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  1. Doran, the Siege Tower and Pit Fight
  2. Browbeat and Pay No Heed rulings?
  3. does armory of iroas trigger heroic
  4. Need ruling on Flaming Gambit
  5. Trash for Treasure ruling needed
  6. Gerrard's Wisdom question cards in hand
  7. does Warden of Evos Isle reduce its own cost to cast?
  8. Destroy artifact question - Golden Urn
  9. Can I cast Solemn Offering if there are no artifacts or enchantments?
  10. Blade Splicer and Golem Creatures
  11. Mudbrawler Cohort if I control two other red creatures does it get +2/+2?
  12. Substep ruling help
  13. Altar's Reap can I kill the sacrificed creature in response to make spell fizzle?
  14. Briarknit Kami does counter go on creature if spell is countered
  15. If I put Hostile Realm on a land does it lose the mana?
  16. Super secret combo
  17. does second ability of Orzhov Guildmage target myself?
  18. Necromancy rules
  19. does Stromkirk Noble trigger when it deals damage to a planeswalker?
  20. Can Volition Reins enchant a planeswalker
  21. if Stalking Stones is killed does it go back to being a land?
  22. do i need to sacrifice Harvest Wurm if my graveyard is emoty
  23. Oxidda Golem converted mana cost affinity for mountains
  24. Balustrade Spy does land go to graveyard?
  25. does Voracious Dragon only eat Goblins or can it eat other creatures?
  26. can Merfolk Skyscout untap itself after attacking?
  27. if my creatures gets Stab Wound can i sacrifice it
  28. Temur Ascendancy and Primal Forcemage
  29. Flaming Gambit protection from red?
  30. Teferi vs Epic experiment
  31. briarberry cohort does it get +2/+2 if I control two other blue creaturea?
  32. Momir Vig, Simic Visionary and blue/green creature spells
  33. Does Elvish Eulogist count itself for life gain?
  34. can Gaea's Herald be countered
  35. Disciple of Kangee blue creature
  36. does Conclave Phalanx count itself?
  37. can nature's lore summon dryad arbor?
  38. can i cast Structural Collapse on player that doesnt have artifact and land
  39. Two Conjurer's Closet and Thragtusk
  40. both players have Archetype of Finality?
  41. Mudbutton Clanger kinship changeling in library all creature types
  42. Psychogenic Probe and Boggart Forager with empty library
  43. Mangara of Corondor and momentary blink
  44. Spirit Shackle on tapped creature?
  45. Onslaught and Centaur Omenreader
  46. Infectious Host removed from combat
  47. will blinding powder still work once unattached?
  48. Salvaging Station and March of the Machines
  49. can i use Vault Skyward on a flying creature just to untap it?
  50. simple question about Festering Evil
  51. question about Trade Secrets and draw cards
  52. Can I stifle the ability of Painter's Servant?
  53. Hunted Dragon Ivory Mask
  54. Wall of Frost creature untap
  55. can Grifter's Blade target a creature with shroud?
  56. Can I cast Bewilder on my own creature just so I can draw a card?
  57. Serra Avenger and Aether Vial?
  58. Infectious Horror double strike
  59. Echo Cost & Restoration Angel
  60. Nefashu question and -1/-1 counters
  61. Endless Wurm and Ordeal of Erebos
  62. Syphon Mind if other player has no card do I still draw
  63. Longhorn Firebeast planeswalker rules
  64. does elvish piper count as cast?
  65. Menacing Ogre same number?
  66. Ethereal Haze and Goblin Artillery
  67. Razia, Boros Archangel and damage redirect
  68. False Defeat creature with shroud?
  69. Mass Polymorph not enough creatures?
  70. can i use Junktroller on opponent graveyard
  71. Azorius Guildmage and Act of Aggression
  72. Excommunicate which library mind controlled creature goes to?
  73. Last Kiss creature with one health
  74. does Jelenn Sphinx also get +1/+1?
  75. Enchantress's Presence and Deadbridge Chant
  76. Reckless Scholar can i cast spell between drawing and discarding?
  77. Lifesmith can i pay more than 1 and gain more life?
  78. strider harness and strip bare
  79. Mistvein Borderpost question
  80. Feral Hydra and Fierce Empath
  81. Order of Yawgmoth what if players has no cards in hand?
  82. ashes to ashes who gets the damage??
