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  1. brain weevil rulings sorcery hive mind copy it?
  2. My problem with snapcaster mage - cant be cast without instant or sorcery graveyard!
  3. Cloistered Youth // Unholy Fiend vs Enemy of the Guildpact?
  4. Soul Spike snapcaster mage alternate mana cost flashback ruling?
  5. snapcaster mage ruljngs counterspell graveyard flashback?
  6. Battering Craghorn morph essence of the willd?
  7. living weapon and Lashwrithe essence of the wild token?
  8. snapcaster mage and split cards flashback cost faq?
  9. Thirst for Knowledge March of the Machines discard enchantment?
  10. Energy Arc and untapped Phantasmal Image magic
  11. Isolation Cell and Army of the Damned lose 26 life?
  12. innistrad curse can you put it on yourself?
  13. curse of oblivion question rulings from innistrad
  14. Insectile Aberration insect Belbe's Portal transform creature type?
  15. prey upon fight switching control of creatures?
  16. does Spirit of the Hearth protect me from Curse of the Bloody Tom?e
  17. can I exile a black double card to pay for Soul Spike instead of two single cards mtg
  18. Bitterheart Witch and Curse of Wizardry affect only opponent?
  19. Stitcher's Apprentice and time stop creature sacrifice? magic
  20. Grimoire of the Dead and Essence of the Wild faq
  21. Evil Twin and Grimoire of the Dead
  22. does tree of redemption effect reverse in the end of turn?
  23. Night Revelers haste Hanweir Watchkeep transform
  24. Garruk veiled cursed relentless Mirror Gallery?
  25. Leyline of Singularity legendary rule transform cards
  26. hmm, a question about potection from a a multicolored card
  27. innistrad Curiosity faq does it mean opponent of the creature or of me?
  28. prey upon and Ghostly Prison can I choose not to pay?
  29. garruk relentless faq doubling season
  30. Prey Upon fight creature transform rulings
  31. Bloodline Shaman creature type double faced creature?
  32. Skill Borrower and Daybreak Ranger moonmist?
  33. cytoshape/mirrorweave and trasnform cards
  34. Bloodline Keeper transforming into Lord of Lineage faq rulings
  35. vampiric Alaborn Zealot and Karmic Justice vs wooden stake?
  36. progenitus and Heretic's Punishment rulings
  37. Undead Alchemist equipped with Inquisitor's Flail attacks what happens?
  38. does tree of redemption trigger Needlebite Trap?
  39. Snakeform on card that is transforming what happens? magic
  40. tree of redemption and Cytoshape change life total still? magic
  41. Skaab Goliath vs Voiceless spirit equipped with new innistrad flail dmg?
  42. Wooden stake equipped creature blocked by a vampire?
  43. Runic Repetition rulings past in flames faq magic
  44. Questions of tapping abilities
  45. Tree of Redemption rulings captivating vampire gain control?
  46. Geist of Saint Traft and Boomerang no need to sacrifice?
  47. Geist of Saint Traft and Time Stop?
  48. Devil's Play on Garruk the Relentless?
  49. double face cards and legendary rule leyline of singularity
  50. can you use lost in the mist to exile a permanent if no spell has been cast?
  51. If u flicker garruk veil cursed what does he come back us?
  52. After garruk relentless has transformed to garruk veil cursed can use ability Again?
  53. can Garruk Wildspeaker and Garruk relentless be on the battlefield at the same time?
  54. when Garruk Relentless transforms, can you stifle him?
  55. double faced cards and equipments/auras after transform
  56. ninjutsu and into the roil
  57. Mirror-Mad Phantasm activating ability multiple times?
  58. Dryad Arbor is no longer green??
  59. Bonds of Faith on Champion of the Parish rulings magic
  60. Hollowhenge Scavenger morbid creature dies after enters battlefield gain 5 life?
  61. snapcaster mage faq and Winter Blast ruling
  62. Parallel Lives rulings Geist of Saint Traft
  63. if Skaab Ruinator is in graveyard do you still have to pay the additional cost?
