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  1. Iona, shield of Emeria stop lands?
  2. cloning an enchanted creature
  3. double strike beastmaster ascension
  4. planeswalker on the stack
  5. converted mana cost of land
  6. sac Dauntless Escort affect creatures in play at time of casting or also future ones
  7. Austere Command progenitus
  8. Intruder Alarm celestial colonnade rulings magic
  9. opposition shroud protection from blue magic official rulings faq
  10. Trickster mage tap target land magic official rulings faq
  11. Lightning Bolt each other what happens magic official rulings faq
  12. Can I play Heal the Scars to regenerate creature and gain life whenever I want?
  13. Goblin Sharpshooter rulings magic faq graveyard
  14. Emperor Croc
  15. animate dead Inkwell Leviathan
  16. can i use Scepter of Dominance to tap a planeswalker?
  17. mtg shroud after enchantment
  18. Double Strike damage?
  19. Can a planeswalkers ability be played as an instant
  20. fact or fiction face up or face down? Magic faq rulings
  21. two platinum angel in play what happens magic rulings faq
  22. manabarbs llanowar elves rulings magic
  23. can progenitus be equipped?
  24. magic the gathering can a creature with summoning sickness use it's untap ability
  25. magic the gathering mana cost of token creatures
  26. can day of judgement target shroud
  27. Abyssal Horror countered magic rulings
  28. PLANESWALKER and taking damage
  29. Plainswalkers and summoning sickness
  30. magic the gathering rules: shroud vs own abilites
  31. magic the gathering rules shroud vs auras
  32. mtg gain control summoning sickness
  33. can you counter activated abilites with a counterspell
  34. magic the gathering rules tap an already tapped creature
  35. magic the gathering taking control creature equipment
  36. protection from color damages all creatures
  37. mtg you control target players next turn stack
  38. is vampire hexmage sacrificed the turn its played?
  39. magic the gathering rules do tokens tap
  40. beastmaster ascension more than one creature attacks
  41. how many planeswalkers can you have out at once
  42. mtg creature abilities spells?
  43. magic the gathering can a creature with vigilance use its tap ability and then attack
  44. path to exile pull from eternity magic rulings faq face up face down exiled card
  45. can u use counterbore against lands magic
  46. when you tap and sacrifice arid mesa and you get a mountain- it comes to play tapped?
  47. does clone target a creature?
  48. double mind control creature who controls creature magic official rulings faq
  49. elvish piper essence scatter counter target creature spell magic rulings faq
  50. pithing needle mindbreak trap rulings magic prevent playing trap for ability cost faq
  51. Unspeakable Symbol rulings magic
  52. MTG- can you cancel a cancel spell?
  53. can vexing shusher target creature
  54. guardian of the guildpact protection rules
  55. leyline of singularity empress galina Gain control of target legendary permanent rule
  56. changelings artifact creature
  57. planar cleansing shroud rulings magic
  58. Bant Battlemage abilities on protection from green prot from blue prot white rulings
  59. fog prevent combat damage trample damage
  60. Official Rule on Doubling Season
  61. does indestructible prevent creature from getting destroyed by decree of annihilation
  62. Dismantle Darksteel Reactor magic rulings
  63. bury indestructible magic the gathering
  64. dovescape rulings magic if I have 2 dovescape in play do i get double the tokens?
  65. awakener druid what happens when forest dies do i get another forest creature?
  66. mtg do copies of creatures have summoning sickness
  67. mtg can you equip shroud
  68. does land ability affect landfall
  69. path to exile shroud
  70. Can you have more than 4 of the same non basic land cards in deck magic the gathering
  71. when you copy a creature do you copy tokens?
  72. when you copy a creature do you copy counters
  73. Can I play needle drop if no player creature was dealt damage this turn to draw card?
  74. shimmering mirage cast on my swamp making it a forest; Can I in response tap it for B
  75. Can I use path to exile on my own tidehow sculler so that exiled card gone forever?
  76. magic stonecloaker return himself
  77. Does elvish champion get +1/+1 and forstwalk?
  78. Can Akroma, Angel of Fury be countered if I cast it as morph creature? rulings magic
  79. morph flying creature gets blocked by creature without flying then i pay morph cost
  80. sliver legion sliver queen sliver overlord on battlefield at the same time? rulings
  81. mtg clone morph
  82. if I play Duress and target opponent has a planeswalker can I have him discard that
  83. magic are copies permanents
  84. can you play a counterspell with nothing on the stack?
