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  1. Fathom Seer morph turn face up is drawing cards optional?
  2. Battle Screech and tapping the creatures magic
  3. questions about protection
  4. Amber Prison destroyed while tapped does the target creature become tapped forever?
  5. Mausoleum Turnkey vs hexproof creature? magic
  6. Primal Clay getting cloned magic
  7. Selesnya Signet magic do u add both GW to your mana pool or do u gotta chose
  8. Hecatomb not enough creatures to sacrifice can i still use ability
  9. magic do i cast Hail of Arrows before or after normal combat damage?
  10. Barter in Blood in what order are the creatures sacrificed?
  11. can jace beleren, jace the mind sculptor, and jace memory adept be on battlefield?
  12. can you fling a Illusory Demon?
  13. Im a bit troubled again with rules~~
  14. Blinding Angel and Relentless assault combat phase skip rulings magic
  15. Warp World and Darkslick Shores rulings mtg
  16. Cadaver Imp and Cemetery Reaper rulings magic
  17. Lunar Avenger does the +1/+1 counter return at the end of turn? magic
  18. can Wicked Akuba target a player which hasnt been dealt damage?
  19. Polluted Bonds Cosi's Ravager life gain loss rulings magic
  20. valor and Exalted Dragon sacrifice a plains first strike? magic
  21. how does auriok Survivors interact with living weapon?
  22. Fist of Suns and Chorus of the Conclave broken combo?
  23. does master's call trigger Auriok Champion once or twice?
  24. mtg Soratami Cloud Chariot can you use both abilities same creature
  25. turn to frog rulings m12 vs Phantasmal Dragon?
  26. would a jace, memory adept be included in scrambleverse?
  27. jace memory adept can I do stuff while I am drawing cards?
  28. Jace, Memory Adept and Jaces erasure rulings magic
  29. aegis angel and jace memory adept planeswalker indestructible magic
  30. Cowed by Wisdom and Minamo Scrollkeeper rulings? mtg
  31. magic does titanic growth stack with giant growth?
  32. when you use skinshifter ability does it count as creature entering the battlefield?
  33. questions about mind control... thingies~ yarr
  34. if you cant pay cumulative upkeep for creature does it die?
  35. circle of flame rulings M12 vs Adarkar Windform loses flying on attacking
  36. Djinn of wishes ruling m12 what gets exiled the spell or the djinn
  37. does adventuring gear work on horizon drake? magic
  38. can a creature that dies be regenerated?
  39. Land question
  40. if i give benalsih veteran double strike will it get +2/+2 when it attacks?
  41. timely reinforcements m12 rulings more then one opponent magic
  42. Monomania rulings M12 if there is only one card in my hand do i keep or discard
  43. Jace's Archivist what happens if all players dont have enough library
  44. Aegis Angel indestructible creature combat damage magic ruling
  45. call to the grave rulings is a changeling a non zombie creature
  46. magic does the bonus from adaptive automatons stack?
  47. M12 rulings doubling chant and phyrexian metamorph?
  48. can Buried Ruin return Inkwell Leviathan from graveyard shroud
  49. throne of empires rulings copy question
  50. crown of empires rulings tap instead of control?
  51. mesa enchantress dark flavor rulings magic
  52. timely reinforcements do i choose or can i do both
  53. jade mage m12 magic rulings do the saproling creature tokens have summoning sickness?
  54. master thief rulings inkmoth nexus magic
  55. personal sanctuary question damage prevention ruling magic
  56. Fungal Reaches question
  57. does personal sanctuary prevent poison counters? magic
  58. personal sanctuary and Sorin Markov magic controlling turn rulings
  59. personal sanctuary rulings faq Samite Ministration
  60. Skinshifter rulings Phyrexian Metamorph magic
  61. rites of flourishing additional land in turn rulings magic
  62. visions of beyond rulings world of waste? magic
  63. does mind unbound replace your regular draw step?