  83. Spinal Graft
  84. Stigma Lasher kill it gain life again?
  85. Dice Enchamentments Summon Sickness Ability Use - So confused
  86. Might of Old Krosa rules and combat phase
  87. Mark for Death do I get to choose who the creature blocks
  88. Skeletal Scrying and Laboratory Maniac
  89. does Mirran Spy still work if artifact spell is countered?
  90. Rocket Launcher and giving it haste mtg
  91. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur ability optional?
  92. Virulent Wound
  93. Magma Spray
  94. can i put Elephant Guide on creatures i dont control
  95. Soul Parry how do you know if one or two creatures?
  96. does Flash of Defiance affect multicolored creatures?
  97. will sacrificing Furnace Celebration trigger itself?
  98. Pithing Needle can i name land
  99. mtg can i curse myself?
  100. Harsh Mercy can you choose Changeling
  101. can i tap creature with summoning sickness for Glare of Subdual ability cost?
  102. Chimeric Staff question send to graveyard
  103. Elkin Bottle do i play the card for free?
  104. Helldozer and Deathless Angel and manland
  105. Rishadan Port Question
  106. Aphetto Alchemist and Hollowsage
  107. I control two Drill-Skimmer do they have shroud?
  108. how does Pain's Reward work magic
  109. Beast Within do I get the token?
  110. does Anurid Barkripper count token creatures?
  111. does Order of Whiteclay enter the battlefield tapped?
  112. Pardic Lancer can i discard after other player tells me who its blocking it with
  113. Goblin Lackey damage prevented?
  114. Prismwake Merrow can I make permanent colorless?
  115. can Mwonvuli Beast Tracker fetch Horror of the Dim?
  116. can i cast Altar's Reap no creatures
  117. does Soulscour destroy artifact creatures?
  118. what happens if I control only Spiteful Bully?
  119. does heat shimmer exile the target creature or the token?
  120. diabloic vision do ii have to show the other player the cards?
  121. Can Hellkite Hatchling devour enemy creatures?
  122. Gaddock Teeg and force of will
  123. Curse of Death's Hold Morselhoarder
  124. does Fable of Wolf and Owl trigger itself
  125. what does it mean to "Cycle" a card?
  126. Boon of Erebos vs Furnace Brood
  127. I thought tokens cant be put in the graveyard?
  128. Night Soil can i exile from enemy graveyard?
  129. Perilous Research sacrifice permanent
  130. Moonlit Strider question
  131. how does Arbiter of Knollridge work magic
  132. Seer's Sundial can I pay 4 mana and draw two cards
  133. Honden of Infinite Rage count itself?
  134. Coiling Oracle land limit?
  135. Accelerate rulings creature haste
  136. kabira vindicator level 5
  137. Dry Spell damage dealt to me as well?
  138. blighting and megrim no cards in player's hand
  139. does The Wretched gain control of regenerating creatures blocking it?
  140. Makeshift Mauler cast no creatures graveyard?
  141. Mistform Mask can I make a creature into a wall?
  142. can i cast soul feast if i have platinum emperion
  143. Godhead of Awe and Crusader of Odric
  144. does Plummet work on a creature with Reach?
  145. Whats the point of Cloudshift?
  146. does Gutwrencher Oni target the other player with its ability?
  147. Homeward Path mind control rulings
  148. situation with creatures entering battlefield same time
  149. Shrieking Specter and ensnaring bridge
  150. Stasis Cocoon can creature activate abilities?
  151. Drekavac can I sacrifice an artifact creature?
  152. Salvage Scout sacrifice no artifact in graveyard
  153. Bloodgift Demon can I draw the card?
  154. Golgari Rot Farm and land play
  155. Ruthless Cullblade and double strike
  156. does Brand give all my creatures immunity from mind control?
  157. Tarox Bladewing can I discard clone?
  158. two Myr Retrievers wrath of god
  159. Sunbeam Spellbomb 1W Mana
  160. can cone of flame deal 6 damage to a single creature or player?
  161. ankh of mishra and Akoum Refuge
  162. Scavenging Ghoul what does corpse counter do
  163. Karstoderm and Mycosynth Lattice
  164. Ruling for Thirst for Knowledge?
  165. Order of the Ebon Hand two black mana
  166. does Thousand-Year Elixir let my creatures attack first turn?