  85. mtg can you path a sacrificed vampire hexmage
  86. stifle dark depths
  87. Can you stifle a vampire hexmage sacrifice?
  88. copy an instant mtg
  89. Crop Rotation and Braids
  90. sorceress queen card ruling
  91. can you kill a progenitus with wrath of god?
  92. wishes djinn rule magic the gathering
  93. magic the gathering shroud epuipment
  94. can you target whispersilk cloak directly?
  95. latest magic rulebook download
  96. lifelink rulings magic
  97. orim's chant day of judgement rulings magic what happens
  98. Multiple vampire aristocrat rulings magic sac one creature for bonuses get all +2/+2?
  99. new rules on regenerate?
  100. hex rulings magic can u cast if less then 6 creature can u target same creature twice
  101. mtg will protection from white protect from jugment day
  102. can you target a creature in graveyard with shroud?
  103. can I name counterspell as card for runed halo? is there protection from counterspell
  104. can a royal assassin kill itself?
  105. Blinding Mage Royal Assassin rulings magic Tap target Destroy target tapped creature
  106. mtg tokens count as 0 mana cost creature
  107. Hermetic study stack??
  108. landfall step lynx rule
  109. non basic land rules
  110. magic the gathering rules with equips and copies
  111. can i use Liliana Vess 1st ability +1: Target player discards a card if no card magic
  112. Darksteel Gargoyle indestructible damage and wither combination rulings magic
  113. Blood Celebrant + Darien, King of Kjeldor rulings magic lose life = dealt damage
  114. magic the gathering counter target activated ability from a creature with shroud
  115. doubling season stack?
  116. I block Boggart Ram-Gang wither creature with Skeletal Kathari can i regenerate??
  117. Djinn of Wishes Fireball deals X damage may play that card without paying what is x
  118. Cradle of Vitality Progenitus can I put the +1/+1 on progenitus? magic rulings
  119. Zombie master rulings magic is zombie master considered zombie gets swampwalk regen?
  120. Illuminated Wings Llanowar Elves Thunderbolt deals 4 damage to target creature flying
  121. Armored Ascension Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 for each Plains you control flying
  122. can counterspell counter itself?
  123. mind control question rulings magic if i gain control tapped creature does it untap?
  124. day of judgment shroud creature
  125. sacrificing a creature during combat
  126. does clone get the effects of a card
  127. can you counter a spell you cast?
  128. Jace the Mind Sculptor planeswalker last ability ruling what happens no cards in hand
  129. if i give shroud to Aquamoeba can I still use its ability?
  130. aether flash shroud magic rulings does aether flash deal dmg to creature with shroud?
  131. is it possible to clone progenitus magic rulings
  132. what happens if i give my creature flying after blockers are declared
  133. runed halo progenitus magic rulings progenitus protected from naming itself as card??
  134. Landfall rules
  135. multiple pariahs magic rulings
  136. trample pariah rulings magic
  137. Another celestial colonnade rules question magic
  138. Cellestial Colonnade rulings magic
  139. -1 -1 till end of turn??
  140. warren investigator mtg rule
  141. morph rules can morphling use morph magic rulings
  142. Does changeling count as an ally?
  143. coat of arms and tokens mtg
  144. does shroud work in graveyard
  145. kodamas reach two lands a turn
  146. does clone copy equipment and enchantments?
  147. can you counter a protection from blue creature?
  148. Gwafa Hazid Profiteer rulings magic what happens to bribery counters when leaves play
  149. coat of arms nature's revolt magic ruling
  150. windborn charge without 2 creatures
  151. if an attacker loses haste
  152. Magic The Gathering - is Artifact Creature an Artifact or Creature
  153. can you clone something with shroud?
  154. what happens when a target creature gets shrouded
  155. is sacrificing targeting a creature in magic
  156. do you gain life from celestial mantle
  157. can day of judgment destroy protection from white
  158. mtg rules faq declare blockers loses flying
  159. can Beastmaster Ascension get more than one counter per turn
  160. mtg rules on allies
  161. can 2 or more planeswalkers be on the battlefield at once?
