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  1. Chimeric Mass FAQ Momentary blink mtg rulings does creature die
  2. chimeric mass rulings tariff Construct artifact creature sacrifice
  3. tariff rules Each player sacrifices mtg creature he or she controls with highest cmc
  4. What is the converted mana cost of Advice from the Fae? magic
  5. magic purity hostility interaction damage prevent rules
  6. Tainted Strike Vulshok Replica deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 counter
  7. can you cast Tarfire tribal enchantment goblin on Warren-Scourge Elf protection from
  8. Twilight Shepherd card in battlefield bounced to hand discard graveyard rules magic
  9. Price of Glory do you still get the mana magic
  10. Merfolk Sovereign target creature unblockable this turn humility humble magic
  11. Abyssal Persecutor rulings magic battle of wits
  12. Gaea's Herald Creature spells can't be countered artifact cratures mtg
  13. Infect-poison counters
  14. can you play Myr Enforcer free if you have 7 artifacts or do you always have to pay 1
  15. magic does Pernicious Deed work against planeswalkers
  16. Jugan, the Rising Star rules mtg you may distribute five +1/+1 counters
  17. Miracle Worker rules mtg Destroy target Aura attached to a creature you control
  18. clashing rules magic what happens when you clash with empty libraries
  19. Consume Spirit on creature with toughness of one how much life gain magic
  20. lightning helix on myself less then 3 life do I die?? magic
  21. Ion Storm remove counter from protection from red creature magic
  22. magic Lighthouse Chronologist rulings four Lighthouse Chronologists stack?
  23. Air Bladder Ashenmoor Gouger cant block can block magic flying creature
  24. in magic if i copy choose one spell can i do different choice for copy
  25. in magic if i make a copy of a creature will the counters follow
  26. Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle Realm Razer six mountains rulings magic
  27. can you shuffle morph creatures around magic gathering morphed rulings
  28. comet storm two target creatures rules Neurok Stealthsuit shroud
  29. two Sower of Temptation played rulings creature take control magic
  30. rulings skill borrower Cytoplast Manipulator as gain control as long as magic
  31. Lurebound Scarecrow permanent rulings momentary blink magic question
  32. I cast final fortune other player casts his own final fortune in response mtg rules
  33. skill borrower rulings magic choose creature type
  34. Leonin Arbiter vs Scry Magic
  35. leyline rulings mtg animated attack first turn or summoning sickness?
  36. Emrakul's Hatcher Eldrazi Spawn creature tokens Voidstone Gargoyle magic rules
  37. countering quests spells in magic can you counter a quest
  38. Pithing Needle urza's rage kicker ability rulings magic stop from using kicker
  39. can I play remand on my own spell just so I can draw a card? magic
  40. If I sacrifice Savra, Queen of the Golgari herelf, will the ability trigger mtg
  41. Deathgreeter may gain 1 life fireball magic rulings
  42. Soaring Seacliff combat flying rules magic Avenging Druid
  43. does Sword of the Paruns get bonus from itself it becomes a creature? mtg
  44. Xenic Poltergeist Sword of the Ages rulings artifact nonartifact creature exile mtg
  45. Phantasmal Terrain Utopia Sprawl forest choose basic land type enchant forest mtg faq
  46. Grand Architect rulings faq magic Darkest Hour creature black or blue
  47. Lord of Atlantis rulings mtg other merfolk creatures get +1/+1 include tokens?
  48. platinum angel leyline of anticipation flash negative life lose game response faq mtg
  49. Tortoise Formation creatures shroud rulings magic Cultbrand Cinder -1/-1 counters
  50. Storm Herd rulings Put X 1/1 white Pegasus creature tokens life total negative mtg
  51. can swift silence be countered magic
  52. magic Gaea's Revenge rulings mindbreak trap faq
  53. momentary blink Maga, Traitor to Mortals how many counters rules magic
  54. swift silence Lullmage Mentor how many merfolk do i get mtg faq
  55. Swift Silence Counter all other spells Multani's Presence how many cards draw
  56. Hand of the Praetors rulings magic Kulrath Knight +1/+1 counters get
  57. Executioner's Capsule destroy target creature Naturalize in response rules magic
  58. Stormtide Leviathan rulings mtg lands are islands in addition to their types
  59. Abyssal Persecutor - mistake on card?
  60. Illusions of Grandeur momentary blink lose 20 life gain 20 what happens first magic
  61. Willbender card revealed counter spell truth or tale magic
  62. Biting Tether magic if enchantment is destroyed do -1/-1 counters go away?
  63. Alter Reality fear faq rulings magic change color in help text of ability
  64. Platinum Emperion rulings faq bid life magic
  65. northern paladin rules destroy target black permanent alter reality change color mtg
  66. Hoard-Smelter Dragon Echoing Courage Wild Pair rulings magic gathering faq
  67. if someone plays a iona shield of emeria and chooses black can I respond Death Bomb?