  167. Leonin Armorguard creatures entering the battlefield after
  168. When Acidic Slime enters the battlefield can it destroy Hidden Ancients?
  169. Stream of Consciousness target cards with shroud?
  170. Darksteel Mutation Gate Hound Paradox?
  171. can Break Open transform a card?
  172. How come you don't die if you cast Serpent Warrior with less than 3 life?
  173. Nectar Faerie and granting lifelink more than once
  174. Heat Stroke and Gurzigost
  175. legend rule question?
  176. Stromkirk Patrol dmg to player how many counters?
  177. can Excommunicate target a creature in a graveyard?
  178. Traproot Kami forest toughness ruling question
  179. Hidden Spider and Winged Sliver
  180. can i cast Cursebreak to gain life if no enchantment in play
  181. does Helldozer untap if you destroy a dual land?
  182. Silvergill Adept reveal itself for own cost?
  183. Furnace of Rath and Heartless Hidetsugu?
  184. can I equip Barbed Battlegear on enemy creature?
  185. what does Keepers of the Faith do?
  186. Blood-Toll Harpy affect me?
  187. Tutoring a Flip/Transform card
  188. can i cast Commune with the Gods with less than 5 cards in my library?
  189. Squallmonger rules question mtg
  190. cinder storm split dmg?
  191. can you swords to plow indestructible
  192. is flash an instant spell
  193. Benediction of Moons planeswalkers
  194. Caltrops vs double strike creatures
  195. does golgari keyrune stay tapped when used as a creature
  196. does switcheroo need two target creatures
  197. mtg kira great glass spinner rules
  198. can a creature use static abilities while tapped
  199. card ruling on venser the sojourners first ability
  200. Cleansing Meditation threshold question rules mtg
  201. can planeswalkers be attacked by other planeswalkers?
  202. magic creature abilities usable immediately?
  203. Battle of Wits how do you get 200 cards in your library? mtg
  204. Do abilities work on emrakul the aeons torn
  205. if i mind control does creature stay tapped
  206. do both creatures need soulbond for it to work?
  207. how many creatures can you have on the field in magic the gathering
  208. mtg how many instants can u play in a turn
  209. sacrifice blink?
  210. card like mind control but that changes owner of creature?
  211. rearranging graveyard mtg
  212. what does "own" mean in magic
  213. arc-slogger no cards in library?
  214. can opponent use tap ability during my end step?
  215. enters the battlefield vs comes into play
  216. when does summoning sickness end multiplayer
  217. does sacrafice a creature work on indestructible
  218. can you counter creatures put into play by elvish piper?
  219. can you be targeted with discard a card with no cards?
  220. how many dual lands of the same name can you have in one deck
  221. EDH hybrid mana card question
  222. guardian of the gateless blocking rules
  223. is a fetchland an activated ability
  224. can ulamog be put on a mimic vat
  225. can you sacrifice twice?
  226. what does it mean when the edge of a magic card is white
  227. can i kill Bottle Gnomes in response to you sacrificing it?
  228. do copies have summoning sickness
  229. can berserkers of blood ridge attack as soon as summoned
  230. how many times can you counter and recounter in mtg
  231. can you block with a regenerated creature
  232. Knowledge Pool - Casting the same spell you just exiled
  233. mtg does pacifism stop tap ability
  234. mtg does flickering lose enchantments
  235. can I sacrifice hellhole flailer after dealing damage to player
  236. fading counter rules magic can a counter be removed as the upkeep
  237. MTG Commander legal cards!
  238. can you give a white creature protection from white
  239. what happens when i take control of sower of temptation
  240. When you use landfall ability with the creature does it still have summoning sickness
  241. can you counter a creature when it returns to the battlefield
  242. if opponent taps a creature with vigilance can it still attack
  243. can't be target of spells or abilities can it be countered
  244. prey upon does first or double strike goes away
  245. if a creature gains shroud lose equipment
  246. if I clone something in magic does it take counters with it
  247. protection from red. do i still take trample damage
  248. how do you counter the "protection from black" ability in magic the gathering
  249. can you cast brave the elements after declaring attackers?
  250. when can you cast a spell from graveyard?