  64. Travel Preparations innistrad can I put two +1/+1 counters on same creature?
  65. Deranged Assistant can I still add 1 mana if there are no cards in library?
  66. Frightful Delusion if I pay 1 do I still need to discard the card?
  67. tree of redemption ruling faq and Platinum Emperion
  68. tree of redemption faq ruling Strange Inversion?
  69. Mirror-Mad Phantasm and Back from the Brink?
  70. if two Hamlet Captain attack together will they give each other bonus?
  71. Wooden stake which creature to destroy??
  72. if i discard Mausoleum Guard would i put the two tokens onto the battlefield?
  73. how does it work if i have multiple gutter grime on the battlefield?
  74. can i cast make a wish from innistrad with only one card in my graveyard?
  75. can runic repetition target exiled card with both flashback and shroud?
  76. Paraselene rulings Sanguine Bond magic
  77. Brawn trample turn to frog rulings about ability
  78. Chronosavant skip turn and werewolf card spells cast?
  79. Heretic's Punishment cast without 3 cards in library?
  80. casting two moonmists Instigator Gang Wildblood Pack transform
  81. river of tears and reflecting pool?
  82. can creature with banding like Icatian Skirmishers be banded with progenitus?
  83. can evil twin copying a double face card transform?
  84. evil twin and cryptoplasm?
  85. Woodland Sleuth return creature card from graveyard at random question
  86. does Parallel Lives stack with doubling season
  87. new innistrad fight ability and wither or infect
  88. Graveyard Shovel is the card exiled at random?
  89. Essence of the Wild and Evil Twin copy which creature?
  90. can i cast Into the Maw of Hell if there are no creatures or no lands in play?
  91. does Burning Vengeance let me cast any spell from my graveyard?
  92. Unbreathing Horde what if no zombies in graveyard or battlefield
  93. Laboratory Maniac draw cards get it in lose game or win?
  94. Bonds of Faith on nightfall predator can it still fight?
  95. Past in Flames and sorcery that already have flashback?
  96. Divine Reckoning can i choose a creature with protection from white?
  97. prey upon and Marisi's Twinclaws double strike creature fight
  98. evil twin and transformed cards
  99. does transformed creature have summoning sickness?
  100. what if i cast Nevermore and name Nevermore itself would it get countered?
  101. Sea Gate Oracle and laboratory maniac
  102. Laboratory Maniac ruling with Ambition's Cost?
  103. innistrad new mechanic fight rules faq Nightfall Predator fighting flying creature?
  104. Biting Tether counters go away after enchantment disenchanted?
  105. two Phyrexian Battleflies activate both their abilities same turn?
  106. Gratuitous Violence stacking question damage
  107. truce card magic gathering who gets to see first how many cards player draws
  108. Nova Pentacle can source of my choice be "instants"
  109. do artifacts "die"? how about artifact creatures?
  110. Gatstaf Shepherd Gatstaf Howler transformed card and momentary blink
  111. Cradle to Grave and Mayor of Avabruck Howlpack Alpha
  112. can you use Skirk Alarmist to transform a double faced card?
  113. Kavu Lair and Champions Drake
  114. when creature dies Abyssal Gatekeeper exile card from graveyard counter ability?
  115. Callous Oppressor and tormented pariah rampaging werewolf rulings
  116. Apathy - no cards in hand
  117. Wanderwine Prophets double strike take 2 extra turns?
  118. Purraj of Urborg can i pay B many timed and get more counters?
  119. Descendant of Soramaro is other player entitled to know what order i put back cards
  120. Getting ahead of time: Phyrexian Crusader vs Slayer of the Wicked.
  121. Shimatsu the Bloodcloaked doubling season sacrifice counters? magic
  122. rulings for Hidden Predators enchantment becomes creature magic
  123. Screeching Bat Stalking Vampire transform card rulings Sacellum Godspeaker
  124. Civilized Scholar ruling question on transform to Homicidal Brute
  125. Null Profusion and Reliquary Tower and Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur what is my hand size?
  126. Crown of Flames return to hand creature still get bonus?
  127. Peel from Reality mind control hexproof?
  128. Hagra Crocodile and Echo Circlet block one creature?
  129. can i choose not to transform creature if transform condition is met? magic
  130. is transform a triggered ability or activated ability? magic
  131. some more morbid questions magic
  132. do tokens count for morbid?
