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  1. Merseine on creature that was kicked magic rules pay mana cost kicked creature
  2. Empyrial Plate Empyrial Armor rules magic wither damage draw a card and discard card
  3. in magic can I cast Dark Tutelage on opponent's side or only on my side
  4. Hoarding Dragon creature mind control graveyard exiled card put in owners hand? magic
  5. Hedron Rover landfall play land in response to magic gathering rules
  6. lifelink vs planeswalkers do I still gain life? magic
  7. does lifelink stack magic stacking lifelink faq
  8. Snowfall Hallowed Fountain island plains whenever island is tapped for mana mtg dual
  9. Pyromancer Ascension faq Clockspinning ruling put counter target magic permanent
  10. Floating Shield protection from red rules sacrifce aura target creature magic
  11. Confusion In The Ranks and Worldgorger Dragon rulings magic
  12. doubling season faq Spike Drone rulings counters on itself from own ability
  13. magic does Curtain of Light trigger Infiltration Lens rulings needed equipment
  14. Invasion Plans Stand or Fall enchantment combat separate pile I decide? magic
  15. does doubling season affect counters of Phytohydra magic
  16. Grazing Kelpie sacrifice magic put itself on bottom of my library?
  17. Withstand Death Spinal Graft magic aura destroy that creature when targeted
  18. hidden spider opponent casts creature spell flying magic faq
  19. Energy Flux do i have to pay just 2 or is it two for each artifact? magic
  20. Lich's Tomb annihilator attack lose life magic sac permanents
  21. Electrolyze damage divided as cast or as resolved magic sacrifice creature response
  22. Lich's Tomb 0 life sacrifice permanent magic ability
  23. clone animated chimeric mass charge counters how many magic clone faq ruling
  24. Cloud Key chose instant type cost less to cast rules magic
  25. Glint Hawk Idol rulings Energy Chamber +1/+1 counters faq magic
  26. Artificial Evolution creature type beast merfolk change faq Bloodstoke Howler magic
  27. Dominating Licid target itself magic becomes aura enchantment
  28. grim poppet ruling doubling season faq counters doubled come into battlefield die mtg
  29. two questions on ability of Hair-Strung Koto summoning sickness lose game
  30. does casting Golem Foundry artifact spell trigger itself charge counter magic put
  31. uphill battle affect creatures put into play rather then cast? magic
  32. words of war rule card draw target creature sacrificed ability countered magic
  33. Clutch of the Undercity on token magic does controller still lose 3 life rules
  34. Vampiric Dragon dealt damage creature graveyard humility magic
  35. plow under order lands put on top of library question
  36. mirror gallery planeswalkers two of the same type in magic
  37. mirror gallery Empress Galina combo magic gain control legend permanent faq
  38. Garruk Wildspeaker untap target same land twice? magic
  39. Lurking Predators day of judgment creature card revealed destoyed or not magic
  40. Umbra enchantment destruction
  41. magic morph rules faq Vengeful Dead zombie creature morphed face down graveyard
  42. Grand Arbiter Augustin IV sorin markov control next turn spells cost less to play mtg
  43. Can force of will counter beginning of magic game leyline?
  44. Haunted Cadaver attack morphed ability faq deal damage magic sacrifice
  45. Elder Land Wurm block mind lose defender mind control magic
  46. can i sacrifice artifact from my hand magic sac from hand rules faq
  47. Kuldotha Rebirth and I have no artifact but I have stifle can I use that magic faq
  48. land limits per turn maximum lands each turn faq Untamed Wilds rulings magic
  49. multiple Storage Matrix tap untap artifact creature land untap step
  50. i control Rumbling Slum and it is beginning of upkeep do I also take 1 damage? magic
  51. Tidehollow Sculler exiled cards rule mirror of fate return to owners hand magic
  52. each creature you control all creatures you control difference target magic shroud