  64. Standard Type II Cards
  65. phantasmal dragon rules cowardice sacrifice or hand? magic
  66. day of judgment hexproof
  67. Control Magic Questions + Akroma memorial question
  68. is there a card that gives hexproof to a player?
  69. Obstinate Familiar and jace memory adpet
  70. Jace memory adept 3rd ability can be used on player with shroud?
  71. Jace Memory Adept 2nd ability if other player has less then 10 cards in his library?
  72. druidic satchel what happens if I reveal a manland?
  73. can stingerfling spider destroy creature with reach?
  74. reassembling skeleton question ruling
  75. can i cast Lay Bare on a spell that cant be countered just to look at hand?
  76. bloodthirst and Torpor Orb?
  77. Vampire Outcasts and Garruk's Packleader question about bloodthirst
  78. does bloodlord of vaasgoth stack? magic
  79. Primeval Titan rulings Conspiracy Preeminent Captain faq put card attacking?
  80. can you use frost breath on a tapped creature?
  81. magic who wins torpor orb or manic vandal
  82. can you activate ability of grim lavamancer with an empty graveyard?
  83. is Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker considered a red planeswalker chandra's phoenix
  84. under magic 2012 new rules is a discarded creature considered dead?
  85. Quicksilver Amulet and kicker costs? magic
  86. what happens if u cast monomania against a player with empty hand?
  87. Goblin Artillery vs Gideon's Avenger?
  88. pride guardian vs double strike creature magic
  89. Blocking rule question
  90. now that day of judgment is being reprinted in magic 2012 will i be able use 8 copies
  91. does obelisk of esper count as plains island and swamp
  92. Cyclops Gladiator Question
  93. Lands that become creatures Question
  94. can i cast Death's Duet if i only got one creature in my graveyard?
  95. can you tap and sacrifice Tooth of Ramos in the same turn to get two white mana?
  96. Double Strike blocking question
  97. does a attacking Nagao, Bound by Honor give bonus to itself?
  98. Slith Firewalker if it deals more then one damage does it get more then one counter?
  99. does Akki Coalflinger affect creatures who have double strike?
  100. does Ensnaring Bridge affect your own creatures?
  101. will a Pangosaur return from my graveyard magic
  102. Kindle the Carnage and Master Healer prevent damage
  103. Cosi's Trickster and Karn Liberated?
  104. Infernal Kirin what to do with cards in your hand with phyrexian mana cost?
  105. does Cranial Plating count itself for the bonus it gives as equipment?
  106. Into the Roil vs karn liberated ability?
  107. Final Punishment if dmg was prevented is it counted?
  108. does ability of Nirkana Revenant stack like do i get more mana
  109. karn liberated says to restart game so i go back to 20 life but what happens poison
  110. can a Aven Cloudchaser thats entering the battlefield destroy Opal Caryatid
  111. if i use both abilities of Nacatl Hunt-Pride on same creature does it block or not?
  112. will creature tapped by Kashi-Tribe Reaver untap if kashi is dead? magic
  113. Apocalypse Chime and phyrexian metamorph homelands set rulings
  114. does Door of Destinies get a charge counter if the creature spell is countered?
  115. no Rest for the Wicked and Opalescence
  116. Veiled Crocodile only card in hand enter battlefield as creature or enchantment?
  117. Dark Tutelage rulings with Magister Sphinx magic
  118. i cast snake umbra on a creature i dont control who draws card?
  119. Flare and karn liberated
  120. Chancellor of the Forge enters the battlefield counts itself?
  121. Hero's Demise legendary rulings and Sacred Ground land
  122. magic faq Tor Wauki and Reconnaissance?
  123. Liliana's Caress Syphon Mind magic rulings
  124. phyrexian metamorph and Angelic Blessing magic rulings
  125. can Goblin Digging Team destroy changeling?
  126. In magic can u choose to skip ur draw step and draw 2 cards next turn
  127. Wit's End player with empty hand
  128. do i get free Sigil of Distinction with four counters with four Etherium Sculptors
  129. If Phyrexian Metamorph copies a Gravedigger do i get to get creature card from gy?
  130. Opal Archangel and phyrexian metamorph rulings?
  131. phyrexian metamorph copying a Veiled Crocodile to become creature or enchantment?