  162. do clones copy mana cost
  163. magic arid mesa fetch non basic land rule
  164. official ruling of mindbreak trap
  165. if player has shroud is does he take trample damage rulings magic
  166. how many cards can you have in your hand maximum at once mtg
  167. MTG planeswalker destroy all permanents worldslayer rulings
  168. Frostweb Spider Rulings Magic
  169. planeswalker rules mtg add counter
  170. mtg clone a creature with shroud
  171. do tokens trigger go into graveyard
  172. magic can you cast a counter spell without a target
  173. already enchanted card with shroud magic
  174. oes copy creature in magic copy enchantments
  175. what if attack phase comes and you realize you forgot to untap your creatures magic
  176. gain control of target permanent mtg rule
  177. progenitus protection from wrath of god
  178. Sleep with tapped creature magic
  179. un-cards rules questions - twanos ?
  180. magic ruling respond to land
  181. can i counter a double negative?
  182. mtg rules does fork copy x
  183. do planeswalkers abilities works on creatures with shroud
  184. First Strike
  185. Pacifism
  186. can i use mark of mutiny on a creature i already control
  187. Shroud vs. Breath of Darigaz
  188. magic rulings faq sudden spoiling creature haste in response to attack combat phase
  189. is untapping in untap phase optional?
  190. Coiling Woodworm’s power is equal to the number of forests in play ruling magic faq
  191. magic gathering bribery rules does it mean he owns card??
  192. vesuva rulings land magic
  193. Tromp the Domains rulings magic dual lands like tropical island
  194. magic can you sac indestructible
  195. mtg can you gain control of a creature you control?
  196. mtg planeswalkers rules can you counter planeswalker abilities
  197. mtg does exalted stack
  198. mtg can you attack yourself
  199. magic the gathering does clone copy creature type
  200. 3 damage to each creature and player mtg shroud player shroud creature affected
  201. playing more than one oracle of mul daya
  202. shroud vs wrath
  203. Zendikar spreading seas information rulings enchanted land is an island magic
  204. doubling season information rulings
  205. magic gathering earthquake both players die simultaneously
  206. magic the gathering can spells with shroud be countered
  207. Finest Hour
  208. Declaration of Naught illusion reality split cards magic ruling
  209. does sacrificing target mtg
  210. can Mindbreak Trap be countered
  211. magic the gathering rules counterspell a counterspell
  212. Chorus of the Conclave rulings magic put counters on chorus itself
  213. Lich's mirror ruling magic concede game to use ability
  214. coat of arms types mtg
  215. what is an ally ruling magic the gathering
  216. can you target a card in the graveyard
  217. magic rules wrath order graveyard
  218. play windborne charge with one target
  219. rulings magic chaotic backlash Aven Mimeomancer how much damage deal to target player
  220. Iona Shield of Emeria magic rulings can i say colorless and prevent land spells cast
  221. rulings i play wildfire Each player sacrifices four lands can i choose what lands
  222. rulings stifle Counter target activated triggered ability Mana abilities cant target
  223. magic rulings Leyline of Singularity Reki the History of Kamigawa
  224. Zendikar magic use expedition map for non basic land?
  225. does celestial mantle count as life gain
  226. does doubling season work with planeswalkers
  227. do you "control" card in graveyard
  228. mtg shroud rules when creature comes into play
  229. mtg cannot be target rule
  230. magic the gathering rules morph creatures enchantment
  231. can i sacrifice hexmage whenever?
  232. magic rulings trample blocker removed from combat what happens
  233. MTG ruling redirecting damage to planeswalker
  234. planeswalker damage player rules
  235. does your creature do damage if you block and tap
  236. mtg can you target a equipment card that gives shroud
  237. tokens graveyard magic the gathering trigger abilities
  238. can you put enchantments on a shroud creature
  239. cruel ultimatum rulings what if player die from losing life and other from no library
  240. does mark of mutiny affect untapped
  241. wrath of god protection from white
  242. bizzaro rules #1
  243. does "triangle of war" deal combat damage?
  244. mtg rules protection from everything counter
  245. MTG clones target is removed
  246. can sorin target a planeswalker
  247. magic the gathering sliver rules
  248. can verdant catacombs be played as a land also
  249. mtg double damage rules
  250. does untapping prevent ability activation