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  1. if a land says add "1" can it be a color
  2. can you force of will a leyline
  3. can dispel counter flash?
  4. court street denizen rulings
  5. aurelia the warleader ruling
  6. final fortune can you use it on another player
  7. can i use a keyrune as a mana then a creature?
  8. mtg lifeline destroyed do creatures come back
  9. burning tree emissary discussion
  10. can you pay for overload with mundclaw shaman
  11. magic gathering signal the clans ruling reveal two cards?
  12. mtg how many creatures can guardian of the gateless block
  13. transforming a keyrune summoning rules
  14. can summoned creatures tap in the first turn?
  15. how can i resolve a destroy all creatures?
  16. do creatures with vigilance attack while tapped?
  17. morph creature loses enchantment if turned up?
  18. does overload change the converted mana cost?
  19. is a planeswalker considered a second opponent?
  20. when you magic mind control a creature does it untap
  21. can you redirect a split second spell?
  22. do flickered creatures return untapped
  23. what does scavenge only on sorcery mean
  24. does wingcrafter fly unpaired?
  25. does rancor stick to manlands
  26. when a spell is countered does consuming aberration trigger
  27. what happens when power goes negative in magic
  28. does a champion creature have summoning sicknes
  29. how many times can you level up in one turn mtg
  30. will druids deliverance protect my planeswalker
  31. can i use garruk veil on same turn as relentless
  32. can dryad arbor tap for land the turn its played
  33. is meddling mages ability permanent
  34. would sleep keep already tapped cards tapped
  35. magic if you deck out do you lose
  36. if i discard a creature did it die
  37. mtg does taking another turn get rid of summoning sickness?
  38. can u cast hex and not destroy 6 creature
  39. can u equipt to creatures i dont control?
  40. can phytohydra be affected by deathtouch?
  41. can you play an instant during your untap
  42. when you gain control of a creature can it soulbond?
  43. can you equip equipment to tokens magic the gathering
  44. can you use cloudshift to make a tapped creature block
  45. can gideon, champion of justice ability be activated on opponents turn
  46. what happens if i control magic a sower of temptation
  47. what if i mind control a creature who used regenerate
  48. does regenerating brain weevil make an infinite loop MTG
  49. mtg gaurdian of the gateless rules
  50. does sigarda host of of herons counter desecration demon
  51. Mtg can you counterspell a land with an ability
  52. do colored effects count for multicolored cards?
  53. do instants or sorceries enter the battle field?
  54. mtg does loyal retainers have summoning sickness
  55. can you counter creature ability by destroying it
  56. can you block a creature and regenerate and block
  57. can you counter mana in magic the gathering?
  58. can a planeswalker be hit with searing spear
  59. can i play a counter spell targeting nothing
  60. would island walk work on glacial fortress?
  61. dies tranmple go over regenerated creatures
  62. what happens when leige of the tangle dies
  63. when you populate do counters come with it
  64. card ruling on Gideon, Champion of Justice in magic the gathering
  65. mtg do keyrunes go to graveyard
  66. card ruling on skullcrack in magic the gathering
  67. how does jace the mind sculptor last ability work
  68. do non tap abilitys work when a creature is tapped
  69. can creatures played with elvish piper be countered
  70. can akroma angel of fury be countered when morphing
  71. can you regenerate a creature if it hasn't been on the battlefield
  72. If you cast a multicolored spell with quirion dryad does she get 2 counters?
  73. player takes controls of another person's creature summoning sickness?
  74. mtg if creature is put from graveyard to battlefield do they have summoning sickness
  75. ability from a card when it has been exiled from the game then brought back
  76. can you use jagged scar elves effect on my turn
  77. what happens if something gains shroud after being targeted
  78. if your creatures are indestructible can you sack them?
  79. what is creature type of opalescence creature?
  80. does infect stay if creature is exiled
  81. can enchantment abilities be used as instants?