  132. Phyrexian Metamorph and destroy creature its gonna copy in response?
  133. is emblem of Venser, the Sojourner affected by frost titan?
  134. when equipped creature attacks, does equipment also tap?
  135. multiple angel's grace rulings cant lose game that turn
  136. World Queller emblem card type for sacrifice?
  137. Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger is killed do lands sill not untap?
  138. copy game restart of karn liberated Rings of Brighthearth rulings?
  139. Filigree Angel and open the vaults rulings magic
  140. if phyrexian metamorph enters battlefield as Filigree Angel does its ability trigger
  141. Primal Clay and torpor orb make choice for creature?
  142. Contemplation and platinum emperion change life totals from spell?
  143. can u cast afflict with Melira, Sylvok Outcast on battlefield
  144. Blood Moon question does the new mountains produce red mana?
  145. can i use Bargaining Table if opponent has no cards in his hand?
  146. question about Aysen Bureaucrats rulings magic
  147. can mana made with Springleaf Drum be used on myr superion?
  148. Artillerize and phyrexian unlife how much infect counters rules magic
  149. Impaler Shrike and Breath of Fury rulings magic
  150. dispatch with metalcraft target creature still becomes tapped?
  151. what would happen if phyrexian metamorph managed to copy a planeswalker?
  152. Mindcrank and soul conduit life exchange magic rulings
  153. Mindcrank and no more cards in deck
  154. Myr Superion rulings Fist of Suns creatures mana?
  155. cheated by Chancellor of the Dross reveal chancellor rulings?
  156. Porcelain Legionnaire rulings phyrexian mana rishadan port magic tap land
  157. targeting equipped creature with mind control rule
  158. shattered angel rulings Cosi's Ravager land enters battlefield faq magic
  159. Chancellor of the Annex vs uncounterable spells and abilities what happens magic
  160. can mental misstep counter spells with converted mana cost LESS then one?
  161. Phyrexian Obliterator question deals damage change controller who sacs permanents?
  162. can I sacrifice Char-Rumbler to Ichor Explosion to give all creatures +1/+1
  163. can I choose NOT to reveal a chancellor thats in my opening hand?
  164. Karn Liberated and Chancellor of the Annex game restart rulings magic
  165. does Chancellor of the Annex counter a leyline cast from opening hand?
  166. WARNING: Chancellors are not very good to have too many in your hand!
  167. War Report if i have artifact creature do i get one or two life?
  168. Ob Nixillis and Planeswalkers
  169. can Dryad Arbor be used to pay for Myr Superion?
  170. Viridian Harvest and Relic Crush magic
  171. Dismember phyrexian mana paying life vs Mistmeadow Skulk
  172. spellskite and equip ability magic
  173. can Phyrexian Metamorph copy myr superion if I used mana from lands to pay for it?
  174. myr superion and humility magic rulings
  175. myr superion is it an ability whats on the card?
  176. can I change the target of a counterspell to spellskite?
  177. faq for myr superion and Feroz's Ban additional cost also from creatures?
  178. rulings for myr superion and spirit guides magic
  179. rulings for Semblance Anvil and Myr Superion mtg
  180. rulings for Chancellor of the Tangle and Myr Superion magic
  181. Immolating Souleater rulings use phyrexian mana ability more then once a turn?
  182. Soul Conduit and Goblin Flectomancer change spell targets
  183. Fallen Ferromancer infect damage when using ability?
  184. Phyrexian Mana Symbols and Bloodchief Ascencion
  185. Cathedral Membrane and false orders rulings blockers
  186. Torpor Orb and phyrexian metamorph rulings
  187. Phage the Untouchable and Torpor Orb
  188. Phyrexian Ingester and Tarmogoyf?
  189. Xenograft choose creature type wall cant attack? magic
  190. for Xenograft can chosen creature type be artifact creature
  191. If I cast Pith Driller and there is no other creature can I choose not to put -1/-1
  192. Noxious Revival does other player get to see which card i choose to put on top?
  193. Leeching Bite card ruling question same target for both targets?
  194. Phyrexian Metamorph and momentary blink/flicker remember choice?
  195. consecrated sphinx with Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur magic lose rules
  196. can i activate Blind Zealot ability after dealing damage to a planeswalker?