  68. if a wall type creature loses defender ability (like with humility) can it attack?mtg
  69. Artisan of Kozilek return target creature card graveyard to battlefield rules magic
  70. creature doesnt untap controller untap step mind control rulings mtg
  71. Banefire rulings mtg x 5 or more protection from red shroud
  72. scour leonin arbiter players cant search libraries mtg rulings
  73. Veilstone Amulet trigger itself give shroud to creatures magic rulings
  74. skill borrower flip cards rulings Budoka Gardener abilities mtg
  75. flip card +1/+1 counters Jushi Apprentice summoning sickness magic
  76. Genju of the Realm Celestial Colonnade manland rulings trample magic
  77. Mercadian Bazaar storage counters rulings magic
  78. Sorin Markov control next turn discard mtg Obstinate Baloth
  79. Leyline of Singularity Hunted Phantasm tokens legendary rule faq magic
  80. is it ok to activate Rakdos Augermage ability with empty hand? magic
  81. Crown of Convergence lay with the top card of your library revealed draw 3 cards mtg
  82. elvish piper cast from hand Furnace Dragon ability exile artifacts ruling mtg
  83. does saying "that player" target the player? Blizzard Specter targetting magic
  84. Khalni Hydra green creature cost reduction rulings question
  85. Conspire
  86. Blistergrub rulings mind control opponents lose life mtg
  87. Arc Trail rulings deal 3 damage to one creature or player? magic
  88. koth of the hammer rulings faq emblem humility MTG
  89. Carnifex Demon rulings faq Electropotence -1/-1 counters magic
  90. Cyclops Gladiator shroud rules damage equal to its power magic
  91. Vedalken Ghoul Choking Vines target creature becomes blocked rules magic
  92. Koth of the Hammer rules faq Aurification turn mountain creatures magic
  93. momentary blink Spitebellows deal 6 damage target creature
  94. myr battlesphere rulings attacking momentary blink magic
  95. Demon of Death's Gate sacrifice creatures pay life rulings mtg
  96. loaming shaman target player shuffles any number of target cards from graveyard mtg
  97. Stormfront Riders myr token question rulings magic
  98. Platinum Emperion Ob Nixilis, the Fallen you may have lose life magic faq
  99. Myr Propagator Myr Battlesphere Cowardice tokens ability target magic
  100. Darksteel Axe enchanted Evening rulings equipments become enchantments magic faq
  101. Glarewielder creatures cant block question magic rulings
  102. Death Denied to get creatures with shroud magic
  103. is myrsmith a myr creature? magic
  104. Myr Battlesphere faq Alluring Siren attack this turn if able mtg
  105. Radha, Heir to Keld add two red mana how long do I have to use it mtg mana faq
  106. Ghost Quarter Terramorphic Expanse use both abilities to get two lands? magic
  107. Ghost Quarter ability targetting Flagstones of Trokair two lands magic gathering
  108. river kelpie Dregscape Zombie unearth do I draw one card or two cards mtg
  109. Dark Confidant beginning of upkeep before card draw or after card draw magic play
  110. Platinum Emperion FAQ
  111. Rule Change?
  112. Planeswalkers priority
  113. Copperhorn Scout untap timing
  114. in magic gathering, if one of the targets of a spell is illegal is the whole spell
  115. is level up in magic the gathering considered a sorcery?
  116. sudden spoiling and abilities from equipment rulings magic
  117. Soul Collector creature dealt damage graveyard rules question mtg
  118. Thresher Beast defending player sacrifices a land rules
  119. platinum emprion Magus of the Mirror exchange life totals? magic
  120. Ancient Kavu colorless ability red symbols magic rulings
  121. Multikickers and the stack
  122. platinum emperion and Malakir Bloodwitch vampires
  123. platinum emperion and lifelink
  124. Derelor black spells you cast cost more to cast mtg rulings
  125. tempest of light destroy all enchantments destroy auras? magic
  126. Mana Breach return land to hand used to cast spell? rulings magic
  127. Fathom Trawl reveal cards put them any order bottom of library rulings mtg
  128. Ogre Geargrabber rulings Infiltration Lens blocked creature draw cards equipment mtg
  129. Golem's Heart rulings player casts an artifact spell magic
  130. green ward protection from green magic rulings effect doesnt remove
  131. whats so hard to understand about Platinum Emperion?