  53. eradicate dual land magic animated land creatures rulings
  54. goblin caves lands lush growth basic mountain rules magic
  55. Sliptide Serpent can I activate its ability from the graveyard to make it return hand
  56. Ghostflame Sliver slivers are colorless rulings magic can cast slivers colorless mana
  57. Oakenform rulings Sphere of Duty prevent two damage from magic green source
  58. life total exchange faq Magus of the Mirror magic Vampire Lacerator
  59. Magus of the Mirror upkeep exchange life totals faq Grinning Demon lose 2 life magic
  60. Azorius Aethermage permanent returned to hand I pay 1 it stifled can i pay another 1?
  61. does raise dead trigger the ability of Azorius Aethermage? magic faq
  62. ask me magic rulings questions
  63. Jace Beleren planeswalker first ability faq magic stifle other player draws card?
  64. in magic does humility also remove creature types? humility question
  65. humility Lavaclaw Reaches animate land creature power toughness ability magic rule
  66. Looter il-Kor attacks a planeswalker and deals damage to it do I draw a card magic
  67. Looter il-Kor no cards in hand it deals damage can I draw and cast if instant magic
  68. Seasoned Tactician use ability with less then 4 cards in library? magic
  69. Pearl Shard can I pay 3W and prevent 4 damage to my creature? magic
  70. Bant Sojourners cycle stifle ability magic white 1/1 soldier creature token faq
  71. Well of Life can I just tap all my lands at end of my turn if i am done with them mtg
  72. Demon's Horn i cast it but it got countered in magic gathering supposed to gain life?
  73. stifle Denizen of the Deep ability stifable counter it so no creatures return magic
  74. Liliana Vess 3rd ability magic Denizen of the Deep return creatures graveyard control
  75. Liliana Vess can i use 1st ability on target player no cards or must i target myself
  76. The Rack what happens magic other player has more then three cards in his hand
  77. Thieving Magpie zero power faq magic draw a card rulings
  78. in magic must a Benevolent Ancestor block Marble Priest dmg prevent wall defender faq
  79. urza lands spreading seas add two manas to your mana pool instead magic
  80. does Valakut Fireboar attacking trigger Raid Bombardment? magic
  81. does damping matrix affect a suspended Greater Gargadon magic suspend faq ruling
  82. frost titan rulings who controls ability ley line magic
  83. Amoeboid Changeling first ability on manland use all creature types all land type mtg
  84. Spawning Breath creature target sacrifice do i get 0/1 eldrazi token magic
  85. in magic multiplayer game someone takes control of my creature and dies what happens?
  86. Quest for the Gemblades double strike put +1/+1 counters on creature combat magic
  87. Quest for the Gemblades if I have two counters on it can I get eight +1/+1 counters?
  88. Doubling Season use planeswalker ability double loyalty counters? liliana vess magic
  89. Firemane Angel rulings beginning of upkeep question magic
  90. charging rhino cant be blocked more than two creatures same creature magic combat faq
  91. Ashenmoor Liege Murderous Redcap magic damage two or four dmg player take?
  92. Seismic Spike rulings can I pay 2 and then destroy target land then pay RR i owe? mtg
  93. can I ask other player how many creatures he has in his deck does he have to tell me?
  94. does Parapet actually have flash can I find it when using Mystical Teachings? magic
  95. Stupor discard random then discards card rulings mtg
  96. ability limitation magic vampire bats activate no more twice stifle rules faq magic
  97. me and my friend both have mimic vat. Creature goes to graveyard. Who gets to imprint
  98. Demonic Dread cascade Bituminous Blast no creatures in play more cascade faq magic
  99. Isochron Scepter Shrapnel Blast sacrifice artifact magic additional costs faq
  100. Haunting Misery ruling additional costs exile x creature cards from graveyard respond
  101. humility and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn take turn graveyard abilities magic