  82. can you tap a creature with vigilance once it has attacked
  83. mtg can u attack a detained permanent in detain
  84. consuming aberration ruling
  85. are fetchlands an activated or triggered ability
  86. does war report give you life from each creature
  87. can evolving wilds be used as a non colored land
  88. can artifacts that turn into creatures die mtg
  89. does inferno titan deal damage before combat
  90. keyrune summoning sickness
  91. lazav, dimir mastermind ruling
  92. if i have no maximum hand size, can i still discard cards?
  93. clan defiance mtg rule
  94. mtg does being soulbound make protection abilities on both
  95. can a counterspell be played on a permanent already in play
  96. Biovisionary control more than four creatures? Gatecrash rulings
  97. when a creature enters the battlefield in magic is it tapped or untapped
  98. magic the gathering can creatures with flying attack directly
  99. can you use a creature's spell when it has summoning sickness
  100. in magic and gathering can u play a basic land and land card
  101. crimson muckwader can i activate regenerate on opponents turn
  102. can you tap the tree of redemption after taking lethal damage?
  103. if planeswalker is exiled then returned to battlefield can you activate its abilities
  104. mtg if an instant deals lethal damage to a blocker, is that blocker's damage negated
  105. what happens if i mulligan myself down to zero?
  106. if an ability makes a card a creature does it have summoning sickness?
  107. if i clone a token creature with a +1 counter on it, does the clone get the counter
  108. can you block creature with protection of creature type with that type of creature
  109. does sword of kaldra equipped creature receive damage from creature before exile
  110. angelic benediction targets creatures attacking alone so what about prot white?
  111. magic the gathering creature with regenerate deal trample damage if regenerated
  112. in magic the gathering can you use a tapped ability and attack at the same time
  113. who controls the abilities of an enchantment that switch controls of creatures
  114. if a creature is exiled and returned, does it lose being targeted
  115. Do you take damage from trample if you block with goblin snowman
  116. if i discard a card with regeneration, can i regenerate the card
  117. is stormtide leviathan unblockable when attacking planeswalkers
  118. in three way magic, do enchantments remain after player dies
  119. does populate copy the original token or the altered token?
  120. how to cast street spasm overload cost? magic the gathering
  121. can i cast a sorcery during my opponents turn using nivix
  122. 2/3 with lifelink deals damage to 1/1 does it gain 2 life
  123. does kira the great glass-spinner counter my abilities?
  124. Ghastly Haunting & Switcheroo
  125. if one soulbond creature dies what happens to the other
  126. If jackal pup blocks how much life do you lose 1 or 10
  127. are oppenent enchant creature consider to your control
  128. do regenerated monsters activate graveyard effects mtg
  129. does detain remain when archon of the triumverate died
  130. Corpsejack Menace and Skullbriar, the Walking Grave ruling
  131. do loyalty counters remain on exiled planeswalker
  132. mtg can you respond to anything with anything
  133. can i still use card if no cards in graveyard
  134. does a giant growth count as 3 +1/+1 counters
  135. Planewalkers and Backfire
  136. is a card entering play from exile a new card
  137. at what step do creatures go to graveyard mtg
  138. how many landgates can i have in my deck mtg
  139. can a planeswalker be exiled
  140. if changelings are walls why can they attack
  141. can you play right of replication on a token
  142. can a multicolored creature block intimidate
  143. can you play doubles of the same planeswaker
  144. does summoning sickness prevent ability use?
  145. colorless is a monocolored permanent? magic
  146. does a morph creature muraganda petroglyphs
  147. magic the gathering can you enchant tokens?
  148. at what time during your upkeep do you draw
  149. chronomantic escape + sundial of the infinite?
  150. tracker's instincts 3 cards in the library?
  151. can you tap a vigilant attacking creature
  152. creature effect during other players turn?
  153. sacrafice hexmage can I exile in response
  154. can i use reverberate to copy a creature?
  155. do auras fall off after transformation
  156. can u resummon golem artifact creature ?
  157. mtg can you do a double double strike
  158. defensive formation and planeswalkers
  159. does meddling mage work after it dies
  160. what does annihilator 4 do in magic
  161. can you respond to beggining of phase
  162. does krenko mob boss count the tokens
  163. detain multiplayer rule mtg next turn
  164. Galvanoth do you still get to draw?
  165. can pacified creatures be scrificed?
  166. guttersnip work if spell countered?
  167. do shock lands count as basic lands
  168. how does force of savagery not die?
  169. what does it mean to pass priority?
  170. if blade splicer has haste golems?
  171. can i attack my own Garruk Relentless to make him flip faster?
  172. Does scavenge count as a sorcery?
  173. does duress work on planeswalkers?
  174. can golgari thug target itself
  175. can windstorm get past shroud?
  176. do i own cards in my graveyard
  177. does confiscate take auras also
  178. mtg can i remove unleash counter
  179. mtg can artifacts tap first turn?
  180. 3 Questions
  181. is it better to exile enemy creature, destroy it, or remove it from the game?
  182. can marrow shards prevent damage
  183. do creatures with flash have haste
  184. utopia sprawl adds mana in addition?
  185. how is damage delt with doublestrike
  186. if cast indestructible on totem armor
  187. is choose one on casting or resolving
  188. mtg can i switch enchantment targets?
  189. is playing a card the same as casting
  190. mtg does a planeswalker go on the stack
  191. mtg can you equip equipment on oponent?
  192. destroying the land before spell resolves
  193. is a planeswalker a player or creature?
  194. does stifle work with abyssal persecutor
  195. regenerating a creature summoning sickness
  196. mtg can you fork a spell that has x in cost
  197. Sword of Kaldra who gets exiled equipped creature or other creature
  198. can a keyrune still tap for mana as a creaturw
  199. mental misstep can it counterspells with 0 mana
  200. can you celestial purge a multi color permanent
  201. entering creatures into the opponent's battlefield?
  202. can you flicker to save from destroy all creatures
  203. what gappems in magic when you boomarang a token?
  204. cellar door magic the gathering use on othe player
  205. can you use druid's deliverance on a planeswalker
  206. does illuminated folio work on artifacts
  207. Does a creature that blocks become tapped
  208. if i sack a blocker, is the damage blocked?
  209. can I use arc trail on 1 creature
  210. does roaring primadox return itself
  211. can yeva's forcemage target itself?
  212. do planeswalkers tap after ability use
  213. many chancellor of annex counter many spells?
  214. can chancellor of annex counter a counter
  215. when you cast suspended cards do you do it face down or up?
  216. can i enchant my own shroud creature?
  217. do planeswalkers enter the battlefield?
  218. do double lands count as colored permennts
  219. Assassin's Strike discarding an instant that I cast
  220. mtg at what step do creatures heal
  221. if both players agree to mulligan to 7
  222. can i put all cards into 1 pile for jace
  223. does magmaquake do damage to user? magic
  224. does seachrome coasts effect include itself
  225. mtg can you shuffle morphed cards on the board
  226. mtg can you use act of treason to attack twice?
  227. can you activate elixir of immortality at any time
  228. does rancor go back to the hand if it was countered?
  229. does odric master tactician take over blocking phase?
  230. mtg can you prey upon during attack step after exalted
  231. Double Strike Review
  232. does lord of lineage come into play tapped after it flips?
  233. does scroll thief work on planeswalkers on planeswalkers?
  234. can i populate utvara helllkite tokens?
  235. does blue sun's zenith suffle in before or after i draw?
  236. is putting a quest counter on a permanent a targeted action?
  237. do lands with flood counters on them still retain their abilities?
  238. oblivion ring rancored creature rancor go back to its owners hand?
  239. does sleep card in magic the gathering work on vigilant creatures
  240. birthing pod is replaced creature have sommoning sickness
  241. can i use skirsdag's ability even if he is summoning sick
  242. do you still have an upkeep if you skip your draw step
  243. can i split up damage from a plainswalker to a player
  244. does crusader of odric gain as creature count goes up
  245. how many times can immolating souleater be triggered?
  246. 1/1 creature with banshee's blade vs 1/1 creature
  247. do copied creatures come with the counters on the copied creature
  248. in magic can the card frost breath be used on a tapped card
  249. if creature has vigilance can i attack immediately?
  250. can you cast an instant to avoid mindclaw shaman