 Turtle artifact
  129. last question about Terastodon I promise :)
  130. Terastodon Artifact Creatures
  131. control magic gain control of equipment
  132. Terastodon shroud
  133. Mycosynth Lattice + Karn = plainswalker kill?
  134. Terastodon planesawalkers
  135. might of oaks shroud
  136. does enchantment leave when player leaves
  137. Color of a permanent
  138. target player discards a card ruling magic
  139. magic the gathering can celestial mantle work planeswalker
  140. 2 quest for the nihil stone 10 life
  141. mtg rules does landfall work if creature tapped
  142. mtg lifelink creature does more damage
  143. gaining control of a creature in magic summoning sickness
  144. shroud summoning sickness ruling magic
  145. Mtg shroud rules question
  146. Bogardan Hellkite deals 5 damage divided choose among number target creatures players
  147. manlands faq rulings raging ravine
  148. mtg goblin instigator deals damage twice
  149. Mind control and enchantments/equipment/counters already on the creature
  150. is Darkheart Sliver black/green creature considered a nonblack creature?
  151. Solemn Offering disenchant faq magic
  152. Rise from the Grave shroud magic rulings
  153. Can you enchant Rancor on a manland?
  154. nomad mythmaker and creatures with shroud
  155. Sage of Fables Each Wizard creature you control enters battlefield +1/+1 counter
  156. Indestructibility planeswalkers indestructible day of judgment?
  157. pacifism on creature with regenerate sacrifice
  158. wrath of god planeswalkers
  159. Dust Elemental what happens when i have 3 creatures but 1 of the creatures has shroud
  160. Obsidian Battle-Axe warriors rules faq magic
  161. regenerate wither
  162. lifelink wither
  163. Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund magic rulings faq
  164. Naya Hushblade As long as you control another multicolored permanent rulings magic
  165. aether spellbomb protection from blue magic
  166. Can you use a planeswalker ability the turn it comes out
  167. giving a creature with double strike first strike
  168. does Lotus cobras mana stay
  169. Can Oracle of Mul Daya allow you to place as many lands from your library as you want
  170. ruinous minotaur sacrifice
  171. magic rules simultaniously winning
  172. Platinum Angel run out of cards
  173. is landfall a triggered ability
  174. double strike trample indestructible
  175. can iona prevent colorless spells
  176. does protection from everything include protection from goblins or only colors?
  177. Prized Unicorn Question
  178. mtg Elvish Piper tap Question
  179. mtg does clone copy the creature color
  180. Does protection from red stop chain reaction
  181. Dread Statuary manland lifegift
  182. city of brass ivory mask rulings magic
  183. new mtg rules concerning counterspells
  184. mtg move counter from permanent
  185. Casting Spells and the Stack
  186. Sudden Spoiling Asha's Favor faq magic
  187. Dark Depths land with no mana?
  188. Soul's fire Trample rulings magic
  189. Intimidation Bolt AFTER attackers are declared magic rulings
  190. bestial menace glimpse of nature magic worldwake faq
  191. Mighty Emergence Bestial Menace magic worldwake faq
  192. pacifism and tap ability
  193. pacifism and vigilance
  194. rulings question Dread Statuary worldwake
  195. rulings question Kalastria Highborn worldwake
  196. When you turn a morphed creature face up does it gain summoning sickness? magic
  197. Fireball X mana cost counter before decide magic rulings faq
  198. wither creature unblocked mtg
  199. Concerted Effort shroud
  200. wither vs shroud
  201. planeswalker ability stifle
  202. flying vs reach
  203. spreading seas nonbasic land
  204. Question about Humility
  205. parallax wave exile creature summoning sickness rulings
  206. Parallax Wave tapped creatures remove from game rules
  207. Greater Auramancy Mind Control rulings
  208. Angel's Feather Demon's Horn Dragon's Claw Kraken's Eye Wurm's Tooth ruling magic faq
  209. planeswalkers safe passage
  210. Don't understand second wind strange wording
  211. Leyline of Singularity and morphed face down cards rulings
  212. Shadowmage Infiltrator planeswalker damage rulings faq magic
  213. infest All creatures get -2/-2 until end of turn magic rulings faq
  214. rules for targeting planeswalkers
  215. sen triplets
  216. can i change my deck before first turn magic
  217. Double Strike Question
  218. situation from game today
  219. Cruel Ultimatum Wild Ricochet magic rulings
  220. what does Common Cause do magic
  221. Boomerang token
  222. Primalcrux Wild Pair
  223. Prison Term shroud
  224. If land becomes a creature is it considered a spell now?
  225. If a land becomes a creature, does it gain color?
  226. Scourglass vs artifact creature
  227. Scourglass vs progenitus
  228. vampire hexmage Greater Gargadon suspended exiled rulings faq magic
  229. magic the gathering rule 704.5r explanation
  230. if i have more sanguine bond
  231. Volrath's Shapeshifter
  232. MTG can you counterspell ninjutsu
  233. block a creature with morph flip over flying
  234. pro-white day of judgement magic the gathering
  235. is playing land playing a spell
  236. magic double strike vs. stack blocking
  237. responding to blockers with protection mtg
  238. magic can a creature attack with vigilence and then use a tap ability
  239. mtg search cards and changelings
  240. magic the gathering silence isochron scepter
  241. 2 taunting elf attack
  242. can you put Magebane Armor on a creature without flying
  243. magic can you use a "target player discards a card" no cards
  244. can you clone a planeswalker?
  245. can you sacrifice as going into graveyard mtg
  246. MTG tap card ability when can you used
  247. Warren Instigator Mage Slayer double strike Whenever equipped creature attacks
  248. Warren Instigator double strike you may put a Goblin creature card hand battlefield
  249. Multi Colored Spells and Creatures
  250. Lightning Reaver Magic rulings faq planeswalker counters