  197. alloy myr and phyrexian metamorph rulings summoning sickness?
  198. does creature put onto the battlefield with Birthing Pod have summoning sickness?
  199. does arm with aether affect creatures coming into the battlefield after it was cast?
  200. can i choose to draw less then 7 cards with Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur?
  201. if less than seven cards when i draw for Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur do i lose game?
  202. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur do i draw 7 cards before or after discard for that turn? mtg
  203. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur and Praetor's Counsel what is hand size?
  204. if i reveal Chancellor of the Tangle how long will my G mana be available?
  205. Bludgeon Brawl and Puresteel Paladin rulings magic
  206. if i am the player who draws first and i draw Chancellor of the Tangle can i reveal?
  207. can i cast Beast Within on darksteel relic just to put creature on battlefield?
  208. can you cast Artillerize if you have no artifacts or creatures?
  209. Shrine of Loyal Legions and vampire hexmage rulings charge counters magic
  210. do two creatures with phyrexian mana symbol share a color with each other?
  211. Shrine of Boundless Growth and doubling season
  212. darksteel relic ruling march of the machines
  213. do charge counters from Shrine of Boundless Growth work on Shrine of Loyal Legions?
  214. can i cast Corrupted Resolve if its controller is NOT poisoned? magic
  215. if batterskull is in my graveyard can i use its ability to return it to my hand?
  216. puresteel paladin and Lashwrithe equip 0
  217. Norn's Annex pay life question rulings
  218. do i still put a charge counter on Shrine of Burning Rage if my red spell countered?
  219. Mycosynth Fiend rulings and poison counters
  220. Phyrexian Unlife and Melira, Sylvok Outcast less then 0 life? magic infect
  221. can you stifle etched monstrosity counters ability?
  222. Greenhilt Trainee equipped with Batterskull ruling about its activated ability
  223. c an you use ability of etched monstrosity if it has no -1/-1 counters on it?
  224. phyrexian metamorph and etched monstrosity copy creature rules
  225. can I use geosurge mana to activate creature abilities?
  226. can you use mana from geosurge to pay kicker costs of creatures?
  227. can you cast act of aggression on untapped creature?
  228. Melira, Sylvok Outcast vs planeswalkers loyalty counters? magic
  229. Etched Monstrosity Melira, Sylvok Outcast combo 10/10 for 5 mana?
  230. does soul conduit work with platinum emperion?
  231. Melira, Sylvok Outcast what happens to poison counter already on you and on creatures
  232. Life's Finale and Alabaster Dragon rulings library shuffle
  233. can I cast life's finale with no creatures on the battlefield?
  234. does isolation cell trigger if the creature spell is countered?
  235. does True Believer protect me from last ability of karn liberated shroud
  236. Karn liberated but what happens to my emblems??
  237. After using karn liberated do we flip a coin to see who goes first?
  238. Karn liberated question does platinum angel protect against?
  239. for Fertile Imagination can I say blue card?
  240. if I cast Careful Consideration during my SECOND main phase do I still discard 2 card
  241. does Sandskin prevent proliferate on a creature with infect counters?
  242. Chancellor of the Annex and karn liberated reveal from hand ability game restart
  243. Multiple Chancellor of the Dross and reveal ability from opening hand
  244. Chancellor of the Dross and mulligan
  245. karn liberated can i put my leylines into the battlefield for free when i restart
  246. karn liberated can i take a mulligan?
  247. Psychic Surgery and shuffle library ruling
  248. Pursuit of Knowledge and consecrated sphinx draw card rulings mtg
  249. Hungry Mist is paying the GG mandatory?
  250. stifle vs eater of days to not skip turns magic