  132. Spellbook you have no maximum hand size can I still discard rulings mtg
  133. platinum emperion faq Rhystic Syphon lose life gain life question magic
  134. when I play Howling Banshee do I also lose life myself or only other player? magic
  135. more than one leyline in hand at start of magic game question
  136. armageddon Seat of the Synod destroy artifact land rules mtg
  137. Skill Borrower Seat of the Synod land artifact rulings mtg
  138. platinum emperion Leyline of Anticipation flash instant rulings magic
  139. mtg does platinum emperion affect planeswalkers?
  140. how does infect work against planeswalkers magic
  141. is infect the same as wither? magic
  142. Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon haste gain control magic rulings
  143. Ichor Rats each player gets a poison counter rulings magic
  144. Oracle of Mul Daya Brutal Deceiver top card of library revealed mtg faq
  145. Infiltrator's Magemark creatures you control that are enchanted rulings issue magic
  146. Flesh Allergy tokens graveyard question
  147. does Leonin Arbiter stack magic gathering rulings
  148. Crimson Roc blocking multiple creatures magic Valor Made Real
  149. choose to destroy any one creature vs shroud magic
  150. Overgrown Estate can I sacrifice a land if it is tapped? magic
  151. Blinking Spirit Blind with Anger gain control of creature bounce magic
  152. Blocking a Proliferate?
  153. counter target spell how many times on the same target
  154. sunblast angel orb of dreams enter battlefield tapped destroy itself? mtg
  155. destroy protection from white creatures sunblast angel rulings magic
  156. sunblast angel destroy shroud creatures magic
  157. Gaseous Form preventing trample damage magic gathering
  158. vampire hexmage Chisei, Heart of Oceans remove counters so that i sacrifice?
  159. Chisei, Heart of Oceans remove counter from planeswalker magic
  160. how does evermind work magic
  161. illusion reality Target spell of your choice color of your choice mtg
  162. skill borrower level up Guul Draz Assassin rulings mtg
  163. platinum emperion Laquatus's Champion lose life gain life magic
  164. Furnace of Rath Laquatus's Champion lose 12 life? mtg
  165. Laquatus's Champion shroud player i lose 6 life? rules magic
  166. enchant opponent shroud card magic gathering True Believer rulings
  167. lodestone golem daze return island alternate cost rules magic
  168. Necropotence with platinum emperion use magic pay 1 life
  169. 2 Mindwrack Liege do they give boost to each other +2/+2? magic
  170. Affa Guard Hound give bonus +0/+3 to itself rules magic gathering
  171. Blinding Angel Doom Cannon Combat damage rulings mtg
  172. beacon of destruction creature sacrificed shuffle or not into library magic
  173. doom cannon magic rulings deal damage to planeswalker
  174. Hunted Horror opponent has shroud do I get centaur creature tokens rulings mtg
  175. Ezuri's Archers block gains flying rulings magic jump
  176. Blood Clock beginning of each player's upkeep stack magic
  177. Lightning Greaves equipment haste shroud faq magic summoning sickness
  178. Sunforger disarm unattach equipment from creature ability magic faq
  179. Electropotence with opalescence replenish combo magic rulings
  180. Necrotic Ooze rulings SoM Quirion Ranger activate ability once per turn magic rules
  181. awakener druid forest land creature bridge from below rulings
  182. Question about protection from everything progenitus one ability many abilities magic
  183. Ironfist Crusher Ballyrush Banneret cost less to cast faq magic rulings
  184. Ghostly Prison planeswalker pay 2 to attack rulings magic
  185. Doubling Season Vigean Graftmage double counters faq magic
  186. Guul Draz Assassin can I level up and use its ability in the same turn I lvl up? mtg
  187. Semblance Anvil imprint changeling rules magic
  188. Bosh, Iron Golem sacrifice to its own ability? faq magic
  189. platinum emperion humility life total can't change lose all abilities mtg faq
  190. flashfires dual lands plateau destroy all plains rulings faq mtg
  191. Curse of Wizardry choose a color mtg rulings faq
  192. if I gain control of an equipment magic does it unattach?