  133. morbid faq animate dead rules Skirsdag High Priest morbid on? magic
  134. If a creature is countered does it turn on morbid?
  135. If a creature is countered does it turn on morbid?
  136. What happens If u copy a transformed card
  137. coin flip ruling Goblin Bangchuckers destroyed deal damage?
  138. Oni Possession on creature i dont control sacrifice creature?
  139. Can a Tumble Magnet avoid Splinter Twin Combo?
  140. can Seedguide Ash put dryad arbor into battlefield
  141. How does transform work magic
  142. moonmist morph transform face down card face up?
  143. transform faqs does moonmist cause Faithful Squire to flip?
  144. can Diamond Kaleidoscope use tokens put onto battlefield by another kaleidoscope?
  145. Gatstaf Howler Sheperd werewolf Transform Rulings?
  146. rulings for dearly departed additional +1/+1 counter?
  147. Balduvian Horde choosing which card to discard?
  148. two Convalescent cards battlefield gain more life?
  149. Sapling of Colfenor is putting the creature in your hand optional?
  150. Blightning and energy field discard card prevent damage?
  151. magic innistrad whats the difference between morph and transform?
  152. Copy Enchantment aura and protection from blue? magic
  153. Master of Arms Detainment Spell tapping creature have two to tap?
  154. edgewalker and Hybrid mana cost reduction?
  155. Lockjaw Snapper Necropede question -1/-1 counters put on creatures rules
  156. Just Fate and planenswalker attack rules magic
  157. Traveler's Cloak and Mystic Decree islandwalk question
  158. TRANSFORM! Wait.. how do i do that?
  159. Crimson Hellkite against tidal warrior who wins? magic
  160. Luminous Angel and Archdemon of Unx token rulings faq
  161. Metathran Transport Crimson Wisps creature rulings become blue red block attacker mtg
  162. Djinn of wishes and Inexorable Tide?
  163. ok guys deathtouch and indestructable
  164. Long-Forgotten Gohei is changling spell an arcane spell?
  165. drill skimmer Arc Trail destroy artifact creature rulings magic
  166. Meishin the Mind Cage affect only other players creatures? magic
  167. does Cornered Market prevent me from playing Jwari Shapeshifter?
  168. Mirari's Wake add mana any type it can produce? magic
  169. Sabertooth Alley Cat rulings gain defender magic
  170. Order of Whiteclay vigilance Accorder's Shield rulings magic
  171. Countering spells that target Illusions.
  172. metalcraft rulings Spiraling Duelist artifacts question
  173. Glory of Warfare turn creature rulings question
  174. Wirewood Symbiote's once per turn ability gaining control can i use again? magic
  175. creature with Brilliant Halo exiled what happens to Brilliant Halo?
  176. does Ivory Cup when white planeswalker is cast
  177. does Relentless Assault let my planeswalker attack again?
  178. uba mask cast spells without paying cost?
  179. Veldrane of Sengir Hammerheim loses landwalk abilities -3/-0 again?
  180. Acceptable Losses additional cost to discard card at random rulings
  181. Goldenglow Moth vs creature with trample live or die lose life?
  182. Redirecting a counterspell?
  183. Possessed Nomad rulings mtg white creature threshold black creature?
  184. can Welkin Guide give +2/+2 bonus to itself? magic
  185. Question about dust elemental and counterspell'ing him
  186. can Vertigo be casted on creature without flying
  187. mass polymorph
  188. Question about creature tap abilities.
  189. Martial Coup destroy all other creatures means other players creatures?
  190. An-Zerrin Ruins and sand squid untap? magic
  191. Stranglehold vs karn liberated skip first turn?
  192. Discombobulate with less then 4 cards in my deck
  193. Thousand-Year Elixir Weathered Wayfarer rulings magic
  194. can Crown of the Ages attach Leshrac's Rite to pro black creature?