  102. Gideon Jura Rite of Replication creature what happens magic
  103. Sarkhan the Mad question from game abyssal persecutor sacrifice who lose magic
  104. Sarkhan the Mad rulings second ability who does it target player or creature magic
  105. Sarkhan the Mad second ability rule question path to exile faq magic
  106. Cauldron of Souls persist faq rulings Fleshbag Marauder magic
  107. damping matrix Bogardan Hellkite prevent ability from activating magic
  108. Bone Harvest if I dont put any creature cards on top of library do I still draw card?
  109. Necropotence Cards Set Aside?
  110. does metalcraft work in graveyard magic metalcraft question faq
  111. Copperline Gorge rules naked Naked Singularity dual lands magic rulings
  112. Riptide Shapeshifter ability search for drake find changeling I dont want rulings mtg
  113. Rupture Spire enters tapped the battlefield untap Amulet of Vigor pay cost no sac mtg
  114. landfall question Scrib Nibblers i play a land Crosis's Catacombs i dont return land
  115. Goblin Recruiter reveal goblins put library any order opponent knows order? magic
  116. each player sacrifices land shroud Akki Blizzard-Herder magic graveyard
  117. mtg hex rulings destroy six target creatures kira ability first time target turn faq
  118. in magic if someone steals my creature and I get it back at end of turn ability faq
  119. can you cast Searing Blaze on a player who controls no creatures? Magic
  120. pacifism faq magic cast as instant Leyline of Anticipation combat attack block magic
  121. magic who owns tokens mtg cards owner faq
  122. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner creatures control spell ability first time target turn mtg
  123. can you twincast a spell and then counter the original spell? mtg copy spell faq
  124. Journey to Nowhere Manland
  125. can Tallowisp fetch a Daybreak Coronet magic aura enchant creature rulings
  126. Dire Undercurrents make player lose by having him draw card rulings mtg
  127. platinum angel win the game lose game draw cards library magic
  128. Ad Nauseam platinum angel draw cast immediately leyline flash magic rulings
  129. Liliana Vess faq can i use her planeswalker ability if other player is cardless magic
  130. compost darkest hour all creatures are black put to graveyard not black? magic
  131. Mycologist spore counters 1/1 sacrifice gain life question magic
  132. what if i cast taunt and target myself do my creatures attack me? magic
  133. Golgari Rot Farm if its first land I played what happens magic
  134. Brave the elements protection
  135. semblance anvil artifact creatures imprint cost less card types magic
  136. halcyon glaze become creature until end of turn enchantment ability mtg stifle
  137. Halcyon Glaze enchantment becomes creature but spell countered magic
  138. Sylvan Basilisk becomes blocked creatures destroy creature combat magic blockers
  139. Argent Sphinx metalcraft question magic three artifacts one destroyed ability faq
  140. Rustrazor Butcher wither rules mire blight magic destroy creature
  141. legendary non legend gain control rules magic Leyline of Singularity faq
  142. beginning of end step rulings ball lightning magic Thran Quarry sacrifice?
  143. serenity + Indestructibility does serenity gets destroyed as well magic desroy rules
  144. Morality Shift exchange library put in graveyard magic darksteel colossus effect?
  145. damage marked on it single source what marked means mtg term Ogre Enforcer
  146. Trickery Charm put cards library any order does other player get to see magic
  147. Dual Land Question
  148. can elvish piper put Haakon, Stromgald Scourge from my hand onto battlefield magic
  149. can I deflect the rack onto player himself magic
  150. sacrificing rulings sacrifice artifact creature land magic Braids, Cabal Minion card
  151. if reborn hero is 7th card to hit my graveyard can I pay ww threshold faq mtg cards
  152. two energy flux in battlefield how much pay to not sacrifice artifacts magic
  153. goblin settler magic faq if other player doesnt have a land is it ok not to destroy?
  154. Prowling Pangolin sacrifice creature partial sacrifice effect ability battlefield mtg
  155. does ability of Skirk Fire Marshal deal damage to itself in magic the gathering?
  156. two Dimensional Breach rules return cards exile battlefield magic
  157. magic rulings for Dimensional Breach does it also exile permanents in graveyard faq
  158. Reverse the Sands platinum emperion rules magic
  159. can I use Enchantment Alteration to attach blue enchantment to protection from blue?
  160. can Deprive counter a planeswalker? magic
  161. Hunger of the Nim will power and toughness change as number of artifacts control mtg
  162. Valakut Fireboar attacks magic switch power toughness Fleeting Distraction rules
  163. Duplicant rules Protean Hydra counters imprint power toughness faq magic
  164. would the second token of Dragon Broodmother trigger Vengevine ability graveyard mtg
  165. Kor return questions
  166. Carbonize rules replacement effect graveyard exile magic regenerate
  167. giant growth on tinder wall use sacrifice ability damage blocking creature magic faq
  168. Tinder Wall question its enchanted by Entangler can block any number of creatures mtg
  169. Cultivate rules does land play count against your land limit for that turn magic
  170. Brood of Cockroaches return to hand card from graveyard and lose one life mtg rulings
  171. Doubling Season faq magic rulings clockwork beast counters more then seven +1/+1
  172. Ornate Kanzashi destroyed after use ability card exiled can I still cast? magic
  173. Ornate Kanzashi quicken sorcery card during opponent's turn magic exile
  174. regenerate remove all damage rulings faq Burning-Eye Zubera question about
  175. what does countered on resolution mean magic term
  176. Neurok Replica own ability use on itself to return to my hand magic rulings
  177. Aura Shards white creature gets -1/-1 destroy enchantments magic
  178. Cairn Wanderer creature in graveyard leveler level up abilities magic
  179. sea's claim legendary land Academy Ruins legend rule graveyard magic
  180. Bushi Tenderfoot flip rulings combat blocked by 1/1 creature magic
  181. Canopy Claws ruling cast on skyhunter cub equip flying magic
  182. Thought Gorger rules Where Ancients Tread creature power five or greater cards hand
  183. monocolored creature rules magic is colorless creature considered monocolored? faq
  184. how do i defeat a player that has a platinum angel with indestructible and shroud