  193. question about scars of mirrodin creature types changeling faq magic
  194. Shroud
  195. Magosi and Untap lands
  196. twincast copy spell rulings Seed Spark mana spent magic
  197. Rite of Passage magic +1/+1 counter save creatures?
  198. Volition Reins vs mind control which wins magic gathering
  199. Trade Routes Discard a land card: Draw a card rulings magic gathering faq
  200. Indomitable Archangel metalcraft shroud rulings what happens to auras equipment magic
  201. Voice of All rules magic gathering s protection from the chosen color
  202. Gilded Lotus rulings Add three mana of any one color to your mana pool mtg
  203. Can I still take mana burn if I want to? Magic
  204. Pulse of the Forge rules Pulse of the Forge magic gathering
  205. mindslaver You control target player during that player’s next turn vs Sorin Markov
  206. mindslaver rulings summoning sickness magic
  207. Tower of Murmurs less then 8 cards library lose game? rulings magic
  208. can i cast consume strength if there is only 1 creature in play no another creature?
  209. leonin arbiter faq Aven Mindcensor search 4 cards of libraries?
  210. Leonin arbiter rules diabolic tutor shuffle library
  211. Leonin arbiter rulings Players can't search libraries fact or fiction
  212. Abyssal Persecutor indestructibility prevent sacrifice? magic
  213. Immaculate Magistrate Put a +1/+1 counter for each elf you control faq
  214. does Affinity for artifacts work with artifact creatures? mtg
  215. Dread drone eldrazi spawn ability use immediately mtg
  216. Liege of the Tangle dies are lands with awakening counters still 8/8 creatures
  217. Liege of the Tangle Day of Judgment magic faq
  218. Ageless Sentinels guard duty loses defender faq rulings magic
  219. Blizzard Elemental untap attack twice same round combat rules magicq
  220. Emblem rulings magic protection from everything includes protection from emblems?
  221. exhume vs ground seal graveyard shroud each player magic gathering
  222. Stonybrook Angler tap untap creature summoning sickness faq mtg
  223. Platinum emperion Last Caress target player loses life you gain life countered? mtg
  224. Platinum emperion eternity vessel life total becomes FAQ magic
  225. Fireshrieker on a creature with already double strike = quadruple strike?
  226. Wild growth skyshroud forest damage deals rules magic
  227. If 3/2 creature get infected with enfeeblement does it die
  228. Do you sacrifice Straw Golem to Dryad Arbor rules magic
  229. using Pithing Needle against Oracle of Mul Daya rulings magic gathering
  230. Lyzolda, the Blood Witch sacrifice herself deal damage no longer there? mtg rulings q
  231. Captain's Maneuver lightning bolt distribute dmg? Magic damage faq rulings
  232. Joraga Warcaller Saproling Infestation multikicker faq rulings mtg
  233. Aura Thief hitting graveyard Celestial Ancient enchantment faq rulings magic
  234. Ceta sanctuary hellkite overlord how many cards do I draw? Magic faq
  235. Angelic chorus seht's tiger enchantment protection from white rules magic gathering
  236. Armageddon Skyshroud Blessing save lands? Mtg land shroud faq
  237. If I use Vagrant Plowbeasts to put regeneration shield on creature -1/-1 counters mtg
  238. Using true believer shroud to defend against kozilek annihilator rulings magic
  239. can Mystical Teachings fetch Flashfires, Aether Flash? magic rulings Flash faq
  240. Can you use Razor Barrier on a barrier will it prevent loyalty counter damage magic
  241. Valleymaker 2nd ability choose a player can the player be me?
  242. Vicious Kavu whenever attacks gets +2/+0 combat phase rulings magic
  243. Mire's Toll swamp destroy magic rulings faq
  244. rulings orb of dreams Permanents enter the battlefield tapped itself? mtg
  245. what happens if you cast Indestructibility on a totem armor enchantment magic ruling
  246. Wall of Frost manland creature does not untap? mtg
  247. can terror destroy 2 creatures nonblack and nonartifact or just one? mtg
  248. Order of the White Shield 2 white mana pay cost rules mtg
  249. how does Braid of Fire work magic
  250. Minotaur Explorer, discard at random, no cards in hand, magic rulings