  195. Dark Privilege enchanted creature regenerate magic
  196. Are permanents in exile counted to be under your control?
  197. yet another question from me
  198. Sludge Strider stifle counter when? magic
  199. Starved Rusalka sac itself for life?
  200. can i cast Warriors Stand as my planeswalker is being attacked
  201. Ambassador Oak and Blood Funnel rulings mtg
  202. is it possible to activate ability of Pyrohemia after beginning of end step?
  203. doubling season Petrified Plating time counters affected
  204. Fleshwrither can you transfigure with mindlock orb on battlefield
  205. Cryptoplasm copying creatures in graveyards
  206. Twincast rulings Might of Old Krosa copy instant on main phase magic
  207. library of leng w/ Recycle
  208. Aphotic Wisps and deathgazer magic rulings block and destroy?
  209. can phantasmal image copy phantasmal dragon?
  210. if i cast Swift Maneuver and no damage is ever dealt do i still draw?
  211. cryptoplasm copying Lost Order of Jarkeld power toughness?
  212. adaptive automation effect rule
  213. Blind Fury and Bant Battlemage lose trample magic
  214. Coral Net discard card mandatory or sacrifice? magic
  215. avatar of woe Phantasmal Image 10 cards in graveyard copy cost?
  216. Melira, Sylvok Outcast and spiked cannibal counters magic
  217. Dismal Failure and Spiritual Focus discard card hand ability trigger with no cards?
  218. Myojin of Infinite Rage rulings destroys my lands? magic
  219. Recurring Nightmare and Opalescence ability rulings magic
  220. Turn to Frog VS. Drifting Shade?
  221. Rending Vines instant hand count itself? magic rulings
  222. Battle Squadron and angelic renewal creature situation rulings
  223. Dread Reaper and demon's Horn magic rulings
  224. Mesmeric Trance can you use ability when holding no cards?
  225. Lavalanche does it target creatures?
  226. Vampiric Touch and endure prevent damage magic
  227. does other player lose if i cast Opportunity and he has less then 4 cards in deck?
  228. does Epic Struggle count tokens for the number?
  229. devoted druid melira sylvok outcast?
  230. can Initiate of Blood target creature that had not been dealt damage this turn?
  231. can Soul Rend target non white creature?
  232. Seeker of Skybreak and Knacksaw Clique untap symbol summoning sickness rulings?
  233. Infested Roothold vs Steel Golem atrifact protection?
  234. Putting tokens by sources you control into others control
  235. Contaminated Bond and Avatar of Hope block many creatures rulings?
  236. Master Warcraft and Relentless Assault? additonal combat phase rulings
  237. Diabolic Tutor can i decide not to find card
  238. Anowon, the Ruin Sag and jailer and Squee, Goblin Nabob
  239. Scrapdiver Serpent vs artifact creature unblockable one artfifact exactly?
  240. Puresight Merrow untap same turn with haste? magic
  241. Venser's Journal 8 cards in hand still choose to discard?
  242. Hydromorph Guardian and manland Inkmoth Nexus magic
  243. Vedalken Infuser can you put a charge counter on some artifact that doesnt use it?
  244. Oboro, Palace in the Clouds legendary rule return to hand ability? magic
  245. can Mistform Mask give multiple creature types to a creature? magic
  246. enslave on infect creature poison counters?
  247. Okiba-Gang Shinobi Giltspire Avenger exalted rulings ninjutsu
  248. Earthshaker Spiritual Visit deal four damage? magic
  249. can Basalt Monolith untap itself
  250. Melira, Sylvok Outcast rulings grim poppet? magic