  185. Shared Discovery magic can I tap creatures with summoning sickness to cast it?
  186. multiple pariah how does it work magic gathering
  187. protection from creatures pariah enchantment on Beloved Chaplain what happens magic
  188. Reset magic only own turn City of Solitude question
  189. Trap Runner activate during combat magic City of Solitude own turn
  190. Govern the Guildless gain control of creature monocolored add color magic
  191. with Cursed Totem can I still activate abilities of artifact creatures? magic
  192. Spectral Sliver This creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn magic ability questions
  193. Fog Elemental momentary blink attacks magic blocks faq
  194. Wooden Sphere magic green spell pay more gain more life faq
  195. Twisted Image switch power toughness creature combat doesnt die magic
  196. is mana added INSTEAD or IN ADDITION with Utopia Sprawl on my forest magic
  197. clone Gravebane Zombie destroyed put on top of library magic
  198. Heap Doll can i sacrifice it and exile it to its own ability magic
  199. I control both a black creature and a blue creature and Wingrattle Scarecrow mtg
  200. can proliferate target a shroud creature that has counter on it? proliferate faq rule
  201. fog i cast magic with leyline of punishment out what happens
  202. Skill Borrower sliver top card revealed ability rules get magic abilities faq
  203. Pestilence Demon equipped basilisk collar activate ability kill itself mtg deathtouch
  204. if a card lets me look at other player's hand am i allowed write down the cards mtg
  205. two Splinter Twin on same creature I tap creature I get two token copies? magic rules
  206. In magic, when a card refers to itself, does it target?
  207. can opponent play stingscourger make me return Tivadar of Thorn to my hand in mtg
  208. regenerate Gobhobbler Rats when no cards in hand question about magic gathering
  209. magic two combat steps Shisato, Whispering Hunter relentless assault cumulative turn
  210. Pulse of the Forge tied for life what do you do magic
  211. stifle shroud creature ability magic counter ability rules
  212. vampire nocturnus ponder magic rulings look top cards library shuffle top card reveal
  213. pact of negation dont pay lose game magic platinum angel
  214. can you stifle pact of negation in magic gathering lose game ability faq
  215. relentless assault ninjutsu untap creatures that attacked in magic combat
  216. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn planeswalker abilities against magic protection colored spell
  217. humility vs progenitus magic
  218. humility vs indestructibility magic
  219. Darksteel Colossus if put in graveyard ability replacement or triggered ability magic
  220. is Gift of the Gargantuan castable with less then 4 cards in magic library
  221. in magic can you respond to an equip action? mtg equip go on stack
  222. two Empyrial Archangel split damage dealt to you faq magic splitting damage?
  223. Pendrell Flux interaction with alternative mana costs mtg you may pay instead rather
  224. Not of This World faq magic card targets creature power seven or greater rulings
  225. magic gathering INFECT PROLIFERATE
  226. Painter's Servant white green multicolored rules from colorless magic gathering spell
  227. Ogre Geargrabber rulings attack magic no equipment opponent controls
  228. Gratuitous Violence rules double damage samite healer prevent one damage magic
  229. Archive trap mill Psychogenic Probe progenitus shuffle library how many times trigger
  230. Oracle of Mul Daya faq lightning bolt kill before land magic
  231. Goblin Arsonist infect faq magic Tainted Strike damage rulings
  232. Deflection mind spring draw cards less then x in library do i win magic
  233. Aleatory cast during combat after blockers declared no blocker declared what now mtg
  234. no creature type rules magic March of the Machines faq questions
  235. Ichorclaw Myr gets blocked by more then one creature magic
  236. cloud elemental equipped with Magebane Armor can block creatures with flying? mtg
  237. land creature magic when it dies can I turn it back into a land doesnt go graveyard?
  238. can you enchant an enchantment magic rules enchant aura faqs confiscate
  239. Oblivion ring targets an oblivion ring
  240. magic alternate costs faq Andradite Leech unmask paying alternative mana
  241. does Painter's Servant affect ghostfire? magic color rules colorless
  242. Jinxed Ring ability sacrifice creature magic opponent gains control damage?
  243. enters battelfield faq Denizen of the Deep magic rulings interaction enchantments
  244. Argentum Armor rulings faq Serpent of the Endless Sea destroy target permanent island
  245. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth annihilator 4 Sprouting Thrinax tokens magic
  246. Players can't untap more than one creature rules magic untap step Smoke two cards
  247. Surge of Zeal radiance haste manland magic Raging Ravine after
  248. magic Unmask exile from hand pay alternate cost faq
  249. Ajani Goldmane Vs. Sulfuric Vortex
  250. can i turn off shroud while i cast giant growth on my creature in